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Finding it really difficult to stay hard when standing or laying down.

Finding it really difficult to stay hard when standing or laying down.

I don’t know whether this is an issue of EQ but it’s always been this way. When sitting back straight I can get so hard and stay that way and the same goes for lying on my front which is how I sleep. But If I were to lay on my back and my dick was pointing straight up, obviously it’s harder for the blood to go straight up but you’d think it were possible to stay 100% hard in that position and standing up too. But no I can only manage it for like a second sometimes with a really hard kegel.

I do kegels like when jelqing everyday and clamping. I don’t really think extra kegels would help? But ehh worth a try. Any suggestions?

I’ve been doing kegels for a long time, before I joined this forum and started PE and kegels have been extremely important for my sex-life (couldn’t last for more than 5 minutes of continuous sex before them). I doubt it has anything to do with size but for maintaining erections kegels are important so I think you should add kegels to your routine. I don’t think you can get to strong BC-muscles, I’ve yet to reach the level when it’s strong enough for multiple orgasms.

Do you usually masturbate sitting down? It could be that you’re just so used to getting erections like that, that you body doesn’t associate getting erections with lying down or standing up.

I initially had this trouble with standing up. What I did was when I masturbated, in the start I would only stand up right before I would ejaculate, then I made it for half of my masturbation duration, then the whole length of masturbation. While I don’t get the same hardness of erections while standing as sitting, it’s much better than before. Give what i said a try, including masturbating while lying down.

I have the same problem. I find it very difficult to maintain erection while lying down, because I masturbate either sitting or staying. The same goes with sex.

Thanks for the advice, alex553. I’ll definitely follow it, especially given that one of my favorite positions - cowgirl, but in recent months I haven’t tried it, because of the fear of failure.

Well, I’ve quit ejaculating for awhile and don’t feel like clamping standing up to be honest. But I’ll see if I get better gains in the next month, if I don’t ill do what you suggested Alex, I thought that could be the solution too.

My input is like this, but this is what happens to me. If I do not ejaculate for at least 4-5 days my erection quality goes down a little and I seem to loose the urge to maintain an erection after ejaculation. Now if I ejaculate daily or at least once every 2 days I have much better erection quality I am much more hornier. I don’t know maybe the more I use it the more toned it gets and can handle it better after I ejaculate sometimes I remain hard for 10 minutes or more with out any stimulation I can keep it harder much longer with stimulation.

If I take say a week between ejaculating when I finally do ejaculate I immediately go flaccid after even with stimulation its soft….. So I don’t practice this anymore.


Though what you told is not very closely related to the thread’s topic, I’m glad to meet someone who is quite similar to me.

Like you, I have the urge to cum everyday or at least several times every 2 days. That’s making me hornier too.
And I can stay hard after ejaculation (even after the 2nd one), with some stimulation though.

I totally agree with your assumption that “the more I use it the more toned it gets”.

Could you please answer my question. Your profile reads that you are 29. I’m glad to hear it too. Have you noticed any decline ass you getting older? Or maybe your ability is even reinforcing with years, especially given that you are practicing PE? I’m 27, but have got almost the same very short refractory period (the time of getting hard after ejaculation) as in my adolescent years and hope to retain this feature as long as possible. Hopefully, to my 50-s. Since you are 2,5 years ahead of me in terms of age it’s very interesting to me how you are doing and what’s your dynamics.

Well not to get too far off topic, I can say I was heading down hill as far as erection quality after my teens it was going down. I learned about PE back in 2002 but never took it up at it until mid 2008. Right now I genuinely feel I have better erection quality than my late teens/early 20’s. I am bigger and harder now but back then I did eat a lot of fast food that could been a factor too though PE definitely helped me. I had a slightly lower refraction period between ejaculations back then but it has definitely shortened back to almost how it was in those years. The biggest factor for me is the erection quality I have now is amazing much better than I had in my late teens/early 20’s.

Again apologies to OP for going off topic I still think my initial input is helpful about not avoiding ejaculating. A penis pump over time will increase erection quality it did for me.

Just as an aside idea… when you are sat upright with an erection, are you watching porn? Do you watch porn laid on your back or standing up?

If the answer to the first question is yes, and the second question is no, then the answer to your erection question is to stop watching porn. :)

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I’m utterly grateful to you for your both posts in this thread.

It’s so inspirational to hear what you said about the improvement of your EQ and refractory period.

There are so many coincidences between us. I heard about and even practiced PE for several months a decade ago. Then I stopped PE and preferred eating unhealthy food and playing stupid computer games. Why, oh why are we so stupid when we are young?!

Only in the second half of 2008 I resumed PE. Also I started pumping on a regular basis for the improvement of EQ literally a week ago. And already see some positive shift. Hopefully, the pump will be as helpful for me as it has been for you.


Your idea is very sensible. But I have an alternative solution. I’d recommend to start watching porn not only sitting, but standing and lying down too. :)

This is a great thread, I never really thought about it like that but when I was younger watch porn/masturbate it was always either laying on my back or sitting and when I would go to have sex with my ex I could keep it up for a little while (I am standing) but then eventually went down. I figured maybe my physical stamina wasnt good enough but now that I think about it I wasn’t really tired but I guess just my body doesn’t associate masturbation/ejaculation with standing up so I would loose an erection. So from now on I am going to start practicing standing up also to have my body accustomed so next time I’m having sex standing up hopefully it will be easier for me to keep interested and enjoying it =D Thanks again for the thread!


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Originally Posted by firegoat

Just as an aside idea… when you are sat upright with an erection, are you watching porn? Do you watch porn laid on your back or standing up?

If the answer to the first question is yes, and the second question is no, then the answer to your erection question is to stop watching porn. :)

It seems like answer to any EQ related question is stop watching porn. :)

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