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Pumping Injury

The vaccum level was above 10g for over 20 mins


Originally Posted by Maldonaldo

What he said!

Yea that combined with hanging didn’t work too well.

Just noticed this thread was in Members Pics! I’ve moved it to the injuries forum. :)

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Holy shit 10hg for 20?? Damn dude! Everything I’ve read has said 3-4hg is optimal.

Thanks firegoat

Surfer dude, sorry to hear about your injury. In the early days of PE I was a little too eager and forgot the importance of taking my time and was force to take some time out when my EQ levels dropped notably. We all have different bodies and different levels of experience but mate 10HG + is too much man. I think Firegoat and some of our other brothers here have given you excellent advise; do yourself a favour and rest mate.

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As a pumper of 35 years on and off it’s probably one of the easiest types of PE to over do becuz it feels so damns good! I guarantee that hanging sure doesn’t. Yea rest.

After 10 days rest I had a 3/4 erection this morning lol

Do you get any ruptured capillaries when you are pumping at that high of a vacuum? You know, red dots or worse? If you aren’t, I think your gauge must be wrong, but I guess its possible. Generally the guideline here is keep it 5 in hg or lower. Most guys don’t make any gains when going higher, but most guys would get all kinds of skin hemmorages with vacuum that high for more than a few seconds.

I have read guys through the years who have said they pump at that level and got gains, and it always made me wonder if it was an accurate report or if it was a faulty gauge. I had one MD give the actual vacuum level at which the capillaries can no longer keep the blood inside and its starts to escape outside the capillary system, and I think it was about 5 in hg…but I don’t recall for sure. This is why I always wonder about reports of successful very high vacuum pumping.

But who knows, we certainly don’t have all the answers, so anything is possible. At any rate you at least created a modest injury at best, so be careful with your vacuum level, and perhaps it might me smart to drop it down a bit when you begin again.

Originally Posted by HomerJS
As a pumper of 35 years on and off it’s probably one of the easiest types of PE to over do becuz it feels so damns good! I guarantee that hanging sure doesn’t. Yea rest.

Thats a long time to be pumping. Give us a summary of what you have learned from all that experience if you would, thanks!

Hmm a “weird electric feeling” sounds more like a nerve issue, it’s possible the base of your cylinder has been pressing on a nerve especially at that high pressure !

Does anyone know about the fundiform ligament? I may have torn that to some extent..
.Even when I try a simple manual stretch stretching my penis to the right I do not feel any pulling on the left side as I do when I stretch my penis to the left and I feel a pulling on the right side.

I stretch my penis to the right gently and I feel a chord or tendon feeling starting from the side of my penis then it runs up the base all the way to my glands.
It’s like this on both side of my penis but on the left side is where the injury occured. I don’t know what has happend but is that not where the fundiform ligament is located?

Can pumps cause hernia’s? There is no bulges or no signs of swelling everything appears normal except my erections and sex drive suck.
Before I would see a fine chick and get hard just by checking her out.

I’m trying to understand what that tissue is on the side of the base of the penis are that run all the way up to the glands? Are they chambers? Ligaments?

As I said before even manual stretches stretching my penis manually with my hands to the right the pull should be felt on the left side of my penis before the leg
But I feel nothing except that dull feeling of that chord or tendon on the left side extending up my penis to my glands, yet if I pull my penis to the left I feel a stretch on the right side before my leg
And it feels like tissue in that area is intact. This sure is a screw up

Sounds like a tunica strain. Anyway, keeping guessing is not worth, go to see an andrologist, even ask him for a doppler exam of CC, if you want to know what happened that’s the sole way.

By the way., pumpin and hanging don’t go well hand in hand.


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