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Attention electric pump users ? Which is the best electric pump ?

Attention electric pump users ? Which is the best electric pump ?

I used to pump and then lifes events took over and I had to it up give for a while.
I had brought a Dr kaplan electric pump,the most powerful out of the two he sells , that would have made life easier,however I ‘ve been unable to use it because of the noise it produces , it’s uncomfortably
loud, yes it is powerful , but I share a house with people and there’s no way I can maintain privacy with something that sounds like that!.

I know some people put their Kaplan pump in their closets or even a different room whilst they pump , but even then, the Kaplan mega vac (I think its called now ) is still going to be very much audible, If you live on your own or with an understanding partner that might be OK for you , but to me its impossible.

So heres where I need help.
I’m going to buy a new electric pump .I’ve narrowed it down to a CTC ULTRA MAXIMIZER3000 or a VACUTECH electric pump.

The CTC3000 is described as being quiet running,I know its very quiet compared to the Kaplan one . I’ve spoken to them on the phone and they emphasis this on their site.

The CTC3000 has a pulsing action which is designed to encourage blood to keep flowing in to the penis , which they say helps enlargement.

Which is excellent, but this action can be stimulating they say and I don’t wish to ejaculate in the tube as it is important that I save this energy as I practice seminal qi gong which is a form of tantric sex originating from Taoist practices.(I can still have an amazing orgasm
with out ejaculating).
My perineum muscles (controls ejaculation and urination) are very strong as is my “staying power” so it might not be much of a problem with regards to that, but this is still a concern.
What happens if I had a snooze, would I loose it then ?, I suppose the same could happen with any electric pump, but this one is definitely much more stimulating.

I’ll be using a mixture of tubes a 2 stage from pump toys and one of their (forgotten the exact name ) comforting rubber type seals that stop soreness where the tube connects to my groin. As well as just penis tubes.
I’ll be doing jelq as well.

They vacutech doesn’t have the pulse action but is also apparently quite running , it may be less stimulating but with no blood pulse action those benefits are lost. Could the CTC pump pulse action be too irritating ?
I wonder which is the quietest out of the two.

There must be some experienced pumpers out there who have used both?
I would be so so grateful for your advice .
I’m looking to get everything up and running and share experiences with other guys , I’m working on my own geocities page for my routine and I’ll be taking progress pictures with my digital cam.

regards Chris

You should do a search on this there are a lot of threads like this.

I have a CTC3000. I have nothing to say but good things about it. It’s not exactly quite but from what I have heard I would say its less noisy then most. The best thing about the pump is the suck and release action that gives you excellent circulation the entire time you pump. Don’t buy an electric pump that doesn’t have it. Not only does it feel good but makes pumping a lot safer. As far as I know this is the only one with the suck and release but I may be wrong. If there are others someone please post them. Not only that but Chris the guy that runs is a hell of a guy. He goes the extra mile for ya.

I use a Vacutech VT9000 and a thick wall tube I find it very enjoyable.

I have had my VT9000 for a year. I pump in my room some nights which is right next to my parents sleeping and they don’t wake up or come knocking on the door. LOL

I also use a vacutech brass hand pump for water pumping.

I made a suck and release pump I found out about from the thread for “A Homemade Pump. Yes a Pump, not a cylinder. ” I bought a aspirator sucking pump from eBay for about $30 with s/h, a Omron H3CR delay timer for $38, a solenoid valve for $30, plus some brass fittings and plastic tubing from Lowes for about $15. I use a cylinder I got for about $20 at a local porn shop. IMO, the pump makes about the same amount of noise as a refrigerator. I think if I had the radio on it could not be heard. And it works great and feels wonderful! :)

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