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Spotting On The Penis Head


Spotting On The Penis

Often times when starting PE for the first time or even a new routine, the next morning you will check out the brand new you, only to find out that it has purple/red spots on it and looks like it just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson (except for the lack of bite marks). What happened? Odds are, it’s just your penis getting used to the new amount of blood in the penis, but it’s best to play it safe. Read the info below and make sure you’re safe. What are your experiences?

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Hello, strage enought i’ve done 2 days on 1 off and again 2 days, this time i pressed harder, but i still havent noticed any red spots… maybe im not jelqing hard enought? should i press harder?

my routine is newbie :
5min hot shower
5min 30sec streching
200jelqs (more then 10min usually)

I now this is like a guide thread, (old too ! :D ) but i got the black spots too! just in the top (or tip) of the head! 8 black spots to be exact! i got them from hanging and pumping, they have appeared slowly and gradually ,but now i can feel them like a scab (i said it right? its like the dry blood you get on a wound and it heal and then you take of the dry blood and the wound is healed , sorry about my english!) they are the size of a pin head, so, ill be like a human guinea pig to prove healing time, ill not use any cream or medication, so ill get you guys the heal time it take to take them off! no medication or hanging or jelquing or pumping or sex or masturbating(maybe), ill just use it to pee (see what i go to do for science?? :cry: ) As soon they off ill post here!


To any moderator:
any moderator around? i think i should post this here and not on the thread ToshkoiMEX - blood spot , if you want to delete it there, be my guest! and this “to any moderator” msg too! :D

And they are gone! 5 days of rest, using it only to pee (not PE!) and they are all gone!! :D so, i think 5 is the number of days you sould wait to heal! Just my $.02! Remeber, dont overdo this or the healing time would be a pain in the ass :(


hey, i got them before. probably just ruptured cells, they healed quickly for me too.

Hi , I’m new here . I finished my first “workout” last night and had two of these purple spots or blisters on my glans after stretching . I was pretty worried , but this thread makes me feel better . Today they’ve spread out like little bruises and are not very noticeable anymore . I guess I’ll have to take it a little easier next time . Thanks .

I’ve attached a pic of what the spots look like after a good workout. I usually get these after I dry jelq for more than 15 minutes but rarely get them if I wet jelq.

Thanks for the incredible amount of knowledge available here, it has helped change my life!

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I have only just started doing PE and I have already noticed that I have the purple dots on my dick.

It’s quite common to get them when you first start eeee. I’m not going to say normal because I don’t think getting red spots on your dick is normal. :D Just slack off a bit on the intensity and you will be fine. You have to work into these exercises.


I got them last week. They werent really bad, but I got them on the head and the shaft. I’m actually glad I did because it helped me judge how hard I should be jelging. I was gradually going harder and harder so now that I got those spots, I know that a little bit easier is the perfect amount of pressure for me. At least for now.

I got them just today. I think I got them from stretching though. Maybe my grip is too hard. Watch the head of your penis during your routine to watch the amount of color and you should be able to see them coming. I can.

I had spots too when I started, and after two days they went away. My penis had to get used to the exercises.

Today is my firs day of PE and I got them from stretching, next time I’ll take it a little easier

Little dot problem


I done 3 and a half month of PE (tomorrow it will be the second week of stop)

The first 3 months there where no problem I goth black dots but there where vanishing the next day.

At my last week of PE I didn’t do good warm up (because my warm up devices didn’t worked well)

Now it been 2 week long of break (whit sex) and the black dot didn’t disappear.

Should I go see a doctor ?

I’ve been PEing for more years than I can remember. I was a member on the old site with sizemore, bib.etc. That used to be hosted on the same service. That’s a long time, and I still get spots on my head when I squeeze really hard. If you get a spot that looks like it could burst blood with the next squeeze, stop immediately. Take at least one day break, and when you resume, make it a very light workout. Gauge how your penis is reacting. If you feel any pain, or if the same spot flares up again, stop! Give it at least two weeks break.

To avoid injury, always warm up. Heat the area, and start off light. When you feel that you have had sufficient warm up, then you can get into your normal work out. For newbies, your normal work out should be at the same level or slightly higher from you last work out. Your ability to train your penis will always be greater than your penis’s ability to handle the strain. You have to toughen up your penis and this takes time. The level at which I or any other old timer (OT) can train at can seriously damage a newbie (NB). Every OT knows to gradually take up a routine if they have have a long break. You’ve got to get to know your penis and what it can handle. That way you will know immediately when something is out of order and what to do.

Many of us experience some bleeding as a result of our work outs. This is a sign from your body to stop what you are doing, right then and there. Bleeding is not a good thing. I’ve had it happen several times to me, when I squeezed very hard, and had a drop or two come out of my urethra. Because I know my body, I knew that all I had to do was take a couple of days off and when I resumed, to go lighter. I am very aware of the sensations in my penis when it is being worked out. I can push hard and as soon as I get that “feeling” that I recognize as being close to the danger zone, I ease up. This way I can always give myself the maximal workout without injuring myself.

The same goes for spotting. I always closely examine the head during my workout. I will allow bright red spots, but if I detect any dark ones, I stop. When I start seeing red spots, I know that I shouldn’t increase the level, and if these red spots come on very early in the workout, I should decrease the level a notch. The red spots disappear very quickly after a workout, but the dark spots remain for days. This is a sign of a potentially serious injury. The size of the spots are also indicators. The bigger the spots, the more danger you have put your penis in. A good workout can give you tiny pin prick sized dots. These I don’t worry about.

The last injury that I get are tears near the base as a result of over stretching. A NB doesn’t really know how much stretching his penis can take, so he may under-stretch or over-stretch. You should always warm-up your penis before stretching. You should always stop when you feel pain. Not the pain from a good workout, but the pain that comes from injury. You can tell the difference. An OT has the confidence that he has gained from experience and knows just how far he can push things. A NB has to learn from experience as well. This takes time and patience, which is an important element in PE. It helps you stay motivated and keeps you from getting injured.

The last thing is after care. When you are done with your workout, you have got to wrap and cream. Your penis is growing because you are stressing it. You are creating micro-tears and your penis needs to heal from this. Provide the proper environment for healing. This includes diet, rest, warmth and salve (where necessary).

Finally, if you feel that there is something wrong, run to your doctor. Ask yourself, “Do I want my penis to be permanently damaged?”. We’re doing this so that sex can be better. If we can no longer have sex, what is the point of all of this? Seeing a doctor can only be a good thing.

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