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Spotting On The Penis Head

Thanks dabone.yours is the first post which makes my first day into PE lots of sense,I have started my routine yesterday and already have red spots I understand that I shouldn’t worry and keep on working safely.

Hey, I just started PEing and after a week or two of the newbie routine, I noticed three brown blood spots on the head. I stopped all PEing then and two went away after a few days, but one remains, now two weeks later. Is this common? Is there anything I can do to make the spot go away faster? I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks!

Pay much more attention to undervalued the possible damage on penis.
I experimented a permanent vessels dilatation on glans that cause me pains.
You see nothing on glans for months, then only sometimes little veins under-skin, your penis seems OK but suddenly you can experiment bruise feeling and painful erection.


I havent PE’D for like a week maybe 4-5 days and I have only now got red dots at the base of my glans and below it only visible when I pull my un -cut forskin down.I’m pretty scared aye can someone help?

I have had these spots surrounding the slit on the head for years. I am thinking it is probably as a result to focusing / squeezing on the head when masturbating. Unfortunately, they have never gone away, even after leaving my package alone for several days. Even had a Doctor check it out and said there was nothing wrong.


I have three prominent (about 2mm square) black/dark purple spots on the side of the penis head (on the foreskin), and about 4 other lighter purple spots (which are slightly smaller than 2mm squared), dotted around the foreskin. They appear after a 36 minute jelqing schedule, 2 days on, 1 day off, I have been going for about 2 weeks now and they keep coming back (although they appear to be decreasing in number) after each session. I’m smearing arnica (bruising cream) on the site of injury, and taking vitamins, and using a hot fan before, during and after the jelqing session. What should I do?

Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to find a good answer here. I’ve been looking for an answer for months, to no avail. Some have suggested creams, taking a break from PE, trying a lighter schedule, and nothing seems to work. After years of PE, I started getting dark spots on the head. I don’t have a problem with the discoloration elsewhere, just there.

I took a break for a month, and some of the spots are still there — I think it’s permanent. After a month long break, I then tried some very light PE and within a minute the whole tip of my head went blackish, worse than ever before. So right now it seems like an injury that once you get, does not heal. I’ve tried doing a chemical peel elsewhere, with very mild results. The pain was really intense, though, and I can’t imagine what it would feel like on the head. I’d probably need to be on some heavy duty pain killers.

I’d love to hear about anything that works to get rid of this. As it is, my only options seems to be 1. stop PE, or 2. live with a penis with a black tip.

I guess lasers could fix it, but that’s not something I would look forward to doing and paying for. Finding a place that would do it could be a problem too.

Tiny black spots

ANY way to get rid of tint black spots? I got them from stretching-not jelqing, They look like small scabs, They are on the tip of my head 8 of them
They are very unattractive—

I slowed down, and taking hot baths, they seem hard to rid..

Any suggestions?


I have a problem like rjkovich, I have scabs on my shaft I think they came after a few clamping session after a bad shave. Not sure if the shave had any part in it but when I clamp the sore, scabs come and make it impossible for me to finish my sesssion. Any advice?

When I was wearing the ADS even 10 hours a day I didn`t got any red spots beside a few times when I was wearing it for a couple of hours without getting it off.
Since start vac-hanging and vac-ADS after I noticed some red spots that are appearing on my head on where the vacuum is made. I do 4 of 10 min sets of hanging with 3kg and after the 3rd set I noticed the rep spots, I massage the penis and do some dry jelqs and 250 wet jelqs after and they disappear until next day.

I didn`t made fuzz about them since they disappear and my dick don`t hurt at all but today I told myself it`s time to read more about injuries and found this thread. After reading dabone post I`m not worried anymore and hope I will not get an injury. Thank`s dabone

Hello, anyone have a white tip of the head with jelq ?

I’ve got one little red dot but it only appears when I’m hard no big deal doesn’t hurt

Hope it go away fast

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

I had some of these spots show up, but something else I’ve noticed (that I may have had all along and just never looked this close) are really tiny skin tags on the head. These are not around the rim of the glans, they’re kind of scattered around the actual head. If you’ve ever had skin tags on your neck, picture that but really tiny. Any idea what that is or if I’ve cause it by jelqing too hard?

Guys, I know the red spots that appear mostly on the head or near it are common for PE. My question is, why do they always show up in the same place? What exactly is going on in your body there. I have red spots a lot after jelqing and clamping. They go away in a day or two. But when they come back, it’s in the same spots for me. Anyone know why?

Spots are not going away.

So, I’m 35,my dick has always been in very good health. 5 months ago I bought a cheap pump with no pressure reading..

Last time I used it for a week, 10 minutes a day, not more but the last day o found the problem you can see in the picture. I got red spots on half the gland, they are not healing, they are a bit bumpy too. I try not to have erection but at night it’s impossible.. If I masturbate they go back as they were initially. I am not masturbating since three days but a bit if erection makes them as you see in the picture.

I am thinking they will never go away.. The skin looks not so elastic there and I feel a little pain in the spots after an erection now. I will not get rid of the nigh erections.. What can I do? After 12 hours if non erections they look almost non-red, but they come back..

I. Quite scared I popped some capillary which is not going to heal..

Let me know what you think guys, thank you!

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