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Ironaddict69's Log

Try the vac hanger when Monkey re-releases it. Only thing that gave me gains, not to mention even better EQ.

Papsmearster has a huge dick. I am sure he did something else besides clamping though to grow that inch, he is like a legit 9.5 BP I believe, it’s gnarly stuff.

I bet light jelqing while clamped will be a good bet for me. Some days I will try to jelq, then use my ads for a while, then pump and see if that works. But I don’t see myself hanging much more for the time being. Maybe straight out sets or over the shoulder. Not sure, too many variables here.

OTS and SO work it good for me. I think your SD days are numbered.

July 2007-BPEL 7.0 MidEG 6.0

Current BPEL 8.5 MidEG 6.3 Goal 8 NBPEL / 6.5 EG. Progress Pictures Progress Report My ADS

Yeah I agree. Maybe I didn’t give the upper angles enough time but I never saw anything from them either.

Hey Iron,
Maybe a light 3, 10 minute sets of stretching OTS or SO would work? I don’t know maybe 4-5 days a week? Just brain storming for gains, but that would make sense too me.
I am supposed to be on a 2 month decon from hanging, but I’m already looking, for what I’m going to use, too focus on length. I’m thinking some 10 minute sets of pulling SO and OTS? I’m thinking of doing, all my PE only in sets of 10 mins, then at least taking 10 mins off.

Nice talking to fellow PE guys too brainstorm for gains, I really like the EQ and positive PI’s theory. Feels nice to be out of the ol’ hanging dungeon eh?

Yeah but I think 20 minutes hanging is even a little light for the vac hanger, I can usually do 30-45 no problem.

Really? I have never tried the vac hanger, is Monkey the only guy with the good vac hangers? I don’t have any ads either, or any clamps?Whats the best ads?

I don’t know, I’m going to try shorter sets , when I do hang or stretch again. I think with hanging, the thing I screwed up on, was realizing, that with hanging your still stretching, so you shouldn’t be contracted, I think. So next time I hang, I’m going to pay very close attention to the weight needed. I will put on enough weight to get my max stretch and then leave it, for 10 mins. Then if that doesn’t work I’ll go back up too the 15 mins.

Always using just enough weight to get a max stretch, not fatigue. Actually, I believe max stretch lock is what you want, at all times.

I think you’re thinking about it too much. Alot of your questions would be better found out through your own research, as I haven’t even found an ADS I really like. I’ll tell you one thing, it won’t be a penismaster or any of the noose devices. Save clamping for later.

I don’t know about other vac hangers…I bet there are though? uses one that is pretty good from what I hear.

Okay so today I wore my auto sleeve all day, about 4 hours pulling down my leg hooked up to a leg strap.

After that I hung SO about an angle of 10:30, for an hour using 15 lbs. Heated the whole time. Can feel a good pull.

I thought long and hard about the TCG theory and although I still agree with it, I can only half subscribe to it as I fear I will only gain girth, and make my already bad turkey neck worse with all the jelqing. My turkey neck is so bad it goes more than halfway up my shaft when I gently tug it out.

I however will drop clamping completely, and I will only hang, jelq, and pump VERY LIGHTLY for better erections and hopefully some smooth muscle development. I probably will not pump on the same days I hang, unless it’s a short 5 minutes just to fluff it out after the tissue has been pulled on.

I would try just jelqing and pumping but for a while a long time ago I only pumped and I didn’t gain much of anything except I had huge girth, even more than now I think. I did gain about .2” in length but it was over about 6 months. So I don’t think strict pumping is the best. Although it is tempting to have a huge hanging flaccid, I just do not feel like pumping is very permanent.

I suppose that makes sense right?

Any opinions would be appreciated.

Iron, I need some advice man. I was reading through your thread and I know you know a lot about body building/steroids, etc. I have always been a really good athlete but I never really read into steroids or test/estrogen manipulation.

Cut to the chase: I think my estrogen is too high, and I need some advice on an aromatase inhibitor, maybe Arimidex or 6-oxo. Also, been thinking about Androgel or something of the like. I read you have been on HRT since 17. Once I do an Androgel course (6-8 weeks), am I going to have to be on HRT forever? Or if I am careful, is it okay to do? I can get it, no problem.

