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Ironaddict69's Log

Ironaddict69's Log

Well I figured now would be a better time than ever to finally start this, being as I have the flu and nothing to do! (Nice rhyme, I know)

I realized that the best way for me to figure out what is working, or what isn’t is by keeping a log on here, and putting pictures up from time to time.

I will go over a few health aspects, my PE history and stats:

1.) I am 19, very into bodybuilding, and power lifting. I am in very good shape however I still have a 1” fat pad, and I want to just pull it off me!
2.) I started PE sometime less than a full year ago, but for simplicity sake I suppose I should just choose a 1 year anniversary in a few months.
3.) I originally had a 6x6, and I sported that since I was about 15.
4.) Now I am 7 1/2 BP, basically 6.75 NBP, and right below 7” for base girth, Mid-shaft I am 6.5, and My head is 5.5

I did the newbie routine, and gained about 1/2 in each direction, gains have been very hard ever since. As you could have most likely guessed by now, I really only want to focus on length, my girth is more than enough. However my penis does not want to lengthen, this is my main goal, and anyone wanting to chime in, it would be GREATLY appreciated, we need to help each other out!

For PE, I hang, pump, and basically throw some jelqs in here and there.
I have been pumping for about 3 months, hanging for less than 1 month, and I haven’t gained much from either, except a 1/2 BPFSL increase.

I use Monkeybars vac hanger, and I liked it, until I got water blisters from it. That pissed me off, I am out of commission now. I would have gotten a BIB, but I wanted to go with this however because the idea of hanging heavy weights, and cutting off blood flow to your penis, MUST result in a small degree to nerve/cell death. I see no way in denying that. I also take Cialis twice a week, and I believe that is interfering with me penis becoming limp enough to get a good stretch, it always feels like too much blood is in it. This is problematic for me. I do like how my penis looks after hanging, one day even my girl noticed that I had to have pulled some more of my penis out after my hanging sets, as it looked longer.

I use a Lapdist 2.25x10 pump, However I should have gotten a 2” to go into 50% and literally pack the whole thing. I really do not want girth expansion.

I am thinking about ways to counter-act the blisters, but I might just build a captains wench or whatever it’s called. Any opinions!?

My goal: an 8 inch erection, NBP. I already can hit.something in my girls vagina, it feels kind of rigid and protruding, and it makes her jump but if she relaxes and grinds my head against it, she cums so quick, never an issue with her anyway, our record is 12 times for her before I had one.

My routine today: Light stretching, and jelqs throughout the day and in the shower, it feels sore so I am going to take tomorrow off as well. When I kept pumping it seemed as if the water blisters just were at a standstill and not healing.

Those are some great gains man. I definitely get some decent discoloration and I also experience a bit of numbness throughout most of my hanging sets, which is worrying. I’ve been on the fence as well, wondering if I should have gotten the vac-extender, so don’t worry too much about it. Once today, in one of my sets my dick got really dark so I had to stop a little soon. I Probably just need to work out my hanging technique. Anyways good luck and heal quickly.

Yeah thats exactly what I’m talking about, so it looks like no matter what technique I use none are perfect. Getting wrapping down pat looked like the main reason I wanted to avoid a hanger than needed a wrap, and the redi-stretcher was just awful.

Actually a one inch fat pad is quite normal. Trick up your cardio a bit say 30 minutes a day brisk walking or something fun.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Kingpole your so right, but cardio for me right now as a power lifter is a nono!

Originally Posted by ironaddict69

Yeah thats exactly what I’m talking about, so it looks like no matter what technique I use none are perfect. Getting wrapping down pat looked like the main reason I wanted to avoid a hanger than needed a wrap, and the redi-stretcher was just awful.

It’s not just the wrap, I have pretty loose skin so I find it really hard to get it just right. Speaking of hanging, when do you thing you’ll start up again? Tissue paper method didn’t work?

I’m looking at exercising more to get fit so I can get gains better

Lol, I wish the tissue paper worked, perhaps if I double layer, but then you don’t get as much head expansion. I have heard of people using tape, I will try that. I suppose tissue did keep them from getting worse, but the tissue got really wet I discovered once I took it off. Getting the vac hanger off is a pain in the dick! It literally cannot be done comfortably.

Anyone have anything to chirp in about “COOL DOWNS” instead of a warm down?

Bigman, getting fit will not bring gains any quicker, however some NBP gains will appear as fat goes down.

Decided to pump today even though the water blisters are scabbing.

First set 15 mine 2.50” pump.
2nd set 15 minutes 2.25”
3rd and forth set 15 minutes 2.25”

Debating about getting a 2” pump that I have to enter at 50% just for length and use that one for every set.

Edit to above post. Last set I did 35 minutes at 3 hg just to get a thick and long hang.

My BPFSL was 1/2 shorter a few hours after completing my pumping. I am wondering if this pumping thing is counter-active to length unless your packed to the hilt in the cylinder.

How often do you measure it, and is it always pretty consistent?

Too much! And Yes I almost always hit 8 for the flaccid stretched.

Wallking won’t eat into your muscles like running or jogging does. It only burns fat. But, you can try this stay away fro the high fructose corn syrup. So that means sodas and Gatorade is a no no.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

You know what, you’re right. Good point. How about swimming?


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