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Vacuum Pumping 101

You can give them a call. The number is 310-289-7199. I ordered mine a week ago and it should be delivered today. Yes I did get an email confirmation.

Good luck.

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I believe that LAP was doing some system work on their website earlier in the week. Maybe your email was affected. I wasn’t able to get in their website early this week.

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Still have problems

Hi again!

I dont know why i cant receive emails from LApump? on this site it surely says why: . Im not the best man to understand this? can someone help me? Or does anyone know any other emailadresses to contact them besides:

Copied from the Lapump-site.
It has something to do with:
” A phone number also helps in case your order form is not complete, if you have blocked internet mail on AOL, or you submit your order with an invalid / non-deliverable email address. Your receipt is delivered automatically by email when you place your order. If you submit an order with an invalid email address you will not receive this. (AOL TIP - if you have blocked Internet mail on AOL - go to mail controls and enable mail from BEFORE you order so you can receive your emailed receipt and check status on your order.)”

What is AOL? What do they mean with, if i have blocked internet mail on AOL???
If anyone could help me with this i would be really thankful!

Thanks Thunder!

Thanks for the help Thunder, but im totally lost on the whole emailthing and how do i check if my spamfilter is blocking there emails?



Do you have a spam filter on your account?? If you don’t know whether or not you do, try an email to the admin of your email provider and ask. That or set up a Yahoo account real quick and make sure you don’t enable any spam filters.

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What client are you using?

Msn/Hotmail? Outlook Express?

In Msn/Hotmail you can add to secure addresses by clicking Options/Alternativ on the right side of the menu, then under the middle column there should be something called Secure addresses/Säkra adresser and there you can add and others that you want to make sure comes through, like

I´m just winging it on the english menu titles, because I have mine in Swedish, but should be close enough.

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Thanks Rocco and Thunder!

I´l l try that out. I have done exactly what you said now Rocco, step by step - Hope it works!

Thanks once again what would i do without Thunders place!


Hi Avocet -

For using the approach you indicate in 101 of pumping/jelqing, is it dangerous or counter-productive to enter the tube flacid instead of hard?

After running some searches about this, it seems to be a fairly common opinion that entering the tube flacid only brings lymph into the penis, which actually constricts the CC, and is consequently VERY counterproductive! (As opposed to entering the tube hard with the penis full of blood.)

Please advise, and thanks.


My personal experience w/ flaccid pumping is that my cock gets just about as big, but is somewhat crooked for some reason. Best done hard.

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Avocet8’s on a week’s vacation, but I feel comfortable saying that he would strongly suggest going into the pump with an erection. I am a regular pumper, and it is not dangerous to enter the tube flaccid. In all likelihood, once you start pumping you will probably get an erection anyway. So, once that happens, just exit the tube and start again with your erection or semi-erection and pump away.


9soon asked this same question in another thread. Here’s the response I gave there:

The purpose of pumping, when used for penis enlargement, is to allow greater pressure to build inside the corpora cavernosum (CC), expanding them beyond their normal size and stimulating growth of new cells, thus making the CC chambers (and the penis) larger. By entering the cylinder with the CC already full of blood (that is, by having an erection) the expansion begins as soon as the vacuum is created.

If you enter flaccid, the vacuum assists in filling the CC, but it also puts stress on the veins and lymph capillaries which begin to leak fluid into the surrounding tissue. The leaking of fluid happens with an erection as well, but at a much slower rate because the capillaries are compressed.

Jelqing with fluid in the tissues will not make your dick bigger, it only moves the fluid around. Since the strokes are toward the head of the penis, this moving fluid collects at the sulcus (the groove under the head) and you get the “donut effect.” So it’s more counterproductive than dangerous, but you can avoid that situation by…
a) limiting pumping sessions to 10-20 minutes at a time with breaks between and total time at or less than an hour, and…
b) enter the cylinder erect to reduce the fluid buildup.

I’ve led a sheltered life—how do you use a ‘striaght’ metal cock ring? I’ve used elastic ones that will stretch so that I can put them around my cock and balls. How do I know which size to buy?

Just wanted to say thanks to both Peforeal and westla90069 for your answers to my question about starting pump session hard as opposed to flacid.



I am new to pumping. I have watched it so that I don’t get into the pain. However, I find the skin on my dick very sensitive. Is this normal and what can I do for it?


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