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Building a pump


Mine is 2.5” diameter. You won’t have to worry about that for awhile…not until you’re above 6” girth (without the pump).

About the base, I didn’t glue anything on. It isn’t so uncomfortable that it stops me from pumping, but I know what you mean. It isn’t pleasurable to let it sit there, even at lower hg levels. You might have to custom make some rubber, and glue it on the bottom.

Yah, it kind of digs in around my base, but I think I’ll go get another today.

After awhile, it probably won’t even bother you. I know I don’t even notice mine after I used it for a couple days. I did sand the edges to make it level, and comfortable to some degree.

I went and bought a cheap pump at a sex shop, just because it has a good solid cylinder. I then hooked the cylinder to my Mytivac and away I went. Its alot more comftorable.

Here’s an electric pump and cylinder I made a while ago. Later on in the thread, there are pictures of it. It still works great!

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