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Harder to stay hard during PE?


Harder to stay hard during PE?

Braker and I have been talking about something we’ve both noticed that we thought might be a constructive thread topic.

Although sexual erections are firm and easy to get, erections for PE are taking more work these days. For one thing, I like always to enter the cylinder fully erect in the theory that more blood and less lymphatic fluid is being drawn in and incorporated into the workout. Another technique I use among others (this is not for newbies) is fully erect Uli’s between short pumping sets for girth growth.

Some days there’s no problem but more often than not now (nearly two years into this) those PE erections are more difficult to attain and maintain. I was thinking that pumping and PE in general has become so ‘old hat’ that whatever erotic element it used to have is just no longer there for me. Braker may have his own take on this and I hope he’ll chime in here.

Are any of you other guys experiencing PE-related flagging erections?



I noticed similar results……I do jelq/hanging and have noticed that it’s a bit more difficult to maintain a semi erect state while PEing.

Sexual erections are good though.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Blood Flow


I’ve just noticed a post by secjay saying the same thing, he summaries: “It’s just that PE is so boring, if I want to be hard I’d have to throw in some occasional wanking in there”.

This is more or less what avocet is saying.

Maybe we should have posted this in the main members forum, cause it seems lots of people have the same problem.

It is a major problem because we are pushing blood here, and the amount of blood has a significant effect on our exercises.

For avocet it took 2 years to get bored, unfortunately it seems that for me the stimulus threshold is lowering all the time and in a hectic pace.

After a few months of PE I started using porn on a regular basis. This has been very helpful is helping me to keep a good blood flow. Only now I get bored very quickly and I have to get new porn material all the time.

Also, in the last couple of months, I’ve been using Viagra, usually 25 mg of it just before my workout. It has been very helpful, and in fact I believe that the added blood flow the V gives me has some part of my recent gains, I sure feel that my sessions have become more intense and effective since I started taking it. People take Penis Pills to increase blood flow, while Viagra is the most efficient pill for just this.

Now - I have to add here that I do suffer from mild ED, but I know that some members that don’t suffer from ED still have similar problems.

Anyhow - lately, I feel that also the V goes only some way to solve this problem. Now this might have something to do with pumping, so if any pumpers here have had similar experience I would appreciate the feedback:

At the moment I do a pumping and jelqing routine, alternating 7 minutes sessions from each.

I start my PE session, watching porn as I always do, start jelqing and squeezing. The first 7 minutes I get excellent erections.

Then I start pumping. When I go out of the tube and start another 7 minutes session of jelqing and squeezing I find that my erections are not quite as hard as the first session but still adequate.

Then I pump again for 7 minutes. This time the following jelqing session gets a bit more problematic. Erections are there but hard to maintain.

And so on - and I feel that the more pumped my unit is the harder it is to lift it up for an erection.

Now, I can get a very hard erection at the end of my whole session if I masturbate, but for the exercises it’s not that easy.

Several possible causes to this problem:

1. The pumping has a (at least temporary) negative effect on my erections.

2. The intense squeezes have a temporary negative effect on my erections.

3. It’s just hard to maintain the same energy through a PE session.

And maybe it’s something else I didn’t think of.

The thing with the pumping is that I remember I had great erections when I started. I would get out of the tube fully erect. But this lasted only a couple of weeks. Now when I get out of the tube I’m almost always limp and have work on getting erect again for the jelqing.

I’d love to hear other members experience with pumping and erections, or with maintaining erections throughout a PE workout in general.

Braker said, “Maybe we should have posted this in the main members forum, cause it seems lots of people have the same problem.”


I considered posting the thread in the main forum, but thought it might be better to begin here and get pumpers’ reactions, in case this turns out to be related intrinsically to pumping, which I doubt. (Jelking is sometimes to me as boring as pumping sometimes is). We can always move the thread over there later on.

I also have ED; Cajun has said that he does as well. Is there a connection there, I wonder?

I take Viagra daily and have all along during my 2 yrs of PE. I think on the evidence of my gains that I agree with Braker that the V might have been a positive influence, it being such a powerful “soft muscle” relaxant.

Curiously, after posting this thread, I had one of my best pumps and PE sessions in weeks. I was actually interested. And I’m as pumped up now as I was when the session ended an hour and a half ago. Go figure.



PE and V

That’s another issue I haven’t seen discussed much:

The benefits of Viagra in PE. I mean I wouldn’t like people that don’t have any form of ED to start taking V, and it does have some side effects which should be remembered. But I do believe that a small amount prior to your PE session can make a hell of a lot of difference in the intensity of your workout and thus also greatly effecting your gains.

