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Bib Hanger Feedback

Re: Bib


The straight out hang is what the skids are for. I always hung in an executive type chair. It has a long seat that supports the legs (thighs) all the way to the knee. I put the 4 inch pvc pipe extension on the edge of the chair and hung over that with the skids resting on the pvc pipe. You will lose a little weight to friction, but if needed, just go up in weight.

If your chair is not that long in the seat, get another chair to put in front of you, and a rope extension. Then, put the rope extension with the weight attached over the back of the other chair. You will have to put your feet up on the other chair to hold it.

As relates to soreness, have you arrived at the point where you can hang BTC? It may take a while gradually sliding your butt down in the chair before you can do this. But it is a great hang for the ligs. Usually, you have to go down in weight to do this.


09-04-2001 01:45 PM

Posted by carl011


Thanks again Bib - you’re a wealth of information. I will try the straight out hanging using the skids on the hard bottom of my chair. I have done a little BTC hanging by sliding forward and leaning back. I can indeed feel the lig stretch. Another question, which probably can’t be answered as we’re all different, but what are the most important angles to hang in your opinion? From your letter to TC I realize they all have their place, but how would one break up the routine by time at each angle? Should I base it all on the feel of soreness, or do you think there is a general rule of thumb? Thanks again.

09-04-2001 02:50 PM



Ok dammit. Ask enough and sooner or later I will answer. Knowing what I know now, and if I was starting hanging tomorrow, this is what I would do: Work on hanging BTC until I reached total fatigue, or at least really fatigued. IOW, hang as far ‘down’ as I could. Then, when fatigued BTC, I would hang straight out until I could hang BTC again. If straight out was too much stress, I would go to the over the shoulder or leg until I could BTC again. This should give the fastest gains, working mainly on the ligs.

I would not change this pattern until I stopped gaining for two consecutive months. Then I would go to a pattern of over the shoulder and legs and straight out for a while. If good gains, I would continue this until two consecutive months with no gain. This should work mainly on the tunica and be slower in gains. If no gains, I would revert back to BTC after a couple months.

Later, after being totally used to the work, I would do some things like under the leg and side of the chair. Things such as this can break you out of a plateau.

Remember, this is what I would do if starting tomorrow. It may not work for you at all. It also may take some time to be able to hang truly BTC. Above all, listen to your body. Stop at any particular angle when you reach fatigue.


09-04-2001 11:16 PM

Posted by newman1


just recieved it and love it Very comfortable NO STRESS on head will go for nine.

09-05-2001 08:03 PM

Posted by carl011


Bigger, hope my many questions haven’t been a pain in your ass. You last reply to me was very informative and I’m sure for many others getting into hanging too. With such an unknown field, it’s good to get things spelled out so that one can feel comfortable with his routine. Based on your knowledge, experience and results, knowing what you would do if starting out, is very reassuring. Thanks again for all the advice.

09-06-2001 02:49 AM

Posted by Tomcat

Feedback (in Old English)


Ye request fer feedback shall go thee noticed…

1. comfort level hath been superb

2. gains hath cometh in fractions as thee hath saith

3. nay problems

4. English measurements at approximation wereth 6”NBP x 6.375”EG

5. solid, old world stability worthy of his royal Majesty’s service

6. Aye! Me hag hath been impressed to the soul with thine 20lbs of steel hanging between me trunks! And we be ready to try more as the new moon approaches

7. thy King’s royal grey finest T-shirt material in all the land then wrapped to protect me lad with an old tube sock

8. jelqing me lad with plenty of lube shows heme well after a single set of work.


09-06-2001 03:05 AM



No problems about the questions. It is just specific questions about specific routines are tough because I do not know your specific variables. I only know about my penis. Period. So, what worked for me or someone else, may not work for you. Or maybe it will not be the most effective. Can get a little dicey.


The video store called and wants that copy of Braveheart back.

Thanks, and how much have you gained?


09-06-2001 02:07 PM

Posted by vivace

Hey Bib

I feel like a moron. Your recent straight out hang description has me baffled. I understand being in the chair, I do not understand the 4 inch extention and what you mean by skids. Written language has limits, a picture paints a thousand words. Would you please re-explain the straight out and I am sure I have been doing the BTC, but I forgot what the initials stand for. Also under the leg to the side is not clear also. Please??? Bib Uli’s are awesome. THanks

09-06-2001 06:40 PM

Re: Hey Bib


The pvc pipe extension is only needed if you have a cushion on your chair bottom. Like an office chair etc.. First, measure the depth of the seat. Take about a 12” piece of pvc pipe, of the approximate corresponding diameter (a little larger than the seat). Then cut out a strip of the pipe that is just wider than the depth of the seat. Drill a hole in two of the opposite corners. Tie rope or string to the holes. Tie off the ropes to the back support posts of the chair.

Ex. Say your chair seat is three inches thick. Cut off twelve inches of a four inch diameter pvc pipe. Cut out app. a three inch strip of the pipe lengthwise. This will give kind of a half moon, looking at the pipe from one end. Slide this over the edge of the chair seat. Protects the chair and gives a place for the skids to rest.

