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Vacuum Pumping 101

Great Post,very wise opinions


Pumping 101

avocet8, your post was awesome. I had not read it before but it sums up the whole procedure. I agree with you that too often the size tube it not right. And, I learned the hard way, not to exceed the 4 pounds. All new pumpers and some old ones need to follow the advice you gave. I find that if I lube my penis with a half vasilene and half lotion of some type that is a good lube for me and helps keep the seal. Iowa

Guys, I read with interest what bigmac8 talks about water pumping.

I totally agree that PE also has to take a part with the pumping exercises.

If you read my post, after jelquing 100 or more in the pump, I take out the penis and lubricate the fella with Sorbelene with vitaminE and do 100 stick


I also spoke to a sales person who works in a sex shop, having told him that I also hang, he maintains it not necessary.

His simple method is here:-

He uses a 2 1/2” tube and San Francisco pump. Pumps to a comfortable level and then sits in a hot bath tub for 20 minutes making sure that the pump is submerged in the water. Only for 5 days and within a year has gained an inch.


so you don’t believe that pumping can give any permanent gains? Kaplan claims that it does, but of course he SELLS pumps.

Big Mac 8 - you said your gains were not permanent if you stopped your pumping. Did you retain any gains or lost them all?

Originally posted by wadzilla
so you don't believe that pumping can give any permanent gains? Kaplan claims that it does, but of course he SELLS pumps.

I think I said you have to keep tweaking to keep them.

What I said in various posts was 1) I haven’t ever lost mine, 2) for insurance against possible loss, I continue a modified pumping/manual exercise routine, and 3) since I’ve kept my gains, they are “permanent” as far as I am concerned, even if I do some tweaking for insurance reasons.


wadzilla, gimme a clue:

What is this kick some members are currently on about questioning “permanent” gains from pumping?

Are jelking gains “permanent?” Are hanging gains “permanent?” Are DLD Bend gains “permanent?” Etc, etc, etc.

Do me a favor, doubters: Pump if you want to. Hang if you want to. Do manual exercises. Turn you dick into a pretzel if you want to in order to get your goal.

Over here, I’ll just be calmly and happily pumping some, and jelking some, and doing a few ulis and enjoying the rewards of my time and work when I have sex - because I am where I wanted to get.

You all can debate among yourselves about permanence. I’m over and out on that subject.



Sorry for changing the subject, but I just read somewhere in this thread about jelqing while pumped in the tube. I might have read it wrong, but if not how is this possible, I thought the only way you can jelq is with hands or some type of device to grip around member and push blood forward.

I figured it was alright to ask on this thread, considering it is Pumping 101.



Some guys use the cylinder as the “up and down” mechanism. Build up the pressure to your comfortable level then lift the cylinder an inch or so, then drop it back. I think this is what you are getting at. Sort of like jerking off in the tube, but not so fun. It may add some lig stretch.



Got a question about packing the pump. I have been doing this for a while, and the only part that packs is the head to about half way back. My question is, will the back half eventually learn to pack the pump as well or will I be stuck with just the front end? First post too btw.

It should, over time.

A lot of us have the opposite experience - base packing first, that packing gradually moving up the tube.

Welcome to the forum!



hobgoblin 92120

I took me about six months to pack a 2 1/2” tube from the head to base.

Picking the right cylinder?


Sorry if this is of topic, but some of you veteranpumpers maybe can help me with the following questions?

I dont have a round “lookalike penis”, but like an retangular looking penis. The diameter of it is about 2 inches at the base, but smaller forward to the head. The girth at the base is 6 inches, but is also smaller forward to the head as you can understand.

My length is at about 7 inches.
First of all i would like to pump for length, should i then choose a cylinder that has i diameter of 2 inches and about 10 inches long? Because when you want length, one should first pack the tube girthwise, right?

I plan to buy another cylinder for girth too, should i then maybe pick one that has a diameter of lets say 2 1/2,4,5????

If someone could help me with this i would be really thankful!
I plan to order today, and i would not like too wast 60$ on useless cylinder.

Oupps - some misstakes in the text!

I hope you understand what i ment with retangular, or you maybe say rectangular.


Hey. We have “tree trunks” here. We have “baseball bats” here. We’ve got “cylinder” shaped dicks here. Why not triangular?

You probably have a clear choice between a 2.00” cylinder and a 2.25” one.

I’m thinking you should start with a 2.00 and plan on later buying the next size up, or both at the same time if you can get a deal. You will begin to pack the 2.00” rather quickly, from the bottom up. As you gain girth, you can then change your routine. Start with the 2.00 and pump awhile, then move to the 2.25 and try to pack that one.

To all of you - newbies should always buy 10” cylinders at least. Give yourself some length room. They don’t cost any more than 8” cylinders from most manufacturers.



Thanks for all your help Avocet8!

I have ordered from LAPump and everything(4days ago). But there is some things that concerns me - They havent responsed yet? When you buy something on the internet you always get an email that confirms my order, but they havent?

They have debit my card to. And when i try to email them on this email: , all i get is an retuned mail which says there some kind of an error in the mail???

Anyone knows what i should do?


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