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Vacuum Pumping 101

found something

Thank’s Guiri .. I’ve tried to keep away from sex shops as the ones they sell look like they come out of a cracker (:

But, I did find a website that seems to have what I’m after at (apologies if I’m not supposed to put addresses in posts) I’ve used them before and they’re ok!

They sell a vacumm pump and a hanger in one for about 145 pounds…. now, does anyone have any experience with them?

chin chin

Re: found something

Originally Posted by nearlyman
Thank’s Guiri .. I’ve tried to keep away from sex shops as the ones they sell look like they come out of a cracker (:

But, I did find a website that seems to have what I’m after at (apologies if I’m not supposed to put addresses in posts) I’ve used them before and they’re ok!


Here in the US, very large pharmacies often carry them. You and Guiri might try exploring that avenue.

Also, here they are often “prescribed” by urologists and general practitioners, not for PE but for the improvement of the penile vascular system. Perhaps call a couple of doctors and see if you can get leads that way.



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Another good idea. I’m just beginning to toy with the idea of pumping. At first I will have to experience alone, as my wife is a little conservative as far as certain things go (ie sex toys, porn etc) Doesn’t help the marriage but thats another story.

After seeing some photos of pumped up balls on the net, I’m a little wary, but I had the same aversion to hanging at the beginning, and now look at me!

I’m looking at buying a punp come summer, as I’ll be ‘freer’ to experiment.

Actually, the whole idea is rather ‘exciting’ ;)



Ball pumping is a whole other game.

It’s a little unfortunate that so many of the pumping and pumping supply sites feature galleries that promote the “over-done” aspects of pumping dicks or balls or both. The results are often pretty gross (though not to the person supplying the photo, or to those who want that) and this discourages guys who don’t want distortion from trying pumping for PE.

If you have some privacy, you’ll probably enjoy it. Most pumpers do.



Massive pumpers

Not only was it a little off putting (for my tastes) , I ask myself what dangers exist in pumping to such extremes? It does not seem very wise, in my opinion.




Did you bump that one for an answer? Fine, if so.

I may be ultra-conservative about my own cock’s appearance. I’ve never wanted any kind of distortion, just more of the same. But there must be some kind of an audience for units that look like they are still healing from having run up against a meat grinder - either for men or women partners - else, why would guys want that?

PS, for newbies: That doesn’t have to happen.




I bought a pump From L.A. Pump and it has worked flawlessly for the 2- months I have had it. I am up to 30 minutes a day with it at 6 sets of 5 minutes at 5-6 Hg. The pump I get last till the next day and I’m starting to get to the point of filling the cylinder. I will have to buy a new cylinder here in about 1 month I predict!

As for the look of my penis, well it just great! The veins are starting to pop every where and since I purchased the right size cylinder the shape of it is uniform and there is no distortion what so ever.

And the blood flow is increased, I wake up with a nocturnal woody almost every morning now where I was not having them before. I’m 45 and age is starting to show its ugly face here, so I’m going to fight back as best I can.

I have to say that I can’t believe that with long term pumping that you will not have permanent gains! When I’m at my last couple of sets I can feel my tunic being starched more so than with just jelqing! Also I have been hanging with the bib hanger and I sometimes get some lig pops inside of the cylinder, so there is lig stretching going on also!


What kind of permanent gains have you seen?

I have no way of saying that yet. I believe in order to have permanent gains you must have prolog exposure to that stress level. I will be able to say better in about 4 months.

As for the gains I have now… well I started pumping at about 8” length and 6” girth, I’m now at 8 3/4” length and about 6 1/2” in girth.

I have been using the bib hanger also, but I have been getting some nice lig pops inside the cylinder. The bib may have help with the length increase, but my girth is coming from the pump.

Put it this way…. 2 months ago I could put my hands around my penis when erect and the tips of my thumb and forefinger would just touch. Now after 2 months and I do the same, this is before my daily pump session, and there is a gap of about 1/2”.


Keep me informed I want to incorporate Power Jelqing with Bib Hanging With Penis Pumping With Penis Pills with Stretching with Rest

Lig Pops

Hi Moddemmer !

Soory to be so ignorant, but……………….

What exactly are “lig pops” (in the tube), and how do I recognize them when/if I get them ?

I’m assuming I have to be at pumping a lot longer than my couple of weeks or so (?), but I’m wondering if I’m using too little pressure on the vacuum ? (My Vac gauge does not seem to be very accurate, and it’s calibrated in “bars”. I ought to know how to covert, but alas - I did my engineering too long ago, when it was good ol PSI (pounds per square inch) !!!
I guess this is the f**ck**g “common” - “European Market” nonsense again !
I don’t know what 3 inches of Hg is when written in “bars” !!! So help me !

Best Wishes,
Modest (UK Geo).


I don’t get them any more. I was getting them because I was hanging with the bib. The bib would make them so fatigued that when I get that good stretch in the tube I would get a couple of pops. The pops are just from the ligs being starched to the point of failure or should I say micro tears.



I mean “stretched” not starched in the last post… but that would make for a hard woody!


I think there may be something a lot of us overlook when thinking about gauges. 5 PSI (pounds square inch) is a pressure reading while 5 ” Hg (inches of mercury) is a vacuum reading. Two completely opposite readings. We’re definitely looking for a vacuum reading here. I wouldnt think the gauges are interchangeable, but I’m not sure. I could be very wrong about all this, someone correct me if I am. Sorry Modest but I have no idea what 3” Hg would be in bars..


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