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Vacuum Pumping 101


Please do… I love reading about how people gained girth! I want 7” and any information that you have will be helpful for everyone.

So don’t hesitate and share you routines! I believe that a more frequent workout schedule will promote better gains with less stress.


Fellow pumpers,

I’ve ordered the deluxe pump from Hopefully I will have some things to contribute to this thread soon. I’m sure I’ll be back asking questions.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

bigmac8; That’s a phenominal girth gain. And a number of us here are holding out for more girth so if you have any clues, let them fly. I think you could probably keep your pumped only gains with a far less rigid schedule of pumping than every day. Maybe 4 - 5 times a month, well-pumped, would do it.

goingdeep; Ask anything. We’ll be happy to share whatever we know. I think you’ll like the La Pump; almost a no-brainer, once you get the “feel” of it.




thanks. I’m going to head over to the pumper’s forum and read everything there before I come back with any questions. Don’t want to ask anything that’s already been answered. However, I’m sure I’ll be back with something, especially for you and Modemmer. Again, thanks and I can’t wait to get started. I’m really hoping I’ll see some girth gains from pumping because I can’t seem to get girth with anything else.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"


ok modemmer
Here are some of the routines.

I fill the 9x2 cylinder with hot water, place my penis in and gradually draw it into the cylinder, being careful not to allow air into the cylinder.

I pull ever so gently on the pump handle expelling a small quantity of water until my penis starts to feel the pull. Stop wait awhile, gently expel more water drawing penis fuller and longer. Keep this up until I reach comfortable length and girth.

I then pull the cylinder to the left and do 25-50 PC, move to right do 25-50 PC. move to center pulling up on cylinder and do 25-50 PC.

When I feel the water has cooled down, I will remove the cylinder and do manual jelq with stretching, 3-5 min, then power jelqing and power stretching for 3-5 min.

I then refill with hot water and repeat the above until ????

Again time limits for me are ball park figures. I let my body and penis tell me when it is enough.

After this routine I replace the hot water in the cylinder and pull until slightly uncomfortable. Let set for 10 min. adjust according to discomfort in the tube.

At this point I remove the cylinder and place a cock ring around the penis shaft only, I then replace the cylinder with hot water and repeat the above until I am at a comfortable size, set for 3 min and then remove the cylinder, leaving the cock ring in place for 30 min, or until it becomes uncomfortable. This ring does not stop all circulation.

During all this I use vaseline as the lube, it holds up with all that water better. Before the power jelq I remove the lube with soap and water.

I then remove the cock strap and manually dry jelq, using only the skin for lube. I am cut, but the pumping over the years has increased my skin considerably. So it is available.

When ever I can I will do 50-100 PC. At every trip to the bathroom, dry jelq and stretches for a few minutes. Just when ever.

I joined the PC program, because with only the pump, my penis was not growing in length, only girth and a donut ring at the head, this to me is a no no.

I am convinced that pumping and PEing is a good thing for good results.
However, for those who have never used a pump before it can cause a lot of permanent damage to a penis if you do not know what you are doing,, or if you do not have the right equipment and cylinder size. Always remember, more is not better in this game, only in growth.

During the day, as time permits, I will do just what ever of the above meets my fancy, always remembering quality and not quantity is my goal.

Also, remembering why I am doing this in the first place helps me to continue, and not just say it is time to quit.

I have noticed that while using the water in the cylinder, the penis head takes on a squashed appearance. The head expands to the walls of the tube along with the shaft.

When I do just regular pumping (no water) the head expands to the same size as the penis shaft, yet maintains its pointed appearance. The squashed appearance does not stay, at least up to now.

When I do PC under vacuum and water, it seems to increase the PC strength quicker.

I am now learning to incorporate the hanging program to my needs, to add length to my penis. More on that later.

If there are specific questions, it would help me explain the system that I use a little better.

I am amazed at the results I have seen thus far.

what are the results?

Mr. Mac,

Would you care to share your results, if you don’t mind. Please summarize the time spent on a yearly,monthy, and weeky basis and the related gains both for length and girth. Are the gains permeant?

