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Who among the gainers here can atribute some of their gains to visualisation or self hypnosis techniques?

I have been experimenting and i think it has great merit. If you hang try shutting your eyes and picture your dick with the weight on during the hang, from a first person perspective as if you were leaning over and looking down at it, but imagine that it is like 12 inches long. Actually see the length of the shaft behind the hanger being really long. If you want you can imagine a hole in the floor or being sat on a high chair so the weight doesnt touch the floor and take the ‘virtual’ tension away (dont laugh! try it)

See if it doesnt give you a really strong stretch in the ligs.

You could try similar things with uli’s etc but i havent tried that

Next time you try hanging or stretching please try it like I said, it might just be my imagination but im sure it felt more tension was being used


post below

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

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The power of positive thinking :)

Think it was UlShrike who posted a 2 month study of hypnosis as a method on PEForum. I believe his results where uninspiring.

If it works, should you be able to skip all the hanging and just use the visualisation :)

Re: Visualisation

SS4Jelq, I am huge into Visualization…here is a thread I wrote a while back.

I have been asked by many people what is this visualization I do and how it works. First I think it is important to mention how I got into PE. I never thought penis enlargement was possible but I was on some meds that were really screwing up my erections so I went on a quest to find some way to give me harder erections and more sensitivity. Upon my search for firmer erections, I found the back door to some penis enlargement site…I never found out what site it was, but I was able to download this sites PE program. (yes I felt guilty and I did find the guys email address and offered to pay with no response from him) Anyway…I read all the information I downloaded and decided to give it a 100% go. I wish I had the original pages to share here but I will try to paraphrase what this man preached about pe. He made 5 statements that I will never forget.

1.) He said, “If you are not getting results, you are not doing the work so don’t call me in a month looking for a refund.” I thought this was very hardcore.

2.) He promised not only harder erections and more sensitivity but he also promised at least 4” in length in one year with an additional 1.5” of thickness. Again I did not believe this at first but it sounded very hardcore. I did however believe his claims about hardness and sensitivity.

3.) He said that the PC part of the program was the most important. Not taking away from the importance of the other things, but he said most people ignore the PC muscle.

4.) He gave a very strict, intense routine that he said “must be followed” and the gains he promised will happen.

5.) He also stressed the importance of Visualization. This to me at the time sounded a bit hippyish, but I promised myself I would embrace EVERY part of this program as if I truly believed. SO I listened to his program on visualization and I followed it.

I will say more about visualization after I talk about when I truly became a PE believer. I think it was around a month or two into religiously following this program to a “t” that I started seeing some incredible changes. The first thing I noticed was small stretch marks on the bottom of my penis along the shaft. I also noticed hair on the sides of my penis that was never there. I then took notice to slight color changes in my penis along with new veins surfacing. I also should note that it felt different to me, like there was more penis.

I was not only getting the results he promised about harder more sensitive erections but I was also growing…I was happy and confused all at once. Upon making these realizations I took everything he had said to heart and really believed. My gains were steady after this and eventually I found PEforum, which has been a God send.

Most of my program I talk about here. You can find my routines in the routines section…as you can find proof of my growth in the members only section…but more importantly I think I need to stress how much I visualize. From the beginning of my program I pictured the penis I wanted in my head…I saw exactly the veins I wanted, the thickness, the length, the color…EVERYthing… When I PE I keep this image in the foreground of my exercises. I truly believe I will get it and I use every stroke or stretch to get there. I have gotten discouraged alot through my PE program, but I always kept that image in my mind and I never once doubted I would get there. Some days it was harder than others to really concentrate on this but the days I could made up for it. I think this visualization or goal I have always been working on has allowed me the ability to set small goals and constantly work towards it. Some days I would really feel like I was already there and I would feel great on these days. The days I did not only meant I needed to keep on keepin on. Eventually I would reach this visualization for real and needed to update what I wanted…but I have always done that.

As far as the program I used and what the man who wrote it promised, everything so far has materialized and I would be scared to change anything.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


Go for it Guys,

I always visualize while PEing. Makes the work more fun and in one way or another, I’m sure it helps the gains.

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I remember the first PE pay site I found when I started it all, it stated that you have to visualize, if not you’re not going to see any gains. It sounded a bit weird to me, but even though I was skeptical, I did try doing it like they said. After a while I stopped visualizing much and still the gains kept coming.

But I think watching porn when you PE is also a form of visualizing, if you look at those big guys with a positive attitude of: “I’m going to be this big, and I’m already on my way there” then what you’re really doing is creating a goal to look up to, and motivating yourself on the way.

here’s the UIShrike peforums thread.

I remember it being bigger, maybe it shrunk in the repost.

You need to be registered to view this one I think.

Thanks memento for the link. UIShrike’s original posts were lost in the troll attack. I reposted what I had saved in my computer, and there are only a few introduction words missing in the repost.

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I have always enjoyed doing pe at night ” I can’t anymore”
I like to relax in my love seat, first I have about 300 pictures on my computer of guys doing women with big dicks. I especially like the ones where the girl has a certain look on her face the one of pleasure boarding on almost slight pain. Well I start my slide show and I put on some tunes. I like, no think kind of music like Pink Floyd or even some new age or techno, I don’t want any songs that make me think or sad or whatever. I than really try to focus on my dick and the feel of it expanding to a new and bigger size. I try to keep all other thoughts from my head. I find if I can reach this state I can stay hard for as long as I want and I get a great workout.


