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Ironaddict69's Log

Thanks dude. And 18 lbs is definitely not enough. I am going to the store to buy about ten more lbs of weight.

Gains have now stalled, I imagine I would need to keep up the insane work I was doing for gains to continue. So when I go to the store to get more skin tape (anti hanging blister tape) I will probably resume my 2-3 hour totals until I get .5” more.

Although I think I could possibly just up my weight again as it is now not enough.

Switched my angles to SD hanging again, using 20 lbs now, a 2 lb increase. Fatigue after only 2 sets. I really want to stretch out my septum so my future gains are easier, I also like the look of a slight downward hang, looks way longer. No gains as of yet obviously. I will probably continue to do fulcrum hangs as well.

After a month of this, if no gains, I will go to straight up.

I have a goal of 8.5” BPEL but I do not ever really plan on stopping. At my size now I have not had any problems except for one girl occasionally it would hurt her BADLY like I stabbed her or something… I will continue to force it to grow. Funny enough as it is, I always think to myself: “I wish I was a solid 9” NBP.” Here’s to hoping.

Thanks stud, I hope so. Whenever I move up in weight and really lock down, I get a FSL increase, and then it’s only a matter of time. Sure was easier on Wellbutrin though. I am going to get my neurotransmitters high without it however.

Feeling a pretty good stretch with the SD stretching.

I was reading today, and I read that some people really cannot gain more than an inch.Being as I have already done that and it has slowed down, I wander if I am reaching my limits.

On the other hand, Lig gains can max out.Tunica? Not so much IMHO.

Leave it to my favorite guy to help in the time of need. Good goin’ brother.

I was sick of using 22-24 lbs for my sets as it really kind of hurt.

I got to thinking of how I could make hanging more intense, to cut down in weight…So I came up with a good idea.

RSDT bundled fulcrum hanging! I twist my dick around 2 - 2 1/2 times and then dangle it over my rice sock with a heat pad over the rice sock. It feels pretty good, and I am only using 15.5 lbs.

Wow.So for the first time ever, I measured 8” BPEL.holy shit. I am happy.

Haha no, that would be when it is 8 NBP. I am nearly at 7.5 without pressing though.

But really looking at it, even though I know I will reach 8.5” BPEL, I don’t think I will ever quit.

Been doing SD bundled hanging and also bundles over a sock. Most sets are with 15.5 lbs then I cut down to 8, just to ride it out. Getting pretty sore during sets.really weird, not used to that.

Sets in the beginning are with the vac, however after my head is screaming “I’ve had enough” I use my bib.

It was really strange. I used a tape measure to measure last night, and without cheating at all, it went to almost 7.75.I was astounded. I wish there was a way to fix my curve, geez!


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