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Vacuum Pumping 101

Hey everyone;

I have been doing some research and found some great information that may help all of us with PE. Here is a thread that was started in the members area, and I think it has a place here with pumping…

Key Variables

With the use of a pump in our PE routine, it can help to keep the microtears open for longer periods for tissue growth.

We all have this notion that we must work up to very intense workouts! When in fact this maybe what is stopping allot of us from seeing gains. For tissue growth you only need mild tension, not massive workouts to the point of injury.

Here is a thought…

On days you can add pumping to routine i.e. days off or vacations, pumps can be a very good idea to PE!


6am… 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
8am… pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
10am.. 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
12pm.. pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
2pm… 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
4pm… pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
6pm… 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.
8pm… pump for 10 minutes at 3 hg
10pm.. 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis pump for 10 minutes at 4 HG.

As you can see the PE part is light and so is the pumping part. This routine is experimental and a must try by everyone. One thing you may not get from this routine is an injury!

On days you can not add the pump i.e, at work, etc. you still can do the light PE routine very easily in the john. 50 jelqs and 5 ulis can be wiped out what, 3 to 5 minutes?

Ok guys… what are you all thinking about right now? This sound crazy? Are we not experimenters and pioneers in this new field of PE? The only thing we can lose from not trying this routine is gains, and time!


One other thing… I would throw in a cock ring that wraps around the whole member and wear it at all time with a watchful eye of course! I would not wear the ring at night to bed.


Hi Jab

I’ve done the sock but I can’t put on as many rings with it. Plus it gives you a rather unatural looking bulge in your pants, and while we’re all working for that, I want it to be me and not a sock. I took jel4life’s idea and wrapped each one with the same fabric I use for my hanger. Works great and I can use the four rings again. I wear the rings about 22 hours a day.


glenn delta

Happy to hear I helped ya out.

Although I just unwrapped my rings. Had stoped seeing gains and am going to try something else.


Hi Mod & Jelq

Jelq - what were your gains before they stopped? How long and for how many hours have you been doing the rings?

Modemmer - 2 things. Re: wearing the rings overnite. The rings do not cut off circulaton (unless you’ve ordered them too small), so it’s safe to wear them while you’re asleep. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, the only time I take mine off is to take a shower in the morning and to do my PE exercises. But if you’re unsure, then of course, listen to yourself.

Secondly, I’m thinking of adding pumping to my hanging. I know you pump and I think you’ve been hanging. Do you recommend doing both? Do you do them the same day or alternate? I’d appreciate your thots on this.

Thanks very much, Glenn

Glenn Delta;

I ran into problems with hanging and pumping, I’m at 8.25” in length now so I gave up my hanging, and sold my Bib hanger.

It can be done, but I ran into some down time with Henry but everything is fine now. The stress was to much and he just quit on me… not good!


Thanks Mod

for the information. So, was Henry cutting out on you before you combined H & P? Tho I’m small, this little guy can stand at attention in 2 seconds, so I would not contemplate that problem. Are you back to normal, and if so, how long did it take?


Glenn Delta;

No i had no problems before, or after! And yes, I even lost my nocturnal erections witch are now back in full force!

I was able to go for 1 1/2 months like that and did add about .75” in length with the Bib. I’m happy with my length now being its over 8”. I want girth, and nothing is going to stand in my way of 7” in that department!



Jesus, 8+ x 7 - hide the women!!!!! Best of luck on your goal. They’ll probably honor you with a stamp.


glenn delta

I think I gained a little over an inch.

Well i got the rings may 23 or 24 so I have been useing them since then but i didn’t use them every day and the first few weeks i only used them at night for about 10 hours.

I think I got that first Inch by mid early june.


Well guys, just ordered my pump from LA whatever. The one avocet8 recommended. Will be pumping and jelking. Looking forward to it. I will be selling my bib hanger cause I dont have the privacy to use it. Pumping and jelking is easier for privacy purposes. So be ready to answer alot of questions. Want to thank avocet8 for his posts.



Don’t sell your hanger - you could use it later on like in a year or two!

I would just keep the thing just in case you can’t get the length you want though pumping and jelqing alone.


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Good advice, I too think the bib is great for length gains! I used it to gain .75” in length.


How much are you selling the bib for?

I have a feeling these things have a bit of a black market potential!

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First post for me,

I have been a pumper for many years because of medical problems.

I grew from 5.3x4.0 to 7.0x6.0 through pumping only.

This growth was not permanent, unless I kept pumping every day for at least 3/20mins sessions.

I then stumbled on the PE routine and have since used the pumping/PE routine combined for about 45 days.

I have noticed harder erections, easier erections, and lasting erections.

my size is now 7.6x6.9 fully pumped, maintained easily by a cock ring for quite some time.

I fill a 9x2 cylinder very firmly packed, I do not what to go to a 9x2.25 because I do not want more girth. Length is now my goal, and that of 9”.

I have now added hanging for the length increase, using the grip system. Only thing wrong with that is that their large is not large enough for me now.

In one week of use (pumping/PE/weights) my flaccid length now stays at over 5 1/2 inches, and much firmer than before.

My sessions for each is of short duration and more frequently done. I use time for each only as a ball park figure. I let my penis tell me when enough is enough.

If any one would like to know more details I will provide what info I can.


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