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Harder to stay hard during PE?




My bouts with ED are a direct result of a diabetic condition. I have a script for Viagra, but don’t use it … far haven’t needed it.

As long as I keep the diabetes under control, I haven’t had too much of a problem.

It appears that boredom may be the significant factor here. (at least for me)

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


Yes, I did mean can you elaborate on where do you get this large rotation of porno. :D

It reminds me that I read this post, I don’t remember who it was, talking about jelqing with a selection of a few hundreds pictures of girls taking huge cocks with the expression of pleasure mixed with pain on their faces :chuckle: I really wanted to ask him to share his selection but was too embarrassed!

Originally posted by memento
If you can suspend disbelief for a while when starting that helps :)

Hey, I’m a really open minded person, I would always give a new thing a try. But anyway, regarding meditation I am already a believer. I used to do some meditation years ago after a girlfriend dumped me and I was in a long process of rebuilding myself. I bought this book called “meditation for the 20th century” or something like that.

I used to go to the park and sit by myself for hours and meditate, it was so wonderful, better than drugs. I did something very simple where the way to empty the mind was actually not to get rid of all thoughts but rather to let the thoughts be and then let them naturally go by just observing them, so rather than being *inside* of your thoughts, you try to look at them form the outside, like looking at clouds crossing the sky. Then, naturally, there’s less and less clouds and the sky gets clearer and clearer. And even if you get a thought, it’s not getting in the way, cause it’s just a cloud passing gently away. I loved this one.

Also I did some breath stuff, but haven’t done all this in years. But now that you say that you find it helpful in maintaining your erections for PE, which is great, I feel like trying it again. So you do yoga aswell?

It could also be interesting to meditate before having sex, or - even better - have both partners do it. I guess they do it in tantra.

So - now you only meditate and don’t use any visual stimulation?

The suspending disbelief thing was really aimed at people who have never meditated. It can seem like a really strange thing to the gap clad observer and is easily dismissed as simply a relaxation technique.

Yes I do yoga. It helps me balance out my body and mind a bit. I took it up to help quit smoking, when the smoking was starting to get to me. That didn’t work. In fact I am able to smoke much more than before and without nasty side effects and I have no back pain anymore. I even use yoga techniques for PE, like the asana thread I posted a while back.

The meditation is like a supercharger for PE. It feels quite weird talking about it that way though, its like a backward step spiritually. Not that I’m a religious nut or anything.

I don’t use visual stimulus at all, no. Erections are pretty much in the mind, so having a focused relaxed mind seems to make sense and it offers a way of holding at bay all the other thoughts that crowd in to distract from a good PE session.

Sex after meditation is great :)

What kind of mediatation is this?

Is this Trancedental medetation or some other type?

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I do yogic meditation based on simple pranayama and visualisation. I’ve only been doing yoga for about 4 years so I’m still at an early stage.

I’m sure TM would be just as effective, and it seems to offer people a fast track into meditation.

Originally posted by memento
I don't use visual stimulus at all, no. Erections are pretty much in the mind, so having a focused relaxed mind seems to make sense and it offers a way of holding at bay all the other thoughts that crowd in to distract from a good PE session.

But focused on what?

Forgive me if I’m digging too deep into your mind, but I’m really interested to find out how it works for you:

How do you keep those erections, do you think sexual thoughts when you jelq etc.? Or do you actually get into a meditative state of mind that doesn’t think about anything and just focuses on the movement of the hands or whatever while the erections just stay there?

Yes I tend to be in almost a continuation of the meditative state when jelqing, focusing on the intricacies of the exercise. I don’t really think sex but I do think penis and large :) I guess in some way I manage to continually imbue the process with something my mind feels is erotic but thats not a surface level thought.

My mind is mainly filled with the stuff you asked for in the jelqing description in another thread. These are calm thoughts though , nothing frenetic.

I treat it a bit like an asana in yoga. No matter how many times you repeat an asana, you can still perfect the form and the feeling. With jelqing I’m always striving towards perfection.

Though there is boredom there and times I want to be doing something else meditation helps put me in the correct frame. In the morning I do several asana’s, hot wrap and go straight in to stretching. No erection needed but I do notice when I skip the yoga the quality of my stretch is reduced.

I didn’t start doing PE this way, its developed over time but I did put some thought into how I could integrate yoga with PE and this is where I’m at currently.

I do take week long breaks too (about once every 2 months), this probably helps me keep fresh.

Does that make sense? sometimes I wonder if I actually have a mind.


