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How do I get rid of this white spot on the tip of my head?

How do I get rid of this white spot on the tip of my head?

I got this white spot after hanging. It covers about 1/3 of my head. I think it was from the wrapping that came over my head and was cutting off the cirucluation there, which is now white. Anyone else get this? How do I get rid of it? I haven’t hanged for 3 days.

White Spot

Hey — Is it really “white” ??? I have never had that— just a little lighter than the slightly purplish “engorged head look”.

If it’s still there after 3 days, I think I’d be seeing my Doctor…..

My wrap mostly goes over my glans to some degree, but if it’s not too tight, it can’t do any harm.

Must admit that I have to gently jelq /uli it back to normal apprearance, but that only takes a couple of minutes, and mostly it’s skin texture and glans shape that I’m restoring, not colour.

Hope you are OK.

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Hi ed!

Just a few questions to help us understand more of what you’re experiencing …….

What type of hanger are you using?

What weight were you hanging and for how long?

Has it lost any sensitivity - is it numb?

Can you still get an erection?

If you can get an erection does the color of the head change?

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white spot

Im using the the Bib Hanger not the starter.

I used 10 pounds of weight for 20 minutes.

It is not numb and has not lost any sensitivity.

Yes, I can still get an erection.

The color of the head does not change when i get an erection.

Now this is very unusual. The sheer mechanics of hanging actually force blood into the tip of the head and and makes it darker. If any part of the penis shows a “whiteness” it is usually the coronal ridge which sometimes is consrticted by the wrap or can fold over onto itself if the hanger is incorrectly attatched - light jelging usually brings the color back within a minute or 2. (The same thing happens using an all day stretcher and this whiteness can be restored in a minute by light jelqing - and this is after 8 hours of it being this way!)

Try hot wraps and light jelqing and if it hasn’t improved in a couple of days see your doctor. In the meantime lay off hanging.

lil1 :lep:

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

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Similar White Spots Problem

I have recently had a similar problem. I have recently had half a dozen or so small white spots appear in the head of my penis under the skin. Some of the smaller spots are only 2-3 mm in diameter while the bigger spots are about 6 mm in diameter The white spots are visible when there is not much blood in my head and disappear when my penis is somewhat engorged. So, the spots are not visible when I am aroused (which is very fortunate).

I believe it to be from hanging. Right now my entire PE regiment is hanging. My hanging schedule is pretty standard; I do a few sets a day for 10-15 minutes per set. However, as I am a varsity athlete at University my schedule is quite busy and rather irregular, so my PEing has been inconsistent. Some days I have time for PE and some days I don’t because of excess homework, the fact that my room mates won’t leave me alone, or my team might have an away game which will take up an entire weekend. Could the inconsistency have helped to cause this? There is really nothing else that could have caused this problem other than hanging, however, as my routine is pretty standard I find it a little confounding that these white spots have emerged.

For my equipment, I use a BIB hanger with a thin cloth wrap. The weight was then and still is 10 pounds.

I am leaning towards it being a broken blood vessel, but would that create a white spot? Also, I am wondering if I had too much blood in the head of my penis for a few sets and that created too much pressure in the head causing the white spots? Also, my inconsistent schedule could play a part as maybe one time I just overdid it after too many days off? I would love to find out what this problem is, what caused it, and how to get rid of it. Any help would be appreciated.

Tom I never had white spots in the head of my penis, but in Tntjockeys thread ” I have reached my goals” he had white spots , and if I remember correctly he took 2 weeks off. I don’t know what causes it but i think it would be to much pressure. He was a clamper. Hope this helps.


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