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Vacuum Pumping 101


A bar is a unit of measure for vacuum. If stands for barometric pressure. One bar is equal to app. 30”hg. The atmospheric pressure is around 29-30”usually. It is measured with a barometer,hence “bar”.


I’ve only been pumping for a few months, so I’m no expert, but some of the pressure (suction) readings that I’ve seen posted seem pretty low.

My pump reads all the way up to 30 hg, so I figured that about halfway was adequate. And that’s where I’ve been doing most of my pumping at between 12 and 15hg. Settings lower than that don’t feel like they’re doing anything.

Most of my sessions last for 10 - 15 minutes.

I’ve got a 1.5” tube that I can totally pack for a length stretch. And a 2” tube that gives the feeling of a good girth stretch.

I do get some edema (the doughnut ring beneath the head), but I’ve found that following up a pumping session with a vigorous jelq session tends to minimize or eliminate the edema.

Anyone else pumping at these pressures?

That is insane… With that kind of pressure the damage can be irreversible. You have very fine blood vessels and cells with in the penis that can burst like a balloon.


When you pump you want to look for long term effects, not short! With pressure of 2.5 to 4 Hg is more than enough for long term goals. Pressure over 10 Hg you may see your member dis-form right before your very eyes, and end up with alternate long term goals of trying to recover from the damage!

SO please, everyone here looking for sound advice stay away from high pressure, and follow Avocet’s lead!


If you doubt what Modemmer is saying, have a look at the distorted, warped cocks displayed in the galleries at nearly any pumping site. They are the result of high-pressure pumping.



Id like to know what pump your using LedZep

id like to know what pump your using, and if jelqing and pumping at the same time is safe?



You stated you gained about one inch in length from a pumping and jelq routine, but then you stated:

“Unlike some, I do not believe that pumping gives fully permanent gains. But a minimal maintenance schedule of pumping 3 or 4 times a month will let you keep what you’ve worked for. That, to me, is permanent enough. “

How do you know this is true? Have you stopped PE for a while and then lost your gains?

Also, do you recommend always staying at about 5 HG when pumping or increasing it gradually over a period of weeks or months until you reach a max of maybe 10 HG?

Finally, do you vary the amount of pressure within a single session?



To clarify, I gained 1 inch with pumping alone - no other PE exercise. Then incorporated jelking and other exercises between pumping sets and gained just short of 1.5 inches more. I’ve lost none of my gains. The longest I’ve been away from pumping or PE in 2 years, though, was only about 3 weeks at one stretch. Pure pumpers (no other form of PE) tell me that they have lost gains when they quit pumping for many months, though they did not revert completely to their original size.

“Also, do you recommend always staying at about 5 HG when pumping or increasing it gradually over a period of weeks or months until you reach a max of maybe 10 HG?”

This is a totally subjective, individual decision. I just passed the two year mark of pumping, with a heck of lot of other PE thrown in. You would think that I am conditioned enough by now to handle very high pressures but that is not the case. I can’t even get to 10 HG for more than a few seconds without pain and bruising. If you can get there without any damage or pain, gradually go for it.

“Finally, do you vary the amount of pressure within a single session?”

I usually pump while watching CNN or some other TV diversion. I don’t pay much attention to my gauge anymore because I can always tell where I am by the feeling. During that time I am anywhere from 3 HG to 8 HG, up and down in that range. I have to keep adding pressure from time to time because I’ve never been able to keep a perfect seal. I do this on “automatic pilot” at this point.

Hope this answers your questions.




hi, i’ve been pumping on and off for a few years now - mostly off. ive been reading this forum for a while and have learned a lot. bought a power jelq and feel it’s really helping, along with pumping. recently started hanging, hope that works eventually. i’m curious though, exactly how do you use the water in the cylender and why? thanks, nala


Water pumpers, please respond,



Thanks avocet8

I oringinally read about this regimen on tiger’s pump site a couple of weeks ago. I wondered if you were the same avocet? You definitely are. I do believe that consistant light pumping can play an important role in an enlargement plan. Pumping may produce gains alone (as it had for you at first, and others), but most importantly I believe that it helps cement gains reached by stretching and juelqing. Pumping keeps those tissues stretched consistently for periods of time. Traction is the key to enlarging any body part. This method is very much like the Cartham method, except now we know that pumping with regular breaks is much more productive than pumping for long straight periods. Thanks for sharing all of this with us avocet8.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Thanks for saying that, kojac.

Tiger was a great encouragement to me in my early pumping days and is a good man. I think we diverge only in goal. I was looking to get reliable, non-pumped gain - a purely sexual tool. He has mastered another aspect of pumping which is in appearance. Ball pumping, a large flaccid penis effect. Ironically, after I moved over to T’s I realized (again) how important flaccid gain is to me, but I’m working to get that through a different method than he does. I’d rather it were there all the time than to have to pump to achieve it each time. It is entirely possible that what he advocates does achieve that. It just seems to me from my experience that slower, steadier may build more permant tissue volume.




I agree with you avocet. I think that slow steady gains will prove to be permanent. I am thrilled to be able to exchange information with you. I was so thankful that I had found your article. I am in the same boat with you. I want to permanently develop my tool. I believe that flacid measurements improve as a ratio of errect gains. I also beleive that once over 8” ebp that a cock is heavier and will hang longer in the flacid state(if thick enough to be heavy). I have been into pe since 1998, but I have been very inconsistent. This has been my downfall. I have started jeulqing now 5/2 for a couple of weeks now and I will begin to follow your regimen. I may incorporate more manual stretches before pumping the first time in an enlargement session though. I will post more about myself in a few minutes as a new thread. I am open to opinions and help from everyone!

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

I didn’t gain appreciable flaccid size until I did get over 8. Lots of guys have posted here that that happened for them well before that mark. It’s all about tissue chemisty and how you use yours. Experiment and tell us how it goes along the way. There’s lot’s of help here. They helped me.




I will tackle the task at hand. This forum will definitely help me along the way.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Guys, I’ve been pupmping for some time. When the old P.E forum was on, I read from an unknown author about this routine and have worked with it gained 1.5cm in length in 8mos. This is the routine:

Warm soak 5 min

Lubricate use Sorbelene- pump w/o pain.

100 jelqus to 3secs

after stay in tube for 3 mins.

Remove use sticks or jelqu for 5 mins. to the tune of 3 secs p/jelqu. Use sticks pulling down and up.

Remove dick and soak till 5 mins. Repeat this procedure 7 times.

On the last one soak for 10 mins enclosing the whole anatomy with a flannel.

Wear a cock ring after that.

Apparently the author went to 9.5”x6.5

Happy pumping


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