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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Originally Posted by raybbaby
No, what would the point be?

Maybe enhancing the expansion ?

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

I don’t think it would work. The expansion is usuallly beyond my non-pumped erect size anyway, so, I think it would be a waste of Viagra. That’s my gut feeling.

Took today off too. Have read that less is more when it come to pump work. Not sure if I agree, but we’ll see I guess.

Did my usual 300 jelq workout. 160, pumped to 180 at about two minutes, got real close to 200 if not hitting it by about the ten minute mark. And 5 3/4” post pump girth. No new records. Felt pretty good anyways.

Yesterday I did a low vacuum pump session. I did my usual workout of stretches and jelqs, but when I pumped I never let my length get over 170mm. My thought was that by not pushing the length so much, my penis would expand it’s thickness more. Didn’t really happen. my post session girth was only 5 3/4”, but I think I’m returning to high vacuum pumping again.

Just did my workout/pump session. In the tube at 180mm, pumping up to 195 after 100 Kegels, pretty much just stayed at that length, occasionally pumping up every five minutes or so, just to make sure the vacuum stays high. Post pump girth was only 5 3/4”, so I’m taking tomorrow off for sure.

Pumped yesterday, but forgot to log it. I’m kind of adjusting my routine right now, Pumping at relatively high vacuum, but not as high as usual. I have been pumping up to 95, to 200 as quickly as possible, and pumping every couple hundred Kegels to ensure I’m under max vacuum the entire time. Yesterday I was up to 190 or 195 by the two minute mark, but that was about it. I’ve been checking my length in the tube with a ruler held against the outside, and it seems the difference I see between 185 and 200 is actually a combination of compression of the bellows, and the fat pad. Any ways, I hit 6” in girth fresh out of the tube.

Woke with a really good erection this morning, so I ran right in and filled my Bathmate with hot water. Pumped up for two intervals of about 5 minutes each, with about a two minute break in between. Wasn’t shooting for max expansion, but thought I’d gently remind the tissue of a more expanded state. No measurement after, but I wish now that I had.

Pumped today. Usual warm up and 300 jelqs. Pumped up to 195 by the two minute marker. Only did 500 Kegels today. Also got out of the pump for a minute at around the sixteen minute mark. Did a girth blaster for a minute, and then went back in. My best in the tube length was about 7, maybe 7 1/2 inches. And my fresh from the tube girth was 5 3/4”. Really scratching my head right now as to how to get some more gains. I’ve had the Bathmate for 6 months now, and after about six weeks my girth gains seem to have slowed to a crawl. I love how fat a 6” girth looks. But I only have that immediately following my pump session. If only I could make that permanent. Clearly the potential is there for my dick to be that big.

If you feel that you are going as intensely as necessary, I might try taking a week or two off. Long vehicle reported gains with intense cycles of PE followed by extended breaks (not a decon though). If my measurements hold up I will be able to confirm this theory working for me at least.

Raybbay I’m so glad you are doing this log and doing it so diligently. Are you jelqing along with using the Bathmate? Sorry if you already mentioned it elsewhere. I just wanted to make sure. I’ve been really starting to become of the notion that things like stretching, pumping, hanging, clamping, etc that stretch the tunica are great but that jelqing seems to somehow promote “filling up” the “insides”. I know it’s not original and I know it doesn’t make much sense intuitively in the first place. But nonetheless it’s idea that has been taking root more and more for me (originated with observation that some people who could never gain at all with hanging were able to gain just fine when they were doing manual routines that included jelqing). Just thought I’d ask since you’re talking about stalling gains.

Yes, my usual workout consists of hot wash cloth warm up of five minutes, followed by 2 cycles of 5 way stretches, 30 seconds each. Another warm water soak at very low vacuum for about five minutes in the Bathmate, followed by 300 jelqs, and then a 20 minute high vacuum Bathmate session. I am currently entertaining different schemes and theories on how many days on or off I should be doing. My routine already takes an hour, so I’m inclined to avoid any more jelqs. Just not going to add anything more. But your post does get me thinking about possibly doing jelqs after pumping, rather than before.

Took yesterday off, but still awoke with a thrombosed vein this morning. Weird. I must be getting some killer all night “night wood”. That’s all I can figure. Needless to say, I took today of as well.

Another good morning wood. But still taking today off, the vein seemed plenty angry this morning. Meaning it was hard and very pronounced.

The vein remains angry. Another day off. Guess that will make 5 days in a row I’ve taken off. I may have needed a break anyways. Really starting to miss it though.

Today is gonna be off as well. Grrr….


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