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Ironaddict69's Log

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Originally Posted by ironaddict69
I also need to slow down on jacking off, I got into a habit of everyday and I need to cap it to twice a week. I feel much livelier and aggressive (in a positive way) when I do that.

OH NO not THAT ;)

Give not ejaculating every time a try.

Personally I find it to still be a lot of fun and satisfying - but doesn’t make me “tired” afterwards. Relaxed and energized.

This is one of the good things I learned from PE. Of course I still try to ejaculate 2 - 3 times a week — it’s good for you!

Yeah good point bro. I do that sometimes but it’s hard to stop once I start.

Turns out I tested positive for chlamydia, and I kept doing PE despite the urinary tract pain. I finished a fulcrum hanging set and boom, blood.

I’m done for probably a few days till my flaccid returns (It was getting pretty mean) And by then the bacteria will also be gone.

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Try putting this in your signature line:

[Thread=98976]Ironaddict69’s Log[thread]

But put a / before the second word “thread” and after the [ symbol. If I would of put the / mark there, it would of showed a link. Let me know if that works. :)

Thank you very much.

Well the std is clearing up, and in probably a few days I will begin hanging and ads wear again. However I will cut down my time greatly. I was spending way too much attention geared at this and it only halted progress because it was too much.

Back on wellbutrin as well, and I am very excited for last time I was on this drug, I got much better erections, flaccid hangs, actually FELT fatigue, and made gains. Here, we, go.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Chlamydia, that’s not too bad - take your pills and be good and you be good as new.

Yeah, and I contracted it the day I got 2 lays! WTF!

Lol they gave me a fat shot in my cheek, and I have 1 day left of antibiotics. What a nightmare.

At the same time I am thanking God, Literally I did, that it was curable. I think he was just warning me.

I hope switching to Wellbutrin helps your fatigue like you’re hoping.

If not, have you considered using some of Bib’s techniques? In short - use enough weight to the point you become absolutely fatigued within 1 or 1.5 sets and then keep hanging with less and less weight? I’ve been working my way up to a weight that will do that and it seems to be helping.

Working on getting ABSURDLY thick - Latest picture - Late 2010

It let my penis relax and be able to be fatigued last time. I am just waiting till that happens again. I have tried that technique, problem is I cannot reach fatigue yet period.

What’s your current size? Or are you not posting that? I skimmed back to 5/08 and couldn’t see any measurements. Was curious how well your routine was working :)

7.6 BPEL, 7” base girth.

I figured out my septum, or top ligament, is a very good reason I am not gaining. It’s the only place I feel a taut stretch when I pull the sucker. I think I have found ways to eliminate this..

Here’s what I have gathered, and already tried and I am supporting it after one set, and about to do another:

Stretching, or in my case hanging with a fulcrum to form a v-stretch. I use a pvc pipe in the middle of my penis and I attach my hanger in a way that it pulls up (pulley hanging from an S hook off my desk.)

After doing that I was more elongated in my static stretcher which I now use after every set.

Also erect bends are supposedly good from other members who had this, and they gained lots of length from it. Obviously they bend against their upward curve and tight spot, so they bend it back, or down (away from you) depending on how you want to look at it.

Well I have been doing SD hanging, a lot of it, and blood came out into the cup somehow.I don’t know what that means or how it happened.

Hung for 4 sets SD today. 3 using the Vac at 15.5 lbs, and one using my bib with only 8 lbs, don’t about 15 minutes so far no problem. Only had to re-attach it once as it slid down a tad too far. I am going to try and use my bib for a while and see if it works better than the vac in terms of fatigue. I love my Vac but am sick of the head trouble with it. When using heavy weights like my dick needs, pressure in the cup is going to be great, no way around it.


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