For the benefit of those who for some reason can’t access/register to PEForums, and on memento’s request, here is a copy of UIShrike’s repost on Self Hypnosis and Affirmations:

UIShrike’s Post#1:

What I did for one month was, at bed time, right before going to sleep, I relaxed myself, relaxed my mind through some deep breathing, and then started reciting my affirmations (to myself) 5 times each, while visualizing the outcome. The affirmation that I did was “with each penile development exercise that I do, my penis gets bigger and bigger, reaching faster and faster my goal of a c*ck with 8” in length and 6,5” in girth whilst visualizing myself exercising a big and fat c*ck.

For the affirmations to work, you have to first believe in it. I stress this point very much because it’s very important. If you do it with some doubts in your mind, the effectiveness of the affirmations will decrease very much. The other thing that is necessary for this to work is an altered state of consciousness. If you state your affirmations during the day, when your brain is in Beta state, it won’t do you any good (may help a little, but depends on other factors). That’s why previous to my “self-hypnosis” sessions I relax my self with some breathing techniques (taught to any one who knows meditation), so my brain enters an Alpha state, necessary for the affirmations to “sink in”.
I visualized myself exercising my big fat c*ck, having boners that reached the sky and things like that. In the visualization you really have to imagine feeling what you feel when you exercise your penis, feeling it much bigger, the heavier weight in your hand, the details of your now bigger penis, etc, etc. Try to make the visualization as vivid as you can!
Hope this helps!

UIShrike’s Post#2:

Well, in interest of everyone who wants to experiment with this, and find how this will work for you, I’ll post a detailed “resume” of what I’ve learned.
This should really help the way it is, but if you want to further your knowledge on this things, my suggestion is just read everything you can on the net (it’s what I did, can’t even remember the sites I visited, I just learn from them, write the learnings on my PC, and experiment with it).

This will be a somewhat long post, but I know that the ones who’ll read to the end are the ones really interested in this, and are the ones who’ll surely benefit from this. Well, let’s start.

First thing: you need a calm place to try this the first times (that’s why I do it before sleep). Just lay down (I like it better then sitted) and relax. Start whole-breathing. What’s this, you ask? Well, when you breath in, start first to expand your abdomen, then your middle chest, then your full chest. This way, all your lungs will work, instead of only half of it with our normal western-like breathing. Have you watched a baby breath? It’s much the same thing. Breath in, through your nose, expanding ab, middle chest and high chest for 5 secs each breath. Hold breath for 5 secs. Release breath in 5 secs, starting from the ab, and all the way up. Hold for 5 secs. Breath in again in the matter explained above. This will be familiar to yoga practitioners, and it’s the best way to relax quickly, IMHO. Do this whole-breathing thing for 5-10 minutes, clearing your mind of everything. You can even imagine, as you breathe, the numbers of the seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, hold, 1, 2, … you get the point. This is just to empty your mind, much like you do when you meditate. After this 5-10 minutes of breathing and “mind clearing”, you’ll start your affirmations. You have to remember them well, and try to do the same affirmations every time, to maximize the results. Start reciting the affirmations (to yourself) slowly, rhythmically (try to encompass the rhythm of your breathing - you can breath “normally” here), repeating 5-10 times each affirmation, and at the same time visualizing your intent/outcome/result. Try to make the visualization as complete, and as vivid, and as “real” as you can. Only stop the affirmations when the visualization is complete. Start the next affirmation with the visualization related to it. Repeat for all the affirmations you use (don’t use too many, 10-15 tops). When all affirmations are over, visualize all of the “visualizations” in one. See what you saw, here what you heard, feel what you felt.

As for the affirmations, there shouldn’t be any negative sentences in it, nor negative meanings. For example “I don’t need to exercise my penis too much for it to grow” isn’t good. You should try instead “I find that with lesser and lesser exercise my penis grows more and more”. Hey, this is a pretty good one. Should try that the next time I experiment with this. Well, you get the point: single sentences, no negative words/meanings, no complicated words, no acronyms or things like that. Just basic language.

It’s done. At this point you should feel no different that when you started, only more happy If you feel very sleepy, or very drowsy, do less affirmations/visualizations, or do them at another time of the day. Next you can drift off to sleep as you want.

This should be all you need to experiment this for at least a month. After seeing how it works for you, you can research on your own, and maybe you’ll find other uses for this.

Hope I’ve helped.



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Thanks Will :)

The reason I asked him to post this was mainly because DLD’s approach and UIShrike’s approach differ somewhat, with DLD’s based on the visual portion of the brain and UIShrike’s based on the auditory (language) centers.

By this I don’t necessarily mean that one is entirely a right side activity and the other a left side activity. If we are dealing with a something that is not abstract (like the penis) and creation of an image of this, the auditory portion of the brain will use the visual portion in the creation of the image. That said, our brains have the tendency to favor one form of input over the other. Most men process information more easily in a visual form. So from that point of view DLD’s approach will probably be easier for the majority of us.

Visualization is a key path to creating a subconscious belief, and I think it’s belief that we are really looking for here. The belief that something is going to occur (even without evidence) is a strong inducement for actual occurrence.

This is where people who get good initial gains win, probably without thinking about whether its possible or not, because those gains support belief and will allow later lack of growth to seem surmountable.

Those people who don’t have that experience have a much greater struggle, because even if they consciously understand the possibility for growth, subconsciously there may be nagging doubts, and these can effect even the physical performance of exercises, reducing their efficiency.

If you’ve never tried to use visualization techniques, relaxation is an important factor. As UIShrike points out breathing is important here but its necessary to focus on the breath without wresting complete control from the sympathetic nervous system. Some people will find it a lot easier to use a visual approach to create a relaxed state, heres a method.

Create an image of yourself in a safe warm place outside, maybe a beach, maybe woodland.
Feel the sun warming you.
Feel the focus of the sun move slowly from your feet to your head, the warmth relaxing you as it passes up the body.
Feel the focus on the head and your forehead and cheeks relaxing.
Let your eyes drift down, relaxed.

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