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Blood Blister


Blood Blister

I’m having a problem of sorts………………(excuse my spelling in advance)
I have a purple looking blood blister (I think its a blood blister?!?)
On the tip of my fellow, I stopped PE for several weeks and it went away exept for a little minut dot. I ordered the PowerJelq and tried it out for the first time the day before yesterday and the blister or whatever is back and it is pretty big! Well, maybe a 1/16” in diameter, but it looks nasty.
I didn’t overdo the PowerJelq in my opinion - 100 reps thats it. Not too much pressure for the first time. Anyway that is what it looked like before I took time off last time.
I do not want to stop PE, especially now that I invested in the PJ! What do you guys think - should I tried to lance this puppy? Lidocane? I surely wouldn’t want to go to a Dr for it!
Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

PS. I’ve been reading posts here for a while, found this forum through forum (member of site and forum over there) This forum is much better - Thunder does a great job!
Does anyone know when the last time the site over there was actually updated? When I joined up they said they updated every week - I haven’t seen anything new there in like a year or more.
just wondering

I meant Neosporine not Lidocane.

Neosporine or something similiar.


Welcome aboard !!

Hey Hope,
Difficult question. I think the best thing would be to let the thing go away by itself or give in and have a doc look at it. The doc may say the same thing, let it heal by itself. I wouldn’t tell anybody to lance it themselves. The Neosporin is mainly to fight infection from open wounds, I don’t know if it will help make the blister go away or not. It wouldn’t hurt any though I don’t think. You could try some arnica, that may help it to heal. Maybe one of the other guys will have a good suggestion or two.

As far as the BP site, I don’t think they have updated since last May or something like that. I am not even sure it is owned by the same people now. It is a shame really, it used to be one of the better pay sites. I also don’t know what happened to Aaron. I haven’t received any replies to the emails I have sent him.

Let us know how you make out with the blister and what you decide to do.

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Hey Thunder
What is arnica? I’m not sure - is it a neosporin type topical medication? Get it Walmart or Walgreens or something?

I want to try on my own to get rid of it - I can’t see myself going to the doc and telling him how I got this nasty thing on the tip of my unit…..

I see from your location that your in Phoenix AZ, I’m in Goodyear!
I’ve been out here in the wild west for about 18 months, originally from Detroit - Lived in several eastern states - I love it out here!
Small world.


Walgreens may have it, if not, try one of the health food stores. It is works well for bruises and may help heal the blister. I got mine online and can’t even remember where I ordered it from.

I’ve become a desert lizard. I’ve been here since April of 1990 and have acclimated so much, that if it is below 90 I am cold. :D From Pontiac, MI myself.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


I’ve got something like that, too, and for the first time in 14 mos of steady PE. btw, guys, I got mine doing my fave new exercise: horses. See the Megasqueeze thread. Beware of this one!

What you have may be a bruised capillary. A blister will likely open and ooze whereas a broken or bruised capillary will appear more flat, discolored, and not usually painful. Sometimes they appear to heal (often overnight) and will disappear only to reappear when you stress that weakened area again.

For bruised capillaries, try very gentle massage with plenty of lubricant for a short time a couple times a day and no strenuous PE.

If you have an open blister, treat that with Neosporin or Thunder’s suggestion.

If the area enlarges or becomes worse, do see your doctor. You only get 1 dick in this go around so take good care of it.

PS; never mind what a doctor may think if you need to see one.



Hey Thunder,
Pontiac, MI - No Shit……..It really is a small world!!
I grew up in Detroit MI and left that area when I was
19 years old for work.
You a hockey fan?

Well I’m going to find and try that arnica stuff a.s.a.p.!

Take it easy

Hey avocet8,
That sounds pretty much like what is going on - doesn’t hurt but mine isn’t really flat, its kind of rounded or ‘dome’ shaped. I think it may have gotten a little bigger since yesterday but that my be because I’ve been examining it - its not freaking me out or anything but it does look pretty nasty! I don’t my wife to see it, she’ll think its some kind of disease or something then I’ll have a new problem. She doesn’t know about that I PE, although she has noticed a difference.

As for going to the doctor, if it starts to worry me enough I’d go but I am embarrassed about that kind stuff so that would be my last resort.

I’ve had 3 major back surgeries each time when I woke up I had a catheter in me - when they put it in I was out so it didn’t bother me but when it was time to get it out I so embarrassed it wasn’t even funny. Which pissed me off because I was in so much pain you’d think I wouldn’t give a crap.
Although, the last time the nurse that took it out was about 22 years old and very hot - I didn’t get too embarrassed that time until I started to get wood while she was handling it. She turned a little red too so I didn’t feel to bad about it. I was flirting with her every chance I had so that just helped show my flirtation was sincere! My only regret is that I didn’t know about PE at the time, then maybe I would have been ‘proud’ to let them (especially the last nurse) handle junior.
Thanks for your input and sorry for the long winded reply,

penises and docs

<As for going to the doctor, if it starts to worry me enough I’d go but I am embarrassed about that kind stuff so that would be my last resort.>

You can always say it came about when you had a very long bout of intercourse. If the doctor asks how long, just say “real long,” and act embarrassed. That’ll end the quesitons.

Believe me, they’ve heard and seen it all anyway. :-)



horse440 injury

Avocet8, I recently had a small blister type thing near the scarline of my penis. I thought it might be due to the horse440s also. Well I stopped PEing for about 3 weeks and just recently started up. I still have horse440s in my routine and with just a little over a week into it, I am noticing somthing similar to the last one, but in a different spot of my scarline. Both of them have been in areas where I stop the second tournaquit grip. Is there anyway that you could point me to the thread you are talking about that may talk about this type of injury and horse440s. It seems I am getting great gains from it by the way and dont want to stop.

Some of these problems may just be signs that your workouts are actually ‘working’.

If you do not experience any pain or major itching from these ‘bumps’ then I shouldn’t think there is too much to worry about.

I’m no Doc, but i realise that when forcing blood into the penis head a few capillaries could burst here and there.


Could you define “small blister type thing” a little more? That could describe a lot of different PE injuries. If we’re talking what most call “red spots”, these usually disappear in a day or so.



Horse 440 blisters

Hey guys,
I also have experienced something very similiar with the horse 440 squeezes. After getting one very good squeeze i noticed a red spot which looked like blood located where i make my tourniquet near the base. After about a few minutes the spot turned into a bump which was a bit painful at the time and its been there for atleast a few days. I made no big deal about it and am sure it will go away soon and i do hope it goes away soon because im makin some good gains from the horse 440s and i dont wanna stop. ill keep you guys posted.

the jelqmaster

i have this same(i think). although mine doesnt come from horses, but from jelqing. it does nsound like the same “injury”,although it doesnt actually hurt or anything. mine usually go away over night, but keep coming back whenever i do my jelqing again. i have found that even if i take a few days off, it still comes back. i am thinking about taking about a week off to give it some time to “heal” , unless someone has had this same problem and has a good solution for it

After an intense jeqing session I get a fluffy band around my dick. Is that an injury?

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