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Ironaddict69's Log

No it literally returned to my pre-wellbutrin harder flaccid state. Eh oh well I’m upping the dose soon anyway.

First time ever hitting 7.75 BPEL. I’m in shock.

Been hanging all BTC and SD as bib instructed on his forum. I am using his hanger and the vac, I use the vac when I don’t feel like fucking with the settings, as it’s a guaranteed pull.

He also informed me this “firm flaccid” or rubbery feeling is from inner tunica expansion.Put my worries to rest.

Congrats Iron, .25 away from 8 inches. That’s got to feel good.

Thanks Random! I couldn’t believe it myself. I definitely won’t be satisfied until I reach 9 BPEL.

Haha thank you!! Finally. It took so long. And what do ya know, it was shortly after Wellbutrin kicked in, HMMM.

Originally Posted by ShyMplsMale
Good job, man! Keep up the good work!

Thanks stud.

So the conclusion I have came to is that I will use my vac-hanger (which I can use heavy poundage with now because I medical tape my entire head)
When I have a lot of time as I feel it better, it’s a no brainer.

And I will use the bib when I only have time for about 15-25 minutes of hanging. I feel they will compliment each other, as the bib is proven to pull the dick out, and the vac really seems to stretch the shit out of my tunica, and ligs also.

8.25 BPFSL and 7.75 BPEL now seem to be cemented as they are still coming up, I measured 3 times for each. Funny thing is my erection wasn’t 100% and it was still 7.75.I’m excited.

8” will be a huge milestone for me, maybe I’ll throw a party. When everyone starts to ask questions, Ill just tell them eight. I am losing weight from the Wellbutrin, and my fat pad I think should be shrinking too. So this should happen sooner rather than later. I’m shooting for a month, and I’m going to be aggressive.

Hung for 2 sets with the bib, and one with my vac (long set)

So how is this wellbutrin? I read about it and it seems great, except the whole raised heartbeat and blood pressure. Isn’t that a pain when it comes to working out?? For me it is. I can’t do jack shit when I pop an adderall. Actually, some of the side effectts seemed pretty scary from Wellbutrin. What you think?

Yeah the blood pressure thing def. Makes erections harder to get and keep. I have a pretty strong heartbeat too. My bromocriptine (dopamine agonist) kind of lowers it though.. I actually am stronger on wellbutrin as I had no energy before, But I definitely do not feel as much as a kick from it as last time, I do not know why.

Hung 2 20 minute sets SD/BTC today

1st at 18 lbs, 2nd at 15.5

3rd set rice sock hanging with vac. I decided I will do tunica work along with lig work.why not.

Been riding fatigue for about 5 days now. I cannot imagine the gains if I do this for the rest of this year.

It’s a funny thing, I was staying at 18.5 lbs for a long time, finally had to drop to 15, then 11.5. Then the next set 11.5 will feel like nothing, no ache, so I go back up to 15 and it’s good again!

I cannot help but wonder if the LOT theory is really accurate. I’ve read so many articles about people saying there is only about an inch of length in the ligs, and the rest is tunica potential (wad’s post.) I am debating about going to all tunica angles because that is always guaranteed to work. I will continue with SD and BTC and re-assess in 2-3 weeks and see if BPFSL has changed.

I have noticed a lot of positive changes in flaccid, it is like I am more of a shower now. It’s usually around 5.5 and pretty thick. Just a bummer when I see that and it only grows so much!

If anyone has any opinions, please help I am a little in the dark.

Doesn’t sound to dark to me. Great progress!

How much can you hang with the vac? I haven’t tried more than 12.5.
Have you tried the tape on the glans yet?

July 2007-BPEL 7.0 MidEG 6.0

Current BPEL 8.5 MidEG 6.3 Goal 8 NBPEL / 6.5 EG. Progress Pictures Progress Report My ADS

Yes I tape my glans every time with your technique, I really owe you for that sound advice. I have gone up to 18 lbs and the vacuum held fine, and my sleeves are even a little loose I’ll be needing new ones in probably 1-2 months.


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