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Bib Hanger Feedback

Posted by da remy sipper


I’ve been a lurker here for awhile b4 I started to post.(i’m a skeptic, so what) I’ve noticed that the you’ve always seemed interested in helping others make gains,answered questions and give good advice. you’ve done alot more to further the cause of PE than others would. For that you have my utmost respect. I have seen some gains from hanging, but haven’t posted them as I’m not yet sure if they’re permanent or I’m just swollen. I’m noticing hair further on my stick than b4 so something’s happening. I only hang 2 days a week for 2/25 min. sets (i sometimes go 30 longer). I’m sure if I hung more often I’d see more gains, but right now I’m too busy. I know at this rate I’ll reach my goal (9x6) much faster with the bib than without it. Right now I’m at 7.7 x 5.5, 8 in.when it’s diamond cutting hard. When I started PE in Dec 00 I was barely 6 in. I’m proud of the gains I’ve made, and they’ve come thru what I’ve learned here from you and the others. You’ve helped alot of women receive more pleasure than you’ll ever know.

11-22-2001 05:37 PM


>You’ve helped alot of women receive more pleasure than you’ll ever know. <

But do they ever say “thank you”? Ok, one does.

Thanks for your thoughts.


11-27-2001 01:01 AM

Posted by da remy sipper


>You’ve helped alot of women receive more pleasure than you’ll ever know. <

But do they ever say “thank you”? Ok, one does.

—if they knew, your inbox would be flooded with thank you letters, gifts, nude pics, marriage proposals…………. they’d probably nominate you for president.

11-27-2001 04:24 AM

Posted by Playscull

Hi Bib
Been a lurker for some time also (5 months). This is actually my first post. I have some different topics and questions that I want to post and discuss. But first things first!!
I have ordered a hanger from you’re web site (that seem to work fine), I tried to use the Pay Pal to pay for it….but something is wrong and it is not working. I have mailed them 3 times about the id comf. number. I guess they have done their best, but it’s still not working. Even called my bank to get them to check it (said I needed it for some spare parts for my car …lol), but still nothing….seems they(Pay Pal) haven’t charged me.
Is there some way out of this mess…. could I just send you a check by post (from Norway)!!!
Ooohh…. almost forgot to thank you for expert advice….this summer I almost went under the knife to fix my “problem” but thanks to you and a lot of other people on this board this is no longer an option.
” I want it bad…. but I want it the right way”

12-03-2001 05:47 PM



I am really sorry about the paypal thing. A couple other guys have had trouble with it. The thing is, they are so much cheaper than any of the CC companies.

Paypal has come out with some new deal where you don’t have to sign up. They do the CC deal directly. I have to put a shopping cart on the site and wx is looking into that. I don’t know when or if it will be done though.

If you wish, just get a money order from your bank and send it. It won’t take much more time.

Thanks for the kind words.


12-03-2001 07:12 PM

Several guys have asked about sending Bibs to third parties for Xmas. I can do that, but this isn’t Macys or Gimbles. I am leaving for Xmas at some point, Mrs Bib has not told me when yet. Further, the mail is going to get slower as Xmas approaches. So if you want to do it, get with it.

Sorry to put this here but I deleted the emails.


12-07-2001 03:46 PM

Posted by 2Big

1) Comfort level is much better. I can now hang heavier weights with far greater comfort and safety.
2) Yes. Homemade Bib Hanger #2.
3) About 20 mins.
4) Provided it’s looked after and not abused it should last until I achieve my goals.
5) At present 12.5lbs 3 x 20 mins
6) 20 - 25lbs
7) 8mm/0.25” in 1 month using Bib #2
8) Absolutely!
9) Bib #2 20hrs, Bib Starter 4hrs
10) Nothing significant - can be a little fiddly at times but a vast improvement over Bib #2
11) Theraband
12) Yes
13) Website is better - at least you always know where the instructions are if you need them! It also avoids potentially embarassing situations if they were inadvertantly left lying around.
14) Yes.
15) Not before seeing photos of it. Yes.
16) Not before seeing photos of it. Yes.
17) Not before seeing photos of it. Yes. I was ready to sign up for surgury! Even at this price it is still more affordable than many other solutions on the market.
18) Internationally.
19) After reading so many *genuine* testimonials on PE websites it’s easy to be cynical and dismiss PE altogether. Forums like this one and Thunders Place are important. They answer many questions, motivate and are populated by *real* people with a broad range of objective views and years of experience to draw upon.
Starting stats - 1/11/01
BPEL 13.2cm - 5 1/4”
EG 12.7cm - 5”
FSL (Flacid Stretched Length) 11.3cm - 4 1/2”

