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Premium pump distinctions

Premium pump distinctions

After taking good advice and investing in a quality LAPDIST pump a few months ago, I recall reading in the accompanying literature that premium pump owners should stay in the 4-6hg range.

By this statement, are they asserting that the premium pump is more powerful than regular pumps?

This could have implications generally for the advice people are given about pumping in the higher ranges when there are different pump powers available.

One guy discussing his routine who doesn’t use a premium pump, and pumps at 8hg for instance could encourage the premium pump owner into going beyond what was recommended.

A hg is a hg right? Just wondered if the vets had any insight into the premium pump advice that LAPDIST specifies regarding pressure ranges for that particular pump.

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Any quality pump and that includes any that come with a gauge is way more powerful then your body can take. For instance, the gauge on my lapdist pump goes to 30” hg, and I am sure the others are similar. If all gauges are calibrated correctly, 8” hg would be the same vacuum on all. Guys experiment with pumping at all levels including above 10” hg, but that doesn’t mean they are doing it right. I think when most experienced guys finally figure out what the best level is, it comes in at the 4-6” hg range.

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