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Oh oh, red dots!


Oh oh, red dots!

Hey guys,

I’ve been at this for many weeks now and decided to pick up the tension and squeezing a bit. I warmed up for 10 min or so, then I stretched pretty hard, did some jelgs, squeezes and uli’s. I’ve had faint red spots before which go away quickly. However, tonight for some reason I was looking at my unit, twisted it around and saw like dark red freckles on the underside of the head. I’m sure they will go away but has anyone had real dark ones? There’s only 2 or 3. Thanks!

Your "red dots"

I have exercisesd vigorously for almost 2 years and never had a red spot or a chafing or rub mark. You might want to adjust your grip on your penis or maybe you should search out a different lube to use. Your “unit” may be allergic to the lube you are presently using. Usually by a process of elimination you will be able to figure out why you getting the red spots and how to overcome the problem. Best Wishes and Good Luck to you.

Re: red dots

Thanks for the reply UC! I’ll try what you said.


I get them once in awhile you maybe you are squeezing a tad to hard. They are nothing to worry about.


I hear ya!

Ya, they went away rather quickly. I’m all set now. Thanks!

Is it alright to keep working out with these red dots, ive had them for about three days. Started with one now i got three, what do i do?



Stop for a few days

You need to let your glans heal. It is overworked and stressed.

The red dots will go away but you have to stop jelqing until they do.

Good luck and happy growing!

Hey Cmor,

Like Uc said, stop until they go away. Mine went away after 3 days (not completely I guess), then I jelqed and they came back. I then took the weekend off and they were gone. I don’t think they are a big deal as long as you stop and heal. Just make sure you don’t see them once you start back up. You’ll be fine man.

Thanxs for the advice guys, kinda pisses me off i gotta take more time off, damn!

What would be the concern of working through red dots instead of taking time off?

Yea, I say “Fuck that” and work through them. I am so damn tired of taking a breaks occasionally due to some imagined over-stress!!!

I’m just gonna keep beating the shit out of this little fucking thing untill I force it to grow out of shear will… it’s me against my dick and I am going to win.

I said grow you little piece of shit dick!!!!!


time to get serious and put on some serious growth!!!

You know, it kinda reminds me of my pumping days. I used to keep backing off when I got a “donut” effect. Then this one experienced guy told me that you just have to work through that stage and then the whole penis will expand while pumping. He was right!!! I can pump up in a 1 1/2” tube and my entire dick now gets fat and it is an even girth and looks very natural (well, as natural as it can look to have a girth well over 7”).

Hugeness. (spoiled by seeing a giant pumped dick that I want to have all the time now without having to pump)

NO, why would you want to wrap?! The idea is to get the damn thing to expand, why constrict it???

I know pumping doesn’t do shit for real permanent growth, but I’m telling you, if you want the temporary effect of being a monster, pumping will do it. I used to have the women in awe of my monster!!! God, that was fun!!! It also had the benefit of getting me a nice rep and subsequent action with size queens…. LOL. Yea, just a regular slut here!!!

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