BPEL 14.0cm - 5 1/2” (+ 0.8cm)
EG 13.3cm - 5 5/16 (+ 0.6cm)
FSL 12.2cm - 4 13/16 (+ 0.9cm)


12-13-2001 11:53 PM


Thanks for posting. Not nearly enough feedback on the hangers. Really pisses me off. I hope you gain all you want and more.

Attention: wx has almost got the shopping cart finished. This thing will accept CCs without joining Paypal. Paypal handles the things, but no membership is required.

If you are a member of Paypal, it handles it the usual way.

Hope this fixes the problems.

Mrs. Bib says Bib will be out of town from Dec 22 through Dec 27. Get your orders in if you want one before the first of the year.



12-14-2001 01:15 PM

Posted by Playscull

Yiiiha !!
My Pay Pal is finally working and I have ordered you’re excellent hanger through them. For me it’s important to add a hanger because my fingers/hands gets tired before my penis. And I feel that this is slowing down my progress.
What I did to fix the Pay Pal was to manually fax them all the info they needed and then I was set.
Thanx for you’re replay.

Whish all PE’ers a really good Xmas and good gains….
Playscull (“,)

12-16-2001 08:10 PM

To all the guys who ordered recently, your hangers are on the way. Wisdom King sent me a six yard box instead of fifty. I got the fifity today. To their credit, they Fed Exed the fifty. Everyone makes mistakes, but they really tried to make things right.


01-10-2002 08:25 PM

Posted by Nortical

Hi Bib!

Feel a little guilty because I promised you a long time ago that I would give you feedback on your hanger.
The thing is, I haven’t had time nor privacy to start hanging.
I would only be able to hang about 2 sets a few times a week and I if I’m gonna start hanging I want to dedicate a lot more time to it because I don’t want to risk that my ligs have all the time in the world to recuperate and grow stronger without any gains.

Anyways, I have tried out your hanger a couple of times though but without weight, just pulling the hanger with my hands.
I will try to answer your questions as good as I can with the little experience I have with the hanger.

It’s the starter version I have.

1, Have not hung before. Comfort was good even though I hadn’t tried many different combinations of tightness, positions and such.

2, ——

3, About a half hour.

4, Taking good care of it, I can’t see how it could break. Perhaps the soft rubber(?) padding could be worn out after a couple of years.

5, ——

6, Hard to say. Around 20-25 lbs perhaps.

7, ——

8, Yes.

9, ——

10, No specific problem.

11, When I tried your hanger I was using a thin t-shirt like wrap from a drug store in Sweden but I’m convinced that there are much better wraps out there.

12, Yes. And I would love to add a few extra dollars for it like you offered.

13, It’s much better with all the information on the web. You save money and forest and can update the information.

14, Absolutely.

15, Before seeing it, yes, because of your status and reputation here at the forums.
After using it, yes.

16, See 15.

17, See 15.

18, Internationally.

19, Great design. Showed it to my father when I got it, he had no idea what it was! =)

20, 16 cm (6,5”) lenght and 14 cm (5.5”) girth.

I apologize for not being able to answer your questions better at the moment. Hope this helps a bit anyway.

Take care!


01-17-2002 01:57 PM

Here it is, ready to go. I have sticky posted it to stay on top for awhile.

I have not found a way to associate the posts in this thread (stolen from PE Forums) with your member names here. I may never find a way, if I do I will make it happen. Have fun!

EDIT: The names of members have been associated and updated. If you are a member here and your name is on this thread but not associated with your new member name, speak up. We can fix it!

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In response to your request for feedback:

Questions and Answers:

1) If you have hung in the past, is the comfort level substantially greater than what you have experienced before? If you have not hung before, what is your opinion of the comfort level?

