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Dr. Kaplan's hand pump

Dr. Kaplan's hand pump

I recently purchased one of Dr. Joel’s complete hand pump systems with the two cylinders.

The instructions are a bit vague as to what is supposed to happen after the warm up is done and you’ve inserted yourself into the cylinder.

I noticed that, once I had a good seal, and began pumping, all of the air would immediately leak out once I released the pump handle. If I keep the pump handle squeezed, it will keep it’s pressure for a while and then the air slowly leaks out. Plus, keeping that pump squeezed is murder on the hands.

Question to anyone who has used one of these things - am I supposed to keep the handle squeezed and then occasionally give it a pump or two as the air starts seeping out, OR am I supposed to pump it to the optimum pressure on the gauge, and then disconnect the tube from the top of the cylinder, this retaining the proper pressure?

I emailed the guys at Dr. Joel’s office who were very cool in assisting me with the purchase, but I’d like to hear from some of you experienced users.

Last night I used the pump for the first time, and as a result of my confusion regarding its’ proper use, I’ve got a bruised dink. Any suggestions on how to treat that? Should I wait for the bruising to completely disappear before I continue with the pump?

Also, has anyone had good results with a regimen of just pumps and weights? I’ve tried jelqing/manual stretching/milking and I really didn’t enjoy the swollen penis and completely sore arm.

Thank you very much from a PE newbie!

Welcome to the Pumpers’ Forum and sorry to hear your first experience was a bummer.

You don’t say much about the “bruising.” Probably a good idea to let it heal then go back to your pumping. That shouldn’t take long.

I’m not familiar with your outfit. Air though is actually leaking in, not out. Since you create a partial vacuum when you start to pump, air leaks in if it can to equalize pressure.

Did you shave a bit at the bottom of your shaft first? Are you using something like Vaseline at the bottom of the tube to facilitate a seal?

I assume if you bought two cylinders, one is smaller than the other. When you go back to pumping use the smaller one.

Someone here may know about the Kaplan model and be able to advise you. But tell us also what the manufacturer says when they reply. We all might learn something.



Thanks avocet. It’s good to be here.

I heard from the guys at Kaplan this morning, and they said what I’m experiencing sounds like a defect, and advised me to return my pump for a replacement.

I’m not sure exactly how the pump is designed (and I paid a bit too much for it for me to be comfortable taking it apart and tinkering with it) but I’m sure there is supposed to be some sort of valve which stops airflow back into the cylinder. I noticed that I could remove the tube from the cylinder and the pressure would remain fairly constant, so I’m sure that means I had a good seal at the base of the cylinder.

My bruised dork seems to have healed a bit in the last 36 hours or so. I’m going to give it a few days before I continue. The Kaplan guys told me it was a result of using too much pressure/not following the instructions/staying in the cylinder too long, however, given that I’ve probably got a defective pump, I’d say that all the “experimenting” it took to get it to work was the culprit.

I was going through the forums until 4am this morning, and I must say this is an enormous warehouse of information!

Since I’m a newbie, I might as well just state my goals right here. I just want more flaccid length. My erect length and girth is just about EXACTLY the average of all males on the planet Earth. And since I’m well-skilled at the actual USE of my thingee, average is totally fine with me. However, I’ve got the classic “grower not shower” syndrome. My decent, average, hard-working tool in the erect state is a frightened snail in the flaccid state.

I found all sorts of advice in the forums, some of which contradicted other things I read. Anyone here in the Pumper’s Forum have any good experience with increasing flaccid length?

Thanks again, avocet - I appreciate your welcome and your quick response!

How much pressure were you using. Sounds like you may have overdone it a bit. I have the same kaplan setup. Only use as much pressure as is comfortable for you.

The way I like to do it is get a nice big stiffy after I’m warmed up, insert myself into the tube and pump to a comfortable pressure (very low to start, much lower then my max) leave it for about 10-15 mins or less if it gets uncomfortable or there are any bad signs such as discoloration. While in the tube I do kegels. Then when the time is up I take it out and massage for 5-10 mins and repeat with slightly increased pressure.

Sometimes you will go a little bit to far, I’m fairly experienced with the pump and I still do it every once in a while but if you are careful and learn from your mistakes it will not happen very often.

I forgot to mention when I get to a comfortable pressure I pop the air tube off the cylinder, this has been the only way I have found to keep a constant pressure without continually using the pump. I don’t know if my hand pump is defective like yours or if this is just the way they are but this method has worked fine for me and is not really a big deal for me to pop the tube on and off to change the pressure.


The dork bruising has just about completely gone away, but I’m still left with the dilemma of what to do about my pump.

It would probably be easier to just send it back, but I’m still wondering if the problem I am having is just a characteristic of their pump or if it’s an actual defect.

The pump is made of plastic with a metal spring, and I don’t see any sort of airtight seals or one-way valves on it. If you pump it up briskly, the pressure in the cylinder increases, and if you can disconnect the tube quickly without losing your seal on the cylinder, it will maintain a steady pressure. But if you pump it too slowly, or completely release the pump handle, air runs into the tube and the cylinder completely depressurizes. Call me naive, but I didn’t expect something like that to happen with a piece of equipment I paid 3 bills and change for. (To Dr. Kaplan’s credit - the cylinders are very comfortable and very well constructed. They definetly look and feel like high-grade medical equipment)

Now that I know that ttiger’s pump functions similarly, has anyone else out there had any similar experiences with Kaplan’s hand pump?

I must have e-mailed the guys at Kaplan’s office dozens of times with all sorts of questions, and they seem to have tired of answering all my queries. I asked if that pressure loss is a characteristic of their pump, and they pretty much said “just return it and we’ll send you a new one.” But that could be a few weeks I’m left without a pump, which, pardon the pun - sucks.

I have the same Kaplan pump and also had the same problem. Somehow moisture had got inside the hand pump mixed with lubrication. I solved it by taking the back of the pump off (slight turn and slowly pull the plunger out) and wiping it down with a clean washcloth inside and out. Hope this helps.

I had a similar problem with a cheaper brand(no names).Solution.Local napa for a vacuum pump made for bleeding brakes.It wasn’t cheap 70.00 but it’s made of brass and has a gauge. Don’t give up it does get easier over time.

I wouldn’t give up on jelqing though!


You don’t mention that you have tried it , but many guys have found that you can usually get a good seal by putting some lube around the base of the pump (Preferably water based) Then just before you put it over your penis dip the bottom end of the pump into water - just enough to wet the base, than when you insert you penis turn the pump to make a good seal at the base, Then pump up.

There is nothing wrong with the pump if you can get the pump working with a quick build up as that means you have forced the pump into your body and that has made a good seal, But the ‘lube, water, and turning’ usually do the job for you. But of cxourse, yuou must always push the pump into your body when you start to pump.

Hope that helps,


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