Your mind, if you’ve lost it, is in Nirvana. :-)



lol. More likely its in some Boschian hell.

Lol….or on the road to Kubla Kahn…….

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


I’m very impressed!

I find what you say fascinating, incorporating yoga and PE, this sounds like the next step for PE.

I’ve been wanting to do stuff like yoga or something similar for years, but apart from that beautiful period of my life, years ago, when I used to do the meditations and some physical stuff aswell, I haven’t got around to it. Too lazy I guess.

But I keep remembering those beautiful saturday mornings in Hampstead Heath park (I used to live in London at the time), meditating and eating only healthy organic food. I didn’t smoke or drink and the time and ate mainly vegetables and fruits, and I tell you, I felt like a 16 year old again - I had so much energy.

Then I got married.. :( but that’s another story.

Do you feel yoga has helped your gains?

I always thought of yoga as something a little boring, isn’t it? Maybe it’s just because I remember my mom’s yoga lessons when I was a kid. :)

>Then I got married.. but that’s another story.
lol. Do tell. I was a child bride myself.

Yoga has helped in a few ways. It keeps me generally healthy in mind and body, and I don’t require hands to perform a stretch :) Whether doing yoga has the side effect of aiding gains is another question. I think so, but I can’t really quantify or indeed prove it.

I don’t find it boring, but thats a horses for courses thing, I guess. The thing that always put me off weight training and things like that (apart from having serious muscles) was my assumption that it was boring. With yoga, I started off quite interested and yet sceptical, found it really worked, got bored, went beyond the boredom. Its more about being than an intellectual understanding of being :) I was more into Crowley than TM when younger. I think coming to yoga a little later in life helped be stay with it.

Don’t see why its impressive. I think Blasters and JAI’s are current step PE and I don’t do either, so if anything I’m a step behind :)

Never heard Hamstead Heath in a sentence with park tagged on the end :)

Originally posted by memento
Don't see why its impressive. I think Blasters and JAI's are current step PE and I don't do either, so if anything I'm a step behind :)

I meant the general attitude towards PE. Doing it in combination with something like Yoga, that works the rest of the body aswell as the mind. I think that’s a very interesting concept, to incorporate all of these things into one language.

Never heard Hamstead Heath in a sentence with park tagged on the end :)

Yeah, I guess the Heath makes the word park unnecessary, right? Well, please remember English is not my first language so I may do some silly mistakes sometimes, try talking Hebrew for a while and then we’ll see how you manage, ‘beseder?’ :)


>Then I got married.. but that's another story.
lol. Do tell. I was a child bride myself.

Well, there isn’t that much to tell.. I guess it’s the usual story: I wasn’t that young, I was 26 (though a complete child in some ways), she was pregnant, I loved her, I adored her, we had the child and he’s the most beautiful and special thing in my life.

However, me and her were like fire and ice, day and night, black and white or whatever other example you can think of of something that really does *not* match whatsoever! But that’s how it is when you get married when you’re still a child and have no experience and no idea what to expect from a relationship, I was driven by a fantasy. And so we separated and I do hope my next relationship will be better. Actually I’m sure it will be, because one thing is certain: when it’s not working anymore I will know when to put an end to it.

How about you?

I don’t think its really an incorporation as such, rather more like mashing a piece of jigsaw into the wrong gap but I guess life’s a bit like that.

:) I don’t think I could learn Hebrew. I’m kind of stuck with the concept that if you shout loudly enough in english that’ll normally do the trick with any non english speaker, so why learn another language ;) It doesn’t notice that you don’t use english primarily.

I got married age 20 to allow a girl to stay in the UK, everyone was doing it in my set in London. It kind of progressed from there to a ‘real’ marriage at double quick pace without me really noticing. Love her dearly, highly destructive relationship. No kids, my genes have gone far enough.

Originally posted by memento
I don't think its really an incorporation as such, rather more like mashing a piece of jigsaw into the wrong gap but I guess life's a bit like that.

Well, to me it sounds wise to mash these pieces together, and since I’m planning to start some kind of physical workout soon (like yoga or some physical therapy), I hope to try something like that aswell.

Regarding marriage - I guess that when you through a dice, there’s always a chance you’ll get some good numbers. But personally, I’ve decided not to gamble anymore - I’ve already lost too much!

The most important thing for me is not to live in a lie. So many people do. I did.

But this is totally off topic, when avocet gets back he’ll be angry with me cause this thread is supposed to be about ways to keep hard during PE! :)


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