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Jelqing has destroyed my life A warning.

Originally Posted by mendeleev
Wel may b tru but I haven’t got any problem jelqing just take care of how you do it

Welcome on TP,
and I agree with you. But, please, avoid chat speaking, it is a no-no here. :)

Good luck on your gains.

Walgart you shouldn’t have included Hardwood here. He never wanted to be a part of this whole thing and never even posted on this forum about his “injury”. Precisely to avoid this kind of useless argument with people who have already made up their minds.

Or maybe he was a member here with a different name and he was busted as a bullshitter, Owen? Think better.

Or maybe you are just continuing to talk about things you have no knowledge of, while I do, unfortunatelly.

Communicate this presumptous knowledge, Owen. So far, you just showed precoceinved thougths.

You talking about me or you?

Guys, I am another guy who has permanently damaged his member. DO NOT JELQ

commish really thanks for your input.

My damage as well is because of jelq`uing but I won`t recommend to anyone to stop jelq`uing actually.

I remember that I really loved PE after first workouts and nothing improved my EQ as jelq+kegel+pumping and know one thing for sure that I killed my dick using to much force when I was under the influence of massive supplementation as- AAKG + tongkat ali and this staf really can change your state in bigger amount.So literally I would never pull my dick so strong than with this shit in the system when I literally lost control and wanted to see mandigo dick instantly.

So if someone show me direction how to cure my unit I would love t o still PE`ing safely.

Can you tell us more about your situation ?

He can’t Walgart. He has been banned because was a troll.

Originally Posted by marinera
He can’t Walgart. He has been banned because was a troll.

Is that a reference to me, Marinera?

If it is, no I haven’t been banned I’ve just kept away from this place because of the utterly soul-destroying way in which individuals like yourself have gone about replying to me.

I am currently struggling with a deep deep depression over this and have had to take the last few months off work. I visited one of the top urologists in this country last month who has ordered an mri scan and specialist nighttime erection study that I will have to stay over night in hospital for because they are the only people in the country who do it. I will then have further studies and investigations until I get a proper diagnosis. I am also due to see a Neurologist next month (I got the appt in the mail today). I have also emailed the executive producer of the show “Extreme Male Beauty” and am awaiting her reply. I have not ruled out legal action against Channel Four for the reckless way in which they displayed this practice on their show.

I shan’t be looking at this board after this message as I find it horrendously depressing.

I am not a “troll” (whatever that my be), I am a genuine example of a person whose life has been wrecked by this dangerous and foolish practice. Consider me a warning, no in fact consider me an absolute deterrant.

Many thanks to Owen33 for his help.

Marinera was talking about commish being a troll.

Maybe if any of you had an injury similar to this you wouldn’t be so quick so shout “troll”. Why the hell would somebody put so much time and effort into PRETENDING their dick is damaged !

Generally speaking, why would anyone be a troll? Personally, I fail to see the appeal of being “someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion” - and yet it is a well-enough known phenomenon to merit a Wikipedia entry:

Generally speaking, some people just enjoy stirring things up, and not always with good intent.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Willy I must say your not coming here anymore made me suspect you might me a troll of “dr.Lin” lineage. So thanks for reporting. Interestingly now I am going through the same aversion of visiting sites like this. I would really like to hear from you and stay in contact with you. Please PM your email if you visit the site again. I will PM you mine.


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