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Low LOTter's any success?

Originally Posted by Dicko7X5
……..On some guys photos you can see guy’s ligaments clearly poking out from the base when fully erect, they seem to have a very low exit point that’s not far from the actual bulb/root of the penis.

The suspensory ligament properly said is of a triangular shape. I never seen that part exposed.

Originally Posted by Dicko7X5
Maybe I’m just seeing what I want …….

I agree.

You can actually feel your ligs on the sides of your penis, they are two strands, so I’m sure you can see them in some penises better then others.

If that is what you were referring to Dicko.


Possibly. I believe I was just feeling my internal structures.

My mistake.

As far as whether the ligaments protude or do not, it does not matter.


Just got off a conversation with Dino.

He received his gains by stretching 99% of the time with the Bib SD.

He had a high LOT.

Now he has a low LOT.

He stopped hanging seriously once the gains slowed with the Bib SD. He now has a sizable penis lengthwise. He then began stretching again with his homeade stretcher at a SO angle (tunica). I believe he started focusing on Girth and length took the back seat.

The tunica can not take a back seat to anything if gains are to be realized by stretching it.

I believe he received most of his gains from hanging SD. He concurs SD stretches the ligs not the tunica.

Lucky Bastard! Did not need to stretch the tunica because the inner penis he exposed added more then enough inches to erection size to satisfy his “needs” or at least temporarily. He then focused on girth and now he’s a pornstar :)

We low LOTs do not have this opportunity, or at least according to theory. We must get most of our length gains from the tunica with SU, OTS, RSDT, SO stretches. Not from the inner penis with SD and BTC.

The positive, the tunica has no limits. So we can gain as much as we would like but the path will be perilous. It will take vigilance and a bit of weight.

BTW he has a tree trunk for a base, nearly 7”, that he thanks hanging for. From the pressures that build behind the hanger and from pulling out girthier tissue I believe those two factors contributed greatly to his base girth.


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Ok, so we have gotten a bt of a debate going which is all good.

Now, how about moving away from theory and getting some low LOT’ers to contribute with their experiences.

I agree.

However, I believe those who have made gains with Hanging have moved on.

This is old ground and we’re a new group of hangers covering it.

Saying that one can not gain with a Low LOT is saying that one can not stretch/lengthen the tunica.

Which would mean gains are limited by how much inner tunica we have to expose.

For Low LOTs this would be incredibly disheartening.

This would also be universal regardless if one was hanging or performing manual stretches.

Hanging should just be more effective because it provides a constant stress and the potential to provide a greater stress then we ourselves can provide.

So all length gains would be from exposing the inner penis.

This seems improbable considering girth gains. Girth gains prove that the tunica can be stretched, deformed, fatigued. If the tunica can be stretched vertically it can be stretched horizontally.

There are plenty of girth gainers. Dino, Big Girtha, Bib come to mind but there are dozens if not hundreds of others.

I was hoping that the other gainers would come to this thread but we may be obligated to go digging to find them.

So Low Lots will be receiving most of their gains OTS,SO, RSDT, SU by stretching the tunica. Where those lucky few with High LOTS have gained by SD, BTC because of exposing the inner penis.

That does not mean they would not move on to tunica stretching when their gains have slowed hanging SD, BTC as Dino did, but they may be fortunately satisfied with the length the inner tunica has provided like Dino, thus not really pursuing tunica stretching with vengeance.

Low LOTs have a tougher tissue to deform to realize gains, but a limitless one. The Tunica.

Go on Bib’s board, and product guide for sure, and find his advice about how to start hanging.

Just add a bit of weight and presto. Get hanging.


Originally Posted by bluray
Bubba did you hang BTC before this surgery? You said you was hanging 30lbs so maybe your cock was already at it’s lowest exit point and is why surgery was not successful for you? Or did you hang after? Because then Lig stretch would be pointless wouldn’t it??