I hung with a loop at very light weight for a few monthes prior to using the Bib hanger. Because the weight was so light and I used alot more wrap material it’s not a fair comparision.
As comfortable as can be considering the exercises; if I take it slow from the setup to actual hanging and don’t rush any “phase of the process I can pretty much hang the desired weight for the time goal set.

2) If you have hung before, what type of hanger did you use?

Loop system

3) How long did it take you to learn to use the BibHanger?

After the first day I was hanging no problem,little adjustment here and there but very little learning curve.

What is your estimate of the useful life of the hanger? Durability.

The Bib hanger framework should last a lifetime the interior molding may need replacement or reconditioning once a year. I may be a little rough on the equipment though. All and all it’s a extremely durable product

5) How many pounds (max), and for what amount of time are you hanging?

25 pounds is my max for 30 minutes but I don’t go ther very often most of my training is in the 17.5 to 22.5 range mostly in 30-40 minute sets. I’m on a 6 day a week routine with 1.5 hours in morning each day and 1 hour at night 3/4 nights a week.

6) Estimate the maximum you think you could hang if you were properly conditioned.

Hard to say probably 30 pounds

7) What gains have you had so far, and in what amount of time?

3/4 inch in overall length over 7/8 month period including 3 months using the loop system so let’s say 1/2 inch with Bib hanger in 4.5 months.

8) Do you think you will be able to reach your goals using the hanger?

Yes for length, as far as girth my sense is the Bib hanger in a uli mode will also get me the girth I want as well ,but one step at a time.

9) About how many hours have you logged using it so far?

Maybe 200 but I’d have to check my logs

sept 20
oct 30
nov 30
dec 40
jan 60
180hrs +/-

10) Describe any problems encountered.

Using as a uli hanger to much pressure
conventional hanging none

11) What type of wrap have you found most comfortable?

Gym sock and thermaband

12) Would the inclusion of wrap with the hanger make a substantial difference in value, ease of use, etc.?

Not to me but if would elimnate looking for thermaband I’ve used less than 6”x 36” in 4/5 months

13) Does the product guide on the website and not in the box with the hanger make any difference to you?

No the website is OK, but perhaps it could be better organized separated into sections maybe; wrapping techniques,attachment techniques,using the weights i.e. adding and subtracting, FAQ etc.

Please keep in mind the “average user” will not ever get close to your program thus alot of the principles that worked for you may not work for them .For example few guys will be able to hang long enough to reach a fatigue point using 1/2 their max. While this is useful imformation it may not be practical for 90 percent of the people buying the product. BTW why do I get a pop up ad that covers the website every time I visit it.

14) Do you feel the hanger is worth the $65 (or $120) plus shipping paid for it?

IMO the product is under valued $65 is a joke and 125 is still a very very good price maybe $189 would be more appropriate.

15) Would you have bought the hanger for $100 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?


16) Would you have bought the hanger for $125 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?


17) Would you have bought the hanger for $150 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?

18) Was the hanger shipped internationally or within the US?

US of A

19) Any additional comments not covered above?

Hanging is a total commitment, it is not something a person will be successful at unless they are totally committed to the goal of making your penis bigger. As they say half measures will avail us nothing.

20) Would you please give your current bone pressed length and girth measurements.

7.999999x5.999999 but the meters about to roll over.

Thank you very much for your time,


Wow, what a great post. That took a lot of time and effort and I appreciate it. You get free Theraband whenever you need it.



PS That is not a bribe or inducement. Or maybe it is.


>Please keep in mind the “average user” will not ever get close to your program thus alot of the principles that worked for you may not work for them .For example few guys will be able to hang long enough to reach a fatigue point using 1/2 their max. While this is useful imformation it may not be practical for 90 percent of the people buying the product. BTW why do I get a pop up ad that covers the website every time I visit it. <

Yes, you are correct. That is a problem for everyone. Nobody has the exact same variables in any part of PE. So it does make it tough. Tougher for me than for others. That is why I value the opinions of other guys so much.

The Hypermart website is totally free. That is why the popups. Can’t get around them. Also, it is a problem with pictures etc.



Sorry, I missed your review. I appreciate it, but just throw in what you can whenever you are comfortable. No problems.



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