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Building a pump


Building a pump

Does anyone have instruction to Build a Pump and a Cylinder. I’m assuming the parts would be available at Walmart or Home Depot. If no one has any, I volunteer myself to be the Guinea Pig to start trying.

Just scroll down the threads in the pumpers forum. There is a lot of home made stuff going on.

Are you talking about crafting one? Or are you wanting to buy parts and put them together?

If it is the latter, Mityvac pump from Autozone and an aquarium scoop cleaner (big tube). Those will cost you $40 altogether. They have different sized tubes to accomodate your size.

Good luck with pumping.

Thank you guys, is the Mityvac pump a hand pump? And does it have a gauge?

And I would like to put one together, kind along the lines of how i put together a hanger. I got the directions, parts and made it.

It is a hand pump and does have a gauge. Very self explanatory once you see both products. All you need to do is connect them.

Do I need any kind of adapter?

The pump comes with adapters of different sizes. Trial and error is the best I can say. Two of them work…one works better. :) Hope this helps you out.

You should do a search. If using an aquarium siphon thing you’ll have to do something with the base. Several solutions have been discussed. Aquarium would probably be a good search term.

Secjay has a thread on making a homemade tube - using tubing and gluing on an end, etc.

I just sanded the edges down till they were even and smooth. That was the only problem I had, but I am a solution finding kind of guy when it comes to making things with my hands.

For me the walls were too narrow. I glued on a slice of 2” schedule 40 PVC pipe and rounded the edges.

What size scoop did you get? Mine is 12” x 2.5”.

I just got a 10x2 gravel cleaner and a decent Mityvac, It ran me about 55 dollars, but I have to go get some super glue to glue a tube around the bottom due to discomfort at my base. So far its worked pretty good, and I’m excited. I’m gonna post some pictures of it soon.

Way to take my advice, gnomesoldier!

You have to rig it a little, but it is worth the money you save.

Its a good quality pump so far, and I don’t feel guilty about putting permanant marker marks on it so I can see Length increase. Do they make larger than 2 inch diameter Gravel cleaners?

I’m also having alot of trouble with the base. I tryed glueing on tube to the bottom to round it more, and it is not air tight. I’m thinking I’m gonna have to go get another gravel cleaner and find another way to get a decent base on it, any ideas?

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