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Pumping Injury

How long does Tunica strain take to heal?

I’m going to see a urologist soon maybe because this is creating problems with me and my girlfriend

A few weeks I guees.

That’s going to suck if I need surgery to repair it but I don’t see how.. Is that not the same thing the doctor cuts when
They cut the ligament for penis lengthening surgery?

Something good has to come out of this.

No I don’t think it will require surgery. It doesn’t sound like a torn ligament either: first, you would be crying for pain right now; second, forget the idea that cutting ligs is the key for gains, it is an idea based on wrong assumptions about male anatomy: your ligs don’t hold your penis inside the body, it is tied to it from the inside, starting from the ischiopubic ramii; what ligs do ist holding it at the right angle with your body. Cutting BOTH ligs leads to minimal length gains (1/5” typically) IF traction is applied for several weeks after the cut; otherwise the penis could re-attach shorter leading to a shortening penis. That’s why the penis surgery is no point, you can have the same (minimal) gains just stretching the ligs without cutting them.

Maybe that area under my nuts is strained too Hopefully it heals

So I cannot even kegal for the next few weeks? It’s been 11 days are doing kegal workouts a good idea?

Id stick to reverse kegels for a bit

I know this seems long and unnecessary but REALLY man, when it comes to your penis, better safe than sorry

You are right my friend better safe than sorry

I’m starting my PE again lightly. I got cleared by. A urologist no visual problems tunica strain or ligament strain

Good for you!

Now stick with 5 in. Hg.

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Yes, certainly Maldonaldo, but I still may get an ultrasound on my penis and testicles.

Sex is still great with my girlfriend, but the weeks I took off not doing PE it’s like a completely lost all my sex drive and erection power.
My erections are no where near as hard as they use to be and my Penis does not stick up at 10o’clock hard as a metal pipe anymore,
Instead it sticks strait out and 90% to 95% erect. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t worked out with weights or that I stopped PE for two weeks so
Everything went in relax mode.

I hope I get some answers and I and moving in a micro fashion jelqing a lot trying to get my super hard erections again.
I am doing kegals too hoping things will be better this time around.

I have read the loading and healing phases from various members in the forum and I must say that from all the members making huge gains that appears to be true.

I am going to take it easy getting back into PE and I have made good gains having an erect length at almost 9 1/2 inches in length but I just want everything else to come back.
I did not lose any gains but the first week of not feeling too much in my penis is not something I take lightly.

My erections and sensitivity in my penis are horrible. I am kegaling again after my two week rest
And kegal muscles are almost numb to where I can barley feel them.

Can scar tissue keep me from getting erections
? It’s ridiculous any veteran or knowledgeable person let me know what you think is going on?

Trying to diagnose over the web is almost impossible, and a great way to make people worry more than necessary. In one post you say you get 90-95% erection, in the next that your erections are ‘horrible’. OK, we understand that you are used to rock hard, but if you are getting 95%, there is not that much damage. If you have had a 2 week break from kegels you will tire the muscles far quicker than normal and when they are tired they may feel a bit numb.

I think you need a bit more rest, followed by easing back very very slowly into a routine. And if that does not work, you need to see a consultant urologist or similar. Normally someone with any degree of damage will have much worse symptoms than you have, so try not to worry about it too much - that in itself can knock the edge right off your erections.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks firegoat

Sorry for the last post firegoat, but I am not sure if this issues is a nerve issue
Or if it’s an issue with scaring, tunica or a ligament.. A urologist had said they
Couldn’t find anything visually wrong with my penis.

Hopefully I will be able to be back to normal soon


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