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Would blood spots...

Would blood spots...

…hinder my gains ?

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If you are referring to spots that appear after jelqing, that means you have overdone it somewhat. We almost all tend to get them at first, and they will disappear very quickly. After all, your penis is not used to such ‘exercise’.

If you have spots, it is a sign that your body is saying STOP. So rest a couple of days, and than start again slowly. The spots will not affect gains, but continously overdoing it could lead to more seroius injury.


I find that Uli cause the spots.

If you ignore the little red dots they don’t hinder gain. Those red dots can lead to discoloration if you don’t want that you have to take precautions to prevent getting too much of them.

You can prevent them by doing a (better) warm-up or condition your dick more before you start with the more intense exercises.

I doubt it matters if you warm up a lot… the red spots always creep.

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I have a few small 1-2millimeters on the front side of the shaft, is that the same thing? should i stop working an take a day rest? im doing newbie 2on-1off routine… they are really small tho

Normally, those red spots are pretty small…tiny. But a 1-2mm one means you burst a small vessel by using too much force. Wait a couple of days and take it easier next time.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Would the force be from too much stretching or jelqing?

The spots are from internal pressure from jelqing usually at an erection that is too high.

Do the spots at least mean that you are jelqing correctly, but perhaps a little to intensely. I have recently got some and took them as a positive sign, i have so far seen no gains but the spots show at least something is happening down there. Am I correct to take this attitude or should I think about reviewing my jelq technique.

I’m not really sure what causes the red spots. I’ve done some intensive work with uli’s and horses but they never showed up. Only now, after I’ve started obends. After the first bend, I get 100 of these small red spots. I guess it is from overstretching my skin, not the tunica. They go away the next day or day after, so I guess they are not too bad.

I have blood spot about every session, and Im gaining. Too intense ? Maybe, but that is how I get result. It go away in couple hours anyway, nothing to worry about (my experiences). IF yours stay longer, 1 day or more, then yes go easier next time.

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