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blood spot

blood spot

tonight i was doing some squeezing with a pretty hard erection and out of nowhere came a blood spot the size of a half a centimeter in diameter on the top of the forskin. I’m pretty confident doing those sorts of squeezes because lately I’ve been building up to an intense work out and have felt comfortable with increasing the intensity. at first my testicles where a little stressed and my carvosa was somewhat frail but now I think i’ve bult up some resilience with my balanced diet and supplement regime.does anyone know if this spot is malevolent or not?

blood spot


I have never had them before so I may be wrong, but I recall of other people having exactly the same spot of same diameter appearing suddenly like in your case during an intence workout.
Also I recall that after sometime of absence from pe it healed completely.

Malevolent? I wouldn’t think so. Broken vessel is my guess.

I am sure that people who had your experience would be a better help.

Take care,

ONE spot? ha, ha how about a few?

You’ll be ok man I promise! I’ve had MANY red spots before. Usually they are from squeezing too hard too early in a workout or just too hard all together. You may want to either ease up a little or do some jelqing for a few minutes before doing the more intense stuff….to give yourself time to warm up. I’ve had workouts that gave me red spots the size of pin heads all over my penis (so many I couldnt count) and workouts that have given me one or two big red spots the size of large (the thick kind little kids write with) pencil erasers. Like I said though nothing to worry about they usually clear up quickly. As far as I know they are as said previously from ruptured capillaries. If you’ve ever smacked the inside of one of your wrists on something hard you’ll have had the same type of spots.

Don’t worry. I have had this black spot several times after jelqing.
Just stop jelqing for some days (2 to 5 days) until the spot has completely disappeared. Then you can start jelqing again.
This spot can appear on any place on your penis (mostly top halve).
Next time this happens, stop as quickly as possible. The sooner you spot the spot, the sooner it will disappear.



I now this is like a guide thread, (old too ! :D ) but i got the black spots too! just in the top (or tip) of the head! 8 black spots to be exact! i got them from hanging and pumping, they have appeared slowly and gradually ,but now i can feel them like a scab (i said it right? its like the dry blood you get on a wound and it heal and then you take of the dry blood and the wound is healed , sorry about my english!) they are the size of a pin head, so, ill be like a human guinea pig to prove healing time, ill not use any cream or medication, so ill get you guys the heal time it take to take them off! no medication or hanging or jelquing or pumping or sex or masturbating(maybe), ill just use it to pee (see what i go to do for science?? :cry: ) As soon they off ill post here! :D


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Stop all PE all together— I had the same exact thing happen to my tool, and I took a whole three weeks off, and it almost came back to normal, I still get brusing from streching and PE exercises, I am taking it slower, I suggest you do the same, This is scar tissue, and it needs time to heal


Good luck

Hey there rjkovich - the original poster should be fine now; this thread is some eight years old. ;)

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

As soon as you spot the spot youre in the right spot, sport, just stop.

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