Hi Bluray, no I did not. I did a lot test after though and it was very low, like 6:00. My doctor, Dr. Alter, was the best in the world. He has not only a pastic surgery degree but he is also a licensed urologist. So, when a guy with his merit, who has done thousands of operations and understands reproductive anatomy better than anyone on this board, says that I will not have any immediate gains from “release.” None, zero, zilch. I believe him.

Oh, and I’ve gained about 1.5 inches, starting with a 6:00 lot, hanging only BTC.

Hog before: 6'' NBPEL; 5'' MSEG---->> Hog now: 7.3" NBPEL; 5 1/4" MSEG; 8.5 BPFSL

Eh, That smells funny doc.

Look you must of had ligs after the surgery. If not your penis whether erect or not would never suspend. I’m not sure what he did to you.

You gained 1.5 inches BTC after the surgery? Without Ligs?

Even if my interpretation of Bib Theory is incorrect, and it is more like Modesto’s then how would the tunica be stressed by the ligs if you had none?

He cut something, maybe a portion of ligaments but he did not cut them all, and you stretched them BTC thus releasing more of the inner tunica.

You had a low LOT after the surgery not before? if so I would say the low LOT you received after the surgery does not apply to the theory / the theory does not include surgery.

You had a High LOT originally which meant you had higher potential for inner penis gains, which you got hanging BTC 1.5”. The Low LOT doesn’t matter here because of the surgery.

LOT does not determine whether or not you can gain from BTC but it does give you an idea, probability. That is why regardless of High LOT or Low LOT you should originally hang BTC and SD to expose anything that the ligaments might be holding back.

Since you originally had a higher LOT pre surgery that is what you should have gone by to predict whether or not you would have gained BTC.

If the surgery did cut a portion of ligaments, I’m not sure how that works nor do I have time to really study the material, that probably lowered the strain on your inner penis thus making it easier to expose. The lowered strain gave you a lower LOT


Originally Posted by ModestoMan
I don’t think that is how it works. Now, I have limited experience with surgery other than what I’ve read here, but I’m pretty sure the docs don’t completely release the penis from the public symphysis. They leave a little bit of lig behind at the very bottom (subpubic arcuate ligament).

I believe most guys still have normal erection angles after surgery. The shaft is still anchored deep in the pelvis, and the shape of the tunica doesn’t change. It may take a stronger erection than before to get up to the same angle, but I think it still gets there. That said, I have heard of cases where some guys’ erections point straight down after surgery. Maybe those guys can measure a gain, but I think that’s a mighty big price to pay for a small gain on the ruler.

AHH. Got it.

I agree completely :)

You haven’t abused in a while my friend.


Originally Posted by marinera
“Penile Lengthening

Increasing penile length requires releasing the suspensory ligament and the wearing of penile weights after the surgery. Releasing the ligament partially frees the penis from its pubic bone attachments, dropping it to a lower position, which may increase penile length or give the illusion of length gain….

It does not require releasing the ligs, just stretching them to expose more of the penis. Releasing them is a far more drastic measure to draw out the inner penis. He states that one should wear penile weights after sugery, wonder why :) to fatigue whatever ligament is leftover and expose the rest of the tunica.

It’s essentially an operation that still requires BTC or some form of hanging to expose the inner shaft. It just makes it easier by cutting out a few ligs thus lowering the resistance to hanging.

It may increase penile length or it may not, LOT theory predicts whether or not a gain will be realized. The surgery itself may cut enough ligament to release the inner shaft, but that’s really dangerous.

I would worry that I would tear the remaining ligs from hanging, hanging may provide too much stress on only a few ligs.

However, the surgery does not stretch or fatigue the ligs, it only severs them. So as far as seeing gains immediately, cutting ligs does not release the inner penis unless IMO all of those ligs were cut / or a lot. Which would be bad.