Thanks for sharing your basis routine.



Hey Zep

Do you want more info than I gave in my first post #60 of this forum?


PE/pumping routines


I was wondering if any of the routine info i posted was of any interest to you??



Sorry I missed that. Good posting thanks for the info.

Re: PE/pumping routines

Originally posted by bigmac8

I was wondering if any of the routine info i posted was of any interest to you??



Yes, of interest for sure. But my pump doesn’t allow for water use. :-(

You might get better head expansion without water. You tried that?




Yes… interesting! I too can’t pump in water, maybe I may buy a pump that is water friendly.




Pumping with water is something I have only been doing since I started PEing/pumping. I did some water pumping, in the past, but very little because of other constraints.

This time I have been consistent with this routine. The increases came gradually over a 3 weeks period.

That is why I made the comment about the squashed look of the head during this routine. It swells to the walls of the cylinder, which it has never done in the past without the water.

Actually, I have never had the head the same size as the shaft before, tapering and longer than ever as it is now.

From my side of this, the head is bigger than it has ever been. This seems to me to be one of the benefits of pumping with water and all the PCing. The other being increased girth and hardness.

Also the entire penis is more compact and rigid , the girth increase is stronger and harder than before. There is no sponginess to the shaft at all, as there was before when I was pumping only and without water.

I believe the water gives more Resistance to the PCs being done during the whole routine. This in turn gives more strength, which I use to force the blood into the head (expanding it) which I hold for as long as I can during the PCing. The warm water helps the expansion and movement of blood through the head and shaft as I contract the muscles and stretch the whole thing with the vacuum in side of the cylinder.

The increases in length and girth (since I began PE/Pumping with water), I believe have mainly come from the hot water pumping and the PCs. The squeezes and jelking keeps the donut away by moving the fluids, they also help in length because the jelking is more like power stretches than true jelking.

When I remove the penis from the cylinder and add the cock ring, I then pump up without the water. When I remove the cylinder, the penis and head increase a little in size (girth), with a more rock hard feeling.

My cylinders have a permanent ruler on the outside of the tube. I can watch the length as it grow through out the whole routine. I notice with the water and the squashed head, the length shortens up just under 0.25 inches. This occurs minutes after the cylinder with the hot water is applied.

When I pump up without the water and use a cock ring, I notice the length returns. I then increase the vacuum just a little and watch a slight increase in length appear. I hold this increase only for a few min.

When I changed from a 1.75 dia cylinder to a 2.0 dia tube during this process, the girth increased almost immediately, and became permanent in a few days.

Well a lot of ta do about whatever.

What I can say is that my growth is now permanent, and the hanging flaccid penis now looks like a man is attached to the other end, which has not been the case in the past. This has been one of my other goals.

When I take it out I can feel a handful. What a wonderful feeling. When I lay in bed and stretch it, I can put two hands end to end and still see some of the head.

When it is called to duty it response like it should.

When I choose to let things alone for several days, there is still a man attached to the other end, and there is still a handful of pure cock to deal with.

My thoughts, what more can I ask for, just some more length? I really do not need it. I just want to see if it will continue. Maybe, I will go into a maintenance mode soon.

Well, thanks for listening (just sounding off), hope you have not been to bored.

I feel like I have meet some reasonable goals through all this, and it is sure a great feeling.


Please help I just started pumping two days a go By Avocet recommendations on this post. When I place my weapon in the tube I go in with a rock hard erection but when the section is over and I release the pressure my weapon becomes very soft in a flaccid mode. It looks fat but flaccid. Is this normal on Pumping? Or it supposed to come out of the pump with a full erection? Thanks in advance Ten By Seven

Ten by Seven;

Not to worry. Perfectly normal to come out fat but not hard, even though you went in hard. Sometimes you’ll come out hard or very nearly, and other times you won’t. It’s what happens under vacuum that counts.



Thanks Avocet 8 I was a little worry there. Ten By Seven


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