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Ironaddict69's Log

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
It’s a funny thing, I was staying at 18.5 lbs for a long time, finally had to drop to 15, then 11.5. Then the next set 11.5 will feel like nothing, no ache, so I go back up to 15 and it’s good again!

Hmmm… in a way it sounds like periodization ;)

Yeah maybe I was just being a pussy about the pain. But damn are my lig’s crying.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
I cannot help but wonder if the LOT theory is really accurate. I’ve read so many articles about people saying there is only about an inch of length in the ligs, and the rest is tunica potential (wad’s post.) I am debating about going to all tunica angles because that is always guaranteed to work. I will continue with SD and BTC and re-assess in 2-3 weeks and see if BPFSL has changed.

If you believe LOT or not, remember, your internal structures are getting hit at all angles.

Working on getting ABSURDLY thick - Latest picture - Late 2010

Thank you M7, I will remember that. However I am following yours and Bib’s advice on doing BTC. Doing 18 lbs right now, moving up to 19 next set.


What vacuum ads are you using? Can you point to the thread where you learned how to tape the glans properly for vacuum hanging as well please?

Now, congratulations on your gains! I’m not sure how Wellbutrin could be helping this, but who gives a fuck if it’s working. I think you are being silly about wanting to switch to a strictly tunica based angle. Firstly, you are gaining. Secondly, by the sound of how heavy your flaccid is hanging you are also fatiguing your outer tunica to some degree as well. So you are getting potential from lig stretch (which you have based on your LOT) as well as outer tunica growth/stretch. What the hell are you even thinking about switching right now? Good luck.

Here is the post that first taught me about taping:

Originally Posted by awstev
Hi RandomGiant, thanks for your interesting log.

This happened to me too, especially on the tip as sometimes the constriction sleeve would slip down a bit. I was always worried that it would turn into a blister. A couple of times I was sure I was going to have a blister just where the urethra meets the glans. Like you, it went away in a couple of hours, but I was always on guard for blisters.

About a month ago I started covering my glans, especially the tip, with paper tape. The stuff I am using is Johnson & Johnson First Aid Non-Irritating Paper Tape:…=1&id=prod16177…nt_168581107332

Once I put the tape on, I then put the constriction sleeve on. Since doing this, I have had no problems hanging 5lb for hours a day. My glans have felt and looked very healthy. The tape is strong, but only just sticks to the skin. It seems like it gives my glans skin extra strength to resist the vacuum pressure.

The nice thing is the tape is easy to get off. I just soak my taped glans in hot water for a minute, and the tape comes off with no pain.

Using a combination of tape and constriction sleeve is working very well for me.

I put two pieces over my glans layering them into a “+” shape.

Thanks Random!

Do you use the vac-hanger from

I do the plus shape as well with the tape. Where did I indicate that my flaccid was hanging heavy?


In post #253 you talked about some really positive flaccid changes, actually mentioning you had become a bit of a shower and lack of erect growth. Take a look…

Yeah it just faded. This chlamydia infection seems to retract it and make it non stretchy. Getting it fixed AGAIN today. The doctor told my girlfriend she was clear, then three weeks later said she was still infected.what a quack.

I put the ruler away and will not be using it until Dec. 20’th as that would be about a full month without measuring. It looked bigger last night though. I had to reality check myself as I was looking down and my flaccid looked just OK, nothing special, then I looked in the mirror. Making progress.

All Sd and BTC hanging, the angle is slightly both. I lean back but my feet are on the floor. I feel it best this way.

I get a STRONG pull when I do SO, but I will not do that until all my lig gains are gone. Hovering between 15 lbs and 19.

Wow so get this. Been hanging a lot today.

2 sets with bib at 16 lbs (ouch had to cut last one short, 25, 10 min)

2 sets with Vac hanger, same weight (30 min to hour sets)

1 set with wench at 8 lbs, gives a lot of head pressure buildup.

My ligs are so strong that I hang 8 lbs from the vac and literally feel nothing. I could do that all day if it wouldn’t swing and kill my shins. Can barely feel the 16 lbs now, it’s just a light fatigue.gotta be some way to fix this.

The easy answer would be to use more weight. Do you have attachment point discomfort with the Bib?

Working on getting ABSURDLY thick - Latest picture - Late 2010


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