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Mityvac pump diy pump

Mityvac pump diy pump


I’ve read a long thread detailing how you could create your own pump using the mityvac pump and some fish tank gravel vacuum pump as a cylinder. This sounds like an idea for now but the question I’ve got it is:

In the future, would I be able to attach the mityvac to commercially available cylinders(like the ones from thickwall, LA Dist etc)? I’m asking this because I was concerned that I might invest in all the parts only to realise that the gravel pump cylinder is no good, in which case I’ll be stuck with the mityvac.

For those who have actually put this together, how does the gravel pump cylinder perform? I’m worried that since its designed for fish tanks and not for heavy duty pumping that it might crack and seriously injure me.

I’ve found several gravel pumps, not exactly the ones listed in previous threads. I seem to have a choice between 1”(not really a choice) and 2” diameter so I can already see that in the future I might outgrow it(?).

Which of these do you think is best or similar to what you’re already using?…248#product1013

Thanks for your patience in answering all my stupid questions.

That Algarde Deluxe Gravel Cleaner looks cool. The base looks like it has some sort of ring attached to it. Gravel cleaners can be pretty sharp at the base and need some sort of cushioning attached. That ring just might do the job. I believe my tube is almost 1.75” or thereabout. The 2” was too large. My tube was leaky at the joint between the cap and the tube. Some silicone sealant fixed that. My tube held up quite well, until I stepped on it… :)

There should be no problem graduating to a “real” tube. You might need a hose adapter to join 2 different sized hoses. Any automotive store should have those available.

I started with an aquarium gravel cleaner cylinder. When I decided to get a real cylinder, I ordered a male coupler from LAP Distributing ( or ), went to Ace Hardware and bought some vinyl tubing in a diameter that fit the coupler, and attached (slid it onto the vacuum end) the tubing to the Mity Vac. Male couplers also available from Vacutech ( Vacutech sells the MityVac II as part of their pumping package, you can get it cheaper at AutoZone. The male coupler is universal, it will fit any brand of pump cylinder—Boston Pump Works, San Francisco Pump Works, Vacutech, LAP, etc.

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Thanks for the insight guys.

How different is the gravel pump cylinder from a standard cylinder. Are they made of similar material, plastic thickness etc?
I imagine the commercially available cylinders are made from hard but brittle plastic.

One more question:

I’ve found several mityvac products.
The most relevant one seems to be this one:

It also looks as if it has all sorts of adaptors to attach to tubes with.

Good choice?


That is exactly the one I have. Yes it comes with several attachments to fit different size of hose. I picked one up at AutoZone for $29.00. As for the tube, I picked up 2 sets from Pet co. They were both the Lee’s medium 10” gravel cleaner. The first one I got was the 1.75” tube. Its amazing how when you look at the tube originally and you think, perfect size, this will fit my package. Then come to find out when you try and stick your dick inside, its abit tighter than thought. So I picked up the Medium size 2” tube.

What I did for the ends of the tube is to measure out the circumference and measure the same distance in latex tubing. Then I sliced the tubing along the length and crazy glued it to the edge of the tube to act as cushion (That tube really cuts into you under pressure). Make sure the latex tube cover the entire circumference and hit end to end, otherwise you wont get a seal when you go to pump. I did this to both tubes. Check out my drawing attatchment. This should help make it easier to see.

I use the smaller tube to work the length while I switch to the larger one for girth.

Now here is something I have been testing and trying in lieu of your concern about the cracking of the tubes. I jelq and stretch while I’m in the shower/bath. I will warm up for about 10 minutes. When I go to pump, I allow some water to get sucked into the tube with me. I believe this provides 2 purposes. The first is to keep my package warm since I’m sitting in warm/hot water. The second is to somehow add counter pressure / cushion so the tube isn’t over stressed almost like wrapping a pressure wrap around the penis while its in the tube (like I read somewhere else in this forum)

Just for kicks and grin and I don’t know yet the effects, I am pumping at 5/6 hg for 10min. Originally when I did this without allowing water to get sucked in (just enough to cover the head of my penis) there is a great amount of pressure but a little discomfort. With the water in, there is no discomfort at all. In fact, I am able to go all the way up to 10hg before it starts to feel like the discomfort I am feeling without water at 6hg. Of course I only kept it there for less then a few seconds. Now don’t all go pumping at 10 hg’s and go ripping your dick off…. LOL. I’m just saying, I think the water somehow equalize the pressure without losing the suction benefits. Maybe I’ve stumbled onto something…the “aqua-pump”??? sounds catchy….

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Originally Posted by iknowican
How different is the gravel pump cylinder from a standard cylinder. Are they made of similar material, plastic thickness etc?
I imagine the commercially available cylinders are made from hard but brittle plastic.

The gravel cleaners are made from a cheaper, thinner plastic. Most tubes are made from acrylic, either extruded or the more expensive, clearer cast. The acrylic tubes normally have a wall thickness of 1/8”. The thickwall tubes have a thickness of 1/4”.

I’ve got the Lee’s Medium, it works good so far (only been pumping for about a week.)

To soften the edge I heated the plastic by holding it near a light bulb for a few seconds then rolled the edge out with my fingers. Holds a good seal, no extra cost, and doesn’t decrease the diameter of the opening.

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