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Benefits of electric pump over manual pump?

Benefits of electric pump over manual pump?

I am trying to figure out the benefits of a electic pump over a hand pump.

I have heard the an electric pump will keep constant pressure while a manual pump will not(I own a manual pump,and it doesnt keep constant pressure,but still doesnt lose pressure to bad either).

I have also heard someone on here say that they can pump an hour w/out getting fluid build up,which you cant do with a manual pump.That person also said it doesnt darken his member either,which a manual seems to do a bit.

But obviously the real meat and potatoes is the gains.Are the gains better with the electric pump?Do they show up faster?Do the gains stay longer?

I am thinking of buying the ctc 3000 or whatever the best electric pump out is,but I want to make sure its worth the money.
I really dont care what the cost is,if it will get me the gains I seek.

For the record,I have a brass handpump and a regular cylinder.I am following the routine by avocet in the sticky on pumping.
I have been at it for about a month and a half now,and am currently to the stage of pumping twice per day,20 mins and 10 mins, and will start the 20 mins and 20 mins very soon.
Unlike avocet,I am yet to see any length gains,and I dont beleive I have any girth gains either.I havent stuck with the exact routine 100%,but I have only missed 1 or 2 workouts.

Too get back on topic,is an electric pump worth the money,and how are do the gains stack up in comparision with a manual pump?


You are very new to the game having pumped a bit over 6 weeks. If this is your first start at PE then you are off to a good start (following A8’s program)and you have the right piece of equipment as a manual pump with guage and cylinder is just fine. I am not knocking an automatic pump as I own and use one myself. However, I STILL use the manual pump, too as there are significant differences in what they do, how I use them, and how my unit reacts.

BTW, the CTC3000 is not constant pressure as it runs as a cyclical, suck and release action and it does a good job at that. Point is, I like my manual pump for what it does (I start my day with a manual pumping session after my warm up & stretching) and I usually finish my day with a session using the automatic. I do not go over 5 mm Hg with either and I limit my sessions on average to 20 minutes.

That said, I have some questions:

1) DO you use heat?

2) Do you track expansion of length down the tube by marking the tube?

3) Are you packing your tube? If so, how much and how fast over time?

4) Do you keep a daily PE journal?

5) Do you have other PE exercizes as part of your program other than pumping?

Packing the tube and expansion down the tube are early indications of potential future gains - so, closely monitor your progress and program and be patient. Heat is your friend - use it. Personally, I’d go 90 days with manual pumping and answer all of the above questions before I’d consider buying more equipment as your manual pump should work fine as you go through the conditioning program and learn how you are physically responding.

Quite candidly, I couldn’t tell you how much of my gains are due to the 400+ hours of PeniMater stretching, my hours using the manual pump, my hours using the automatic pump, or the hours wrapped in a flax sock. I could tell you exactly how many hours of each I have done over the last 90 days - but, the bottom line is that the combination of all of the above has produced significant gains - 0.7 inch increase in BPEL, and 0.25 inch increase in EG.

Keeping accurate data as I do, I might be able a year from now to split hairs as to what does what but I doubt I’ll care (outside of idle curiosity) if my program keeps working. If I plateau, I’ll be able to deal with it, react by making changes and measure accordingly.

All the Best,


Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"


A quick post script.

My signature line needs updated as the stats are
inaccurate and do not reflect the more accurate
stats im the body of my previous post.


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