Originally Posted by marinera
“Penile Lengthening

Ligament release alone may occasionally increase flaccid (soft) length a half an inch, but often no gain is achieved.

For two reasons. Not enough ligaments were cut, and or one had a Low LOT (or High, doesn’t matter, Theory only predicts) and not a lot of inner shaft or penis to release.

Originally Posted by marinera
“Penile Lengthening

Releasing the ligament frees more of the penis to be stretched.

Not necessarily. Stretching the ligs is a much safer method, but provides the same effect if one has more penis to free, i.e. High LOTs.

Originally Posted by marinera
“Penile Lengthening

Weights are suspended from the penis several times daily for a period of months. Flaccid (soft) length is often increased, and erect length gain is also possible.

This is just BTC stretching. It is possible if there is inner tunica to release, nothing new here.

Originally Posted by marinera
“Penile Lengthening

Length increases of several inches are rare; these claims are usually based on misleading measurements taken from the apex of a V flap. ……. a one-inch gain is considered a success even with the use of weights.

Right, significant length increases from BTC are rare because most of us do not have really high LOTs, more specifically, a lot of inner penis to expose.

Which means one should, after exposing whatever tissue that lies behind the skin exit point with BTC, begin hanging OTS, SO, SU, RSDT fulcrum…In short Tunica Stretching.

This surgery is not a good idea. It is much safer to perform BTC. Both are aimed at freeing more of the penis (not stretching the tunica). Both are limited by what inner penis one has.

Even if you do the surgery you are still required to hang weights/BTC but at what risk?!

Having a penis that never suspends, tearing leftover ligs, severing penis from body? Oh My!


Why is the penile lengthening surgery dangerous? They just cut the ligs with a laser right? I would imagine you could just hang VERY light, a small fraction of what you did before. I wonder what types of hanger they use!

Why is surgery dangerous?

First and foremost they are cutting and altering your penis anatomy.
Any surgery carries risk.

Ligs suspend your penis. If too much ligament was cut you would no longer be capable of a decent erection angle.

It is not necessary. Hanging BTC without the surgery provides the same effect and you do not need to lose any ligament in the process.



But some people do not gain anything you know? I would never do the surgery, it would be plain dumb at my point in all this. I hate my ligs and wish they were gone, but not 5,000$ worth of hate! I like you and all of your information bugs…Did you just become a mod? I have never seen you around unfortunately.


The surgery does not gurantee anything. If BTC does not contribute to your gains the surgery will not either.

$90 on a Bib starter would be safer and more beneficial to your gains and overall penis health then a $5,000 surgery.

Both the surgery and BTC stretching aim at the same goal, exposing more inner tunica by altering the ligs. One through a more drastic effect, cutting, and the other through a much safer practice, stretching.

Even if you did the surgery you would still be required to hang to gain anyway.

Regardless of either approach, one must have an inner tunica to expose to realize gains.

Those who do not should begin focusing on tunica stretching with OTS, SO, SU, and the best RSDT fulcrum.

Although I am not a moderator.

Thank you for those kind words :)

You are not gaining anything from BTC because you either A. are not providing enough stress to fatigue the ligs. or B. you have exposed your inner penis and need to get crackin on stretching the tunica.

I’d suggest you begin stretching SO, OTS, RSDT. If you need further information read the threads at the top of Bib’s forum on his website and his product guide.

You must approach this with a game plan and you must stick to it. Bib outlines a great plan and everything one needs to execute it.

The information here, hanging wise, is eratic. It is easy to get lost in so I highly recommend you take a look a Bib’s forum at and his product guide.

He is extremely helpful, and patient…to an extent. He’s already covered a lot of this same information hundreds of times with new hangers. It’s getting a little monotonous for the guy. However, he does his best to remain patient. Most of the questions you will originally ask are in already in his forum and product guide. Check them out first!

Just stick to it, stop hanging BTC if it is not giving you gains and work on your tunica. That’s where it’s at.



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