Anyways, I noticed this year when I started back up working out, sometimes when I would be running on treadmill, really pushing myself hard (6-8 miles, 15-25 miles per week), I would get pretty emotional and shit. Like, while i’m fucking running, watching a soccer game listening to some gangster rap, i’m getting teary eyed. What I am thinking is that a lot of the extra testosterone my body is making, from the training, is turning into estrogen. And I can feel the effect of the extra T, for a while, at least. Somethings fucked up.

Here is my blood test from last summer. I am 20 years old, almost 21. I ALWAYS train high intensity. Last summer I was lifting weights/boxing/basketball 3-4 times a week, at the time of this blood test. Maybe even soccer training started, I dunno. Maybe the same estrogen conversion shit was going on last year. But this year I have been working out like crazy on a new levels, and so the conversion is happening even more noticeably. But here are the results:

Estradiol: 23.5 pg/ml

DHEA: 7.5 ng/mL
Estrone by TMS: 26.4 pg/mL
Total Estrogens: 49.9 pg/mL

The ranges were for 18yrs old males:
Estrone: 9-36 pg/ml
Estradiol: 10-42 pg/ml
Total Estrogens: 19-69 pg/ml

Free Test: 122 pg/mL (range: 47-244)
Test: 571 (400-1080)

Thanks for the advice man.

Hey, anytime bro I would and will love to help.

First things first. Don’t do the androgel. Not only does it SUCK, but it will just hurt you.

Second thing, If your estradiol was any lower ( Estrone and “total estrogens” do not matter unless they are RIDICULOUSLY higher than the range,) You would probably have problems. AKA; joint pain, lack of muscle gains, lowered libido etc. Estradiol is very important in the right amount. I shit you not when I say mine is around 100 on the same scale and I feel GOOD, besides high blood pressure.

The last and most important thing. Good God man stop doing so much. The problem is your total and free test are pretty weak IMHO for someone your age. That is like 35-40 year old man levels. You are totally overtraining. The gym cannot be done with “high intensity” every time if we are talking about the same high intensity.

Drop sets, Giant sets, volume training, going heavy for more than 1-2 sets PER PART, will all lead to over training. Those were only invented to shock muscles when they stopped responding to regular training. I would also cut down on the cardio. Read the training article I wrote on this forum, search my name.

I think some tongkat ali in the proper dose would be a great thing for you. Try that and see how you feel, then get rechecked. If you don’t feel better, PM me and I will do my best to help.

Okay BPFSL is up to 8.75 with a hard pull.

Besides that no change.

But every time I get a BPFSL increase, my erection length goes up too, few weeks later.

I am hanging straight out, slightly up, I am raising the angle tonight when I drill a new hole. I am trying to jelq a lot as well, to try and build up my Smooth Muscle, and also pump blood into my stretched out tissues.

Did variations of stretching for a short time, and jelqing today. I did 2 pumping sets, pretty low pressure.

This is my second day off, I am pretty sick. Had it for four days now. Last night my erection went right past the 8” mark BP from the top. Definitely a small gain I believe, and my erection was not 100% but it was good.

That’s great hope it is a gain for you man, the flu is going around here in aus as well.

(Started 15/1/09) BPEL 6 1/4 inches, Girth base bit over 4 1/4, inches Girth mid 4 inches

(Update Now) BPEL 7 1/8 inches, Girth base 5 3/8 inches, Girth mid 4 7/8 inches

Great log ironaddict.

I think I remember reading you use the red sleeves for the vac hanger, Could you tell me if there a big difference between the blue and the red? I’m hanging 11lbs no problem at the moment and have tryed 15lbs with no problem too, but I’m just curious about the red sleeves.

Also how do you wrap for it, I find using micro pore tape then wrapping in bandage/fabric tape on the head and shaft is working a treat. No blisters and my head comes out like it went in.

Thanks to both of you. It is definitely a small gain. I used to have to bend my dick straight to hit 8, and it happened without me bending it this time.

The red’s have held up to around 25 lbs for me I believe, minus a few maybe. They are definitely better for me. I tape similar to you, it works well!


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