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Pumping Injury

I believe it’s that nerve that runs up my penis from my shaft that I messed up.
I believe its called the dorsal nerve.

I felt the jolt in my nuts from the huge cylinder when my testcles contracted
With my penis in the cylinder that’s when I felt the electric jolt from in my left testicle up to the left side of my shaft.

I took took two weeks off from PEing I have not done this in 4 years
But I have understood what may have happend which days later left me with almost no feeling in my penis,
Premature ejaculation issues, soreness when stretching on the left side of my penis extending from the shaft to the glans that felt like a tear but may have been this dorsal nerve.

I have had morning wood once and I have to stimulate myself to get a 95% erection but sex is still good.

I keep waking up in the morning hoping it will all come back but I am happy what I have accomplished reguardless in PE
And I would still encourage anyone to try it just not to push it like I did.

Anybody know if the dorsal nerve heals?

Thanks sparkx

Like I said, a nerve issue. Be patient and sensible nerves can take a while !

Capernicus your right my friend

Well I woke up this morning with one of the best erections, but I had a swollen area near the shaft on the left side of my penis that sure felt weird.
It’s been alittle over two weeks of resting.

I am starting my kegal routine again and I am going to restart my hanging routine starting with 5lbs for a few sets.
I know Bib would have told me to continue to hang but reduce the weight until my issue was healed on it’s own, but I hope this will generate some sort of gain.

I know I have learned a lot reading various post on the loading phase and how overdoing can possibly limit the amount of gains to be made.
The information is awesome.

You only get one penis. Rest it until the swollen area is gone. Getting the erections back doesn’t mean you have healed, it means you are starting to heal. You could put yourself right back to sqaure one if you are unlucky. Better to be safe than sorry.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Ahh yea man your right and the fact that after two weeks I am just now getting this swelling feeling
Is kind of crazy I can’t let it cost me my relationship or my sex life.

I am not sure if it’s from clamping or pumping or both and the urologist didn’t visibly see
Anything wrong kind of amazes me.

I had a good erection this morning but the dull pain followed by a small swollen area about an inch up
From my shaft on the left side really woke me up this morning.

It’s just a cause of too much pressure and too many routines.
My skin, nerves, vessels or whatever it was couldn’t take the pressure.

There is no blood just flushed swolleness that is urking me.


I Am New To This Site And New To Jelqing, But Not New To Pumping. I Was Pumping Regularly 5 Years Ago And Tried (Because Of No Good Info Available) The “No Pain, No Gain” Approach. I Used To Use A Vehicle Vacuum Pump To Obtain 15 Pressure, Yes Visible Damage Would Occur. I Did Have Noticeable Gains But Only Temporary Unless I Kept Pumping, If I Took A Week Off I would Lose Most Of What I Had Gained. One Day I Tried A Larger Cylinder At My Normal Pressure And One Of My Nuts Started Pulling In Which Caused Outrageous Pain And Blackening That Lasted For 2 Weeks And Forget Sex. I Was Constantly Making Excuses About Why I Didn’t Want To Have Sex With My Wife (I Didn’t Want Her To Know I Was Pumping). I Stopped All PE For A Month And Then Only Started Again With Occasional Stretching, Hit And Miss. I Have Never Pumped Again Out Of Fear And Have Thrown My Pump Away Since. I Did Regain My EQ After About A Month And A Half. Because I Am Still Unhappy With My Current Size, I Have Started Stretching And Jelqing As A Normal Routine And Feel Some Gain And That This Is Much Safer Than Pumping, For Me.. Just Hang In There And Be Patient.. If Your Girlfriend Loves You She Will Understand.

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For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Thanks dusty

I combined clamping after pumping .that along with hanging and my skin or tissue inside my oenis finally gave way.

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Started hanging again after 3 weeks.. Hopefully I can get back what I have lost.

My glans has been cold before even restarting PE but I’m tired of waiting back at it

I pumped the other day for the first time at 2.5” x 3 minutes for 3 sets. I had clamped a few days prior and now my dick just seems tired and sore. I am getting rock hard erections and have woken up with them but I am a little concerned about the soreness. Is this typical when starting a pumping routine or more likely from he clamping? I am just in a resting period now and seeing what happens. My dick is darker than usual also, not tremendously so but noticeable to me.

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A little soreness is not a problem. It IS a problem if it’s painful. Pumping should not hurt. It should not hurt afterward, or between sessions.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


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