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Unable to stay ~60-70%

Unable to stay ~60-70%

Hey guys!

I’ve been PE’ing on and off for the past couple months, and still have a problem I am looking to get advice on. Whenever I jelq, no matter what state I start in (usually ~50%) I always gain about a 90% after a minute or so, and, at the moment, I’d like to be focusing on length. I cant seem to figure out how to keep it around 60-70% for the 15 minutes. I am using Astroglide as my lube, which feels very good, so maybe that might be it. Can you guys recommend a lube that you’ve used that maybe won’t give such sensitive feelings? Thanks.

Hey frosty nice to meet you,

Do you use visual stimulus?

Jelqing shouldn’t really be that sexualy stimulating. Are you maybe doing the strokes too quickly. Try a three second stroke and see how that works. Also if you feel you can increase the grip slightly without pain try that (back off if any pain occurs).

Try baby oil (vit e enriched possibly) if that gives too much drag try KY liquid. I use baby oil covered in ky liquid :)

Ive noticed this “problem”

In the early days of PE, I could get a stiff easy peasy…. and it wasnt difficult to regain it after a squeeze etc…

but nowadays I find the act so devoid of stimulation that it is actually quite difficult to get any sort of erction going (esp to sustain one for the duration of exercise!)

But the way I do things (lots of torniquet, kegel pumping) it doesn’t really need to be a ‘true’ erection.

funny thing is that with my gf, I have no problems whatsoever getting it up anymore :)

It’s just that PE is so boring, if I want to be hard I’d have to throw in some occasional wanking in there ;)

You could try putting yourself in a new sex scenario involving whatever turns you on and focus on that while you jelq. It takes a lot of concentration, but it’ll work.

try this!

I usually end up watching tv with the wife while i jelq.

Since its mainly mindless sitcoms or documentaries, i have no problem keeping a 60-80% going. Also try the underhand method, i find this give a much better pump and the stroke is a bit longer so it can help with concentration.

If all else fails, just turn on the tv/stereo and concentrate on watching yourself stroke, notice the viens etc. and think of ways to alter your grip for better performance. As long as your pumping blood into your unit and not thinking of it as a sexual thing, you should be good to go.



Work the Girth...

LOL, everyone but memento read that wrong.

I’m saying I don’t want to get a full erection. I want to keep it at 60-70%, not 90%, which I have found almost impossible to do over the 15 minutes.

no I read it right.

I asked about the visual stimulus, because if you are you should try without.

but I read you’re last comment wrong :D

Hmm, note to self: engage brain before hitting reply.

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