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Ironaddict69's Log

Well I figured out what the “69” in my user name will be. 9 BPEL and 6” head girth. There we go!

Took basically 2 full days off, I am doing 2 pumping sets today of 25 minutes. I need more lube. Tomorrow I will hang some.

Well I hooked up with a new girl last night. She had before hand told me one of her exes was large so I was glad, and not expecting any problems. Wrong. She was in complete shock by my dick and I was probably around 30-40%. It was definitely an interesting experience! I said to her: “I thought you were used to bigger ones?” And she said: “I thought I was too.”

Haha anyway I am looking forward to the next run.

Been hanging a lot, usually 1 hour sets (WITH THE VAC HANGER!). I am doing a 20 minute set right now before the gym. I usually total around 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day now. Pumping and jelqing was easy convenient and fun, but I lost the 8.25” and went back down to 8 and realized this is not gonna happen.

Hung for three hours yesterday, already done an hour and a half today, I plan to total around 2 1/2 hours. I would do more but I plan on getting sucked on later.

I have been doing BTC a little, my lot is still 8 o clock so I figured if I keep nailing that I might squeeze out another .25” But I am mainly focusing on hanging over a pipe as a fulcrum, with a thin heating pad between my dick and the pipe wow it really hits it hard!

How many times a a week do you ejaculate? I go every night and really am wondering if I should hold off more.

Do you ever lose grip when you manual stretch? Is it from pulling too hard or do you think I need gloves with powder. Just started the newbie routine, pretty pumped, just need a hint of some gains for full confidence in PE.

I don’t keep count but when I am with a girl, as much as possible.

Pauly I like you alot, but like I said, I don’t have a problem with you asking decent questions but I would prefer you did not flood my log with random questions like that which you could find with searching.

Didn’t do any PE for about 3 or 4 days. Today I did probably 50 jelqs and pumped for 20 minutes. I am going to stick to the TCG theory mainly and do just a little fulcrum hanging.

In another thread you write:

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
+1 for the loaded tunica being like Kevlar. I think the best exercises are done while limp.

What kind of erection level are you using for jelqs and pumping now a days?

I gotta tell you those last pictures you put up DEPRESSED THE HELL OUT OF ME for two days! I am so happy for you, you have done such amazing work. :jumpblue:

I am over my depression now :jumpred: I do believe I can accomplish some more good stuff.

Well for a while I was pumping hard, but I don’t think I believe in it.

I am buying a new pump that is tapered, so it will fit me much better and pull my penis length ways much faster.
Jelqs.I need to do those tomorrow today is a day off. Usually like 30-50%

Haha Kool don’t be depressed. My girth keeps magnum XL’s from being able to even fit half of my dick, making safe sex very NOT FUN,
(And probably not that safe?) Keep in mind your RIGHT behind me in length.

I am starting to accept that I may not gain much more. Hanging is too time consuming and it doesn’t seem to work well for me. I will probably just focus on girth work, and maybe I will get some! It’s all in God’s plan anyway, and the girls always orgasm from my girth alone usually very many times. So in reality, is it that big of a deal?

30 to 50% on the jelqs — that’s good to know.

The Lifestyles XL is supposed to be wider than the Magnums. Check those out, maybe they will work out better. It is supposed to be 15% wider.

As to length, how long does it really need to be? Just from reading thunders it seems like you are in a great place. I believe we can pretty much utilize near bone pressed length during sex, I bet you have gotten complaints about going to deep. But I still bet you will gain some more, just from the jelqing and pumping.

From what I have read the first two inches of the vagina have the most nerve endings and that is where the girth does its magic.

Hey wait a second I googled “Widest Condom” and found this brand in a Thunder’s thread:

Outgrowing Magnum XL


How is it that no matter what the topic, you ALWAYS help? Props.

By the way, I am selling a lot of PE gear soon. I’ll give you one guess as to who gets the 2.5” Pump (for free) I totally forgot until now =(

I will be selling my 2.25” pump, my 2” pump, and my Penismaster extender. I think that’s it for now.

Been clamping and pumping. I need to do more jelqs. I am thinking those 3 alternated (jelqs no matter what) will be the ticket for the time being. Wow is my PE practice Schizophrenic or what!


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