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Ironaddict69's Log

Wow pliable tunica, I have the same problem - my cock when it’s hard seems excessively rigid, it’s not like a porn stars which bends.

When it’s soft even it is rarely ‘pliable’ I figure this could be a good thing.

Rarely pliable when soft? Doesn’t sound to good there.

2005: 5.5 EL & 5.6 EG, FL: 4in > Now: 7.5 NBP & 6.1 MEG, 5.8 BG (Goal: MORE !)

Stumpy1's Progress Thread

Everytime I Visit Thunders, I Do 50 Kegels or More

Yeah it is kind of firm when it is soft, it’s due to a dopamine deficiency as whenever I get my levels up through medication, it totally loosens up.

I think I did some damage hanging too much with the bib in my earlier weeks, if my erections don’t get better, I am going to only do 1 set of SD hanging a day for a week probably, and some light jelqing to restore blood flow.

Well I am at a turning point. I was hanging nonstop but gains pretty much stopped and frankly I am sick of being inside and putting in so much time.

I was reading the focus your PE and gain theory, and my BPEL and BPFSL is always .5” or a little more apart. So my weak point is my smooth muscle, which would also explain the lack of success with recent hanging and basically is saying I should do girth work like clamping and uli’s. Never done a Uli before! I will see if this helps.

As I have a girlfriend now, I need my erections back, they have become really bad, and she deserves my dick to be 100% hard. Hell if I get back to a 9 on the EQ scale, I will be 8” anyway. That’s enough for me right now.

There have been great results with the TCG theory, seems like everyone he knew that tried it busted their plateau.

**But here is the problem. I read that a tough, kind of shrivelled up flaccid is a sign of over training. Perhaps I should take a week off and see what happens? I suppose the smartest thing to do would be to take a week off (just use my autoxsleeve) and then start the girth (it should equate to length) work… Who knows, I wish I had a scientist who knew. Perhaps I will try this smooth muscle work for a few days and see if it loosens up, if not, it is necessary for time off. A week might not even be enough… Ugh I miss simplicity!

So after about 3 days off, today I did one SD/BTC hanging set at 16 lbs for 20 minutes, just to keep the ligs slacked and prevent tightening of them. I then did a pump set of definitely less than 5 HG, I only use enough to get a seal strong enough to hold once I let go of my cylinder, and wow I was longer. I think hanging then pumping after with some squeezes are exactly what I need to hit my smooth muscle…Although I told my dr about PE today and as excited as he was to try it, he said there is NO smooth muscle in the penis…Interesting.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
Although I told my dr about PE today and as excited as he was to try it

Wow that is interesting. I am seeing my urologist today and imagining how he would react if I told him about PE. I doubt he would say he is ready to try it!

Please tell us more about this conversation.

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Well this is the guy who taught me the 5/10/15 training method (although I ditched the 15) and he was asking if I knew anything for premature ejaculation, as he was asking me many questions about medications and what not so he could raise his test and nandrolone levels without getting gyno, and also without having to take so much of his Arimidex. I came to the conclusion he needed a dopamine agonist, and he was cumming fast because he was dieting down and cut out his carbs. Simple stuff it just took some pondering.

The hang for 30-45 min SD/BTC with 16 lbs then pumping 1 set is working well. My flaccid was pretty gnarly last night. I finally realized EQ is much more important than gaining size now. I need to be 100% for my girl after all!

I remember when I used to pump regularly I would even get erections in public situations.that needs to come back.

You think dopamine levels affect premature ejaculation? I thought it was serotonin levels. And did you ever end up going on accutane?!?!

I like pumping almost every day. I just never gained length from it. But I am getting really long in the tube if I hang before, literally 7.5” on the tubes measure using less pressure than I used to, it is so little pressure that if I take a few light steps with it, it falls off and I lose suction. I wouldn’t mind just gaining upper shaft girth to even it out, and getting rock hard erections again.

Accutane might start soon.

Can’t figure out when I should take days off. I suppose I will do 2 off a week now that I am pumping too. However I think hanging 1 set, then jelqing would be a better routine, maybe pumping twice a week.

Since I am getting such great expansion though I am wondering if pumping could increase my length now as I am packing my 2” tube practically 3/4 of the way… I cannot decide. EQ was not too great over the weekend with the girl, 2 successful hour+ sessions but I was not at my full size which is disappointing, looked about 1/2” short of full length.

I functioned fine, but switching positions one time she took like a god minute or two go get on me cause she was so tired, then teased my head instead of going in and that ALWAYS makes me go limp because my head is not sensitive anymore. I wonder what I could do to fix that. I just realized how bad that sounds.

Well the girlfriend randomly came out and said I was huge today, woo hoo! I called her a dork, then she said: “I know someone who has a dork (definition is a whales penis) You know what, that will be your new nickname.” She then said I really should not grow anymore, and blowjobs are already hard.

I plan on being with this girl, She is perfect for me. So I am going to do just pumping and jelqing now, just to hang low and have good thick erections, while holding my size. I will do it 4 days a week, I am so excited for all the extra time I will have now. I bet I will gain doing less anyway.

You need to sleep with some girls you slept with before PE just to hear the difference :)

I just read Girtha’s old story about the girl from when he was young, I was actually cheering at home for him.


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