But that’s off topic, maybe for another thread later on.

wow, Braker… someone reads my posts?

*Sniff sniff* :)

months back, this dificulty made me believe that I was suffering from ED, this and the fact that I had just started going out with my (first ever) girlfriend, and so my nervousness made it difficult to get it up for a while.

Now that Im completely comfortable with her, it’s easy to get hard, but the difficulty in attaining a “PE Erection” is still there…

I think this matter is phychological as much as it is physical


We all read your posts. Not to worry. :-)

What, though, is the nature of the psychological aspect of weaked erections when it comes to PE, just off the top of your head?



And what do you do to fight it, I would like to know.

btw - secs, I hope you are coming to the convention! :D

Good thread.

Yes boredom is a problem, I think we tend to go to autopilot pretty quickly once a skill is learnt and that tends to mean the heart is not in it. I’ve used a large rotation of porno and that was pretty effective for a while but I found it way more effective to do without the porno and do a little meditation to improve focus before a jelqing session.

Timing is also a killer. We probably all push our PE sessions later into the evening or earlier in the morning than we would sometimes like. Having to cope with the boredom whilst tired or not awake really effects me.

Originally posted by memento

I found it way more effective to do without the porno and do a little meditation to improve focus before a jelqing session

This is interesting. Can you elaborate?

Its all messed up for me. Its hard to get my penis erect for the jelqings, but I tend to get hard very easy when streching ehehe.

When it comes to pump, I just need some porn rolling on the tv and a good handjob, and oh one more thing, short sessions. That way my penis stays hard all the time.

When I started PE, I never thought it would get boring. You have the impetus of getting a bigger cock (not boring), then gradually a bigger cock and the head trip of achieving that. That carries you on to some point.

Maybe it’s the constant repitition after awhile, in spite of variations?

I don’t feel it’s the timing in my case, but I’d like also to hear more about that, memento.




How short are your sessions?

Cause that’s one of the things I thought about, at the moment I’m doing 7 minutes sessions compared to 15 minutes I used to do until a couple of months. The 7 minutes ones are great and now they bring me more or less the same expansion the 15 minutes used to, though it took 2 months to get there.

But I wonder if shortening them even more might help my erections.

If you haven’t read SS4Jelq’s Visualisation thread its worth a read.

If you have never meditated, you come out of it relaxed and with increased alertness, whatever form you do. I’ve never tried TM (Trancendental Meditation) but from people I know who have it seems to be a good way to get into meditation. There are classes almost everywhere. If you can suspend disbelief for a while when starting that helps :)

I got into mediation through yoga and so my meditation is generally keyed by breath, though I do meditate on images. All I do is prior to a PE session, I sit crosslegged on a folded up blanket (in half lotus mostly). I then start to square breathe.

Square breathing is where you equalise the process of inhalation and exhalation. I tend to do a 5 second square, so thats breathe out for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and repeat. The breath should never be forced. On any sign that you are not breathing enough (or maybe too much) you should drop back to normal breath. All this breathing is done with full breath, that is the thorax is contracted first up to the diaphragm and then the chest is released fully on breathing out and breathing in is the reverse. If you can imagine a kind of wave of breath, thats hopefully a good image. Its important that you breath out fully, breathing in will take care of itself if you do.

Once I am starting to relax from the breath I turn my thoughts to relaxing everything fully, body part by body part: normally from the bottom to the top, ensuring relaxation of every muscle (even in the face). I do this with a visualisation of circulation as I think it has a good effect.

Or did you mean you wanted to know more about the porn :)

After this, my mind is not wandering and I can focus on a single thing in a kind of relaxed way. This part of meditation is a bit hard to explain. Its all about quieting the thoughts., not allowing the mind to wander (but not in a forced manner).

I mostly do about 5 minute of this prior to PE. I’ve tried focusing on the penis but I find simply focusing on the heart and circulation works best for me.

Anyway once you’ve done this you are more alert and yet a little spaced. I know thats a terrible description. I find it a lot easier to maintain an erection after that, I think it has something to do with the quieting process providing focus.

avocet the aspects I am talking about are nothing more than what has already been discussed here; the loss of the excitement of starting out.

with me though, I think the fact that I’ve had basically zilch in gains for ages is probably high on the priority list for deflating my boner.

Braker - if there is a convention, and I can afford to come, for sure…

one thing though; I cant have it over my place… too small… and it smells funny.

also I think my mother would have a few questions to ask


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