If your seat is not long enough; ie, the weights hit the floor, or your penis bends because the skids slide off, you can slide in say a three inch (diameter) piece of pipe (not cut) inside the four inch piece, which adds three effective inches to the seat.

The skids are the runners on the bottom of the hanger. What the hinge is attached to.

BTC stands for ‘between the cheeks’. Any other explanation needed, ask pumpinion. bad joke, sorry. You know I love you Pump, just not that way.

It is the most severe angle ‘down’ you can get, and puts the most stress on the upper ligs.

Under the leg is a little advanced, and requires either a longer than average penis, or a fairly limber set of legs. Simply put on the hanger as normal. Attach the weights. Then slide down in the chair almost as far as you would for BTC. Then, raise one leg (prop it on a table or desk), reach around that leg, grab the strap, and pull the strap over that side edge of the chair. It works the sides of the upper ligs, one at a time, rather than the entire lig bundle as with the straight BTC.

Good questions. If this is not enough, ask in more detail.

Be careful with the Uli’s. Let me know how it works out.


09-06-2001 07:26 PM

Posted by Canuck


Man can you really answer questions great. I have saved this as well for future reference. Thanks alot.

Just thought that I would describe my hanging situation. I have a chair beside my bed and in front of the chair is one of my dressers. What I do is wrap with about 24 inches of good flannel cloth strips about 1.5 inch wide. Attach the hanger and attact the weight, currently 13 lbs. I use a 10lb barbell with a 3 lb wrist weight wrapped in the middle. This all fits into a small web sack that I purchased from Canadian Tire. The holes in the webbing allow the “S” hook to attach easily. I then lay on the bed with my ass slightly over the edge which allow the hanger to pull between the legs.

I will sometimes use the chair to rest my legs on and other times I will rest them on the dresser, betwen the chair. Of course I Multi-task and do weight lifting using my other 7 and 10 lb barbells. Great for an upper workout. I hang 3 sets of 20 minutes with 10 minute breaks. I use to do 4 sets but was starting to cause the soreness along the shaft, therefore I will be trying the 90 degree workout tonight.

The only difficultly I am having is the foreskin under the head is swelling and I find it difficult to get it wrapped well. I am still working on a solution for this.

Regards Canuck

09-06-2001 09:44 PM


Sounds like you’ve got it going. This swelling, for me, comes from the wrap. If I hung for two or three sets, and the wrap was even a little too tight, I would notice this area beginning to swell. So, I would take off the wrap, usually after three to five sets and go piss or whatever. Then I would milk gently for ten to thirty minutes. This almost always dissipated the fluid and I could hang almost like it was the first set.

Wrapping the area will do no good. Just wrap normally but make sure the wrap is just tight enough to stay on. For me, if I could still piss with it wrapped, it was ok. It will still swell some but not as bad.

About the answering questions great? Yeah right. Sometimes when I read what I wrote, I can’t even understand what I was saying.


09-06-2001 10:21 PM


Easy way to test the thing about swelling. Wrap as you normally would and then don’t hang. See if you still have the swelling. Then later, wrap looser and see if it swells.


09-06-2001 10:57 PM

Posted by vivace

Thanks Bib!

Understood. I am a Moron. I believe I am on my way to making some substantial gains. I am now ready for the under/over and up. I have been primarily doing the BTC with good stress. THe bib uli at 5 lbs also feels promising. I am careful, but you’ve got me wondering what to watch out for. I am sort of like Dance in that my ligs are tough—obviously a Chicago winter thing. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it. Let me know if you need an investor.

09-06-2001 11:01 PM

Posted by Guiri

Re: Feedback (in Old English)

Hey BIB, here is a summary of the feedback I gave before, updated (although I have had very little time for anything lately, let alone hang.

Had only tried swimcap method before, which was very awkward and uncomfortable.

Currently hanging 4kg (8.8lbs) very comfortable, and I’m only using sports-wrap which is a pain in the arse but does the trick. To date have hung a little over 21 hours, usually in 2 or 3 20 min sessions (recently 1x20 min, just to keep the ol’ fellow accustomed). Very quick to get on and off, very comfortable (very quickly sorted out skin pulling probs).

Parcel was OK (had been damaged, but BIB was fine). Discreet. Online manual fine.

Foam split over teeth and one bead cracked and fell off. Nothing superglue couldn’t fix, in both cases.

Paid $65, not sure how much would have been willing to pay. It is definitely worth it’s weight in gold, and having the money would fork up the $120. Perhaps if money was tight I’d hold off a bit (remeber that in my neck of the woods, $120 is the minimum weekly wage, double that ($250) is considered to be VERY good.

For anyone like myself who is too lazy to make a homemade BIB, or simply not a good handyman, I would definitely reccomend the BIB mkIII.

Maybe some wrap included could help the learners in what sort of material/size/length etc is good, as well as being able to use the product correctly from day one.

09-19-2001 05:24 PM

Posted by Alcatraz


1. Yes
2. Basic Bib hanger
3. 1 or 2 sessions
4. Between 1 to 3 years before the gel part rips
5. Currently about 13 pounds for 3 twenty minute sets
6. Aprox. 25 pounds - limited by my penis, not the hanger
7. 3/4 inch in about 13 months, too soon for new bib
8. Yes
9. Less than 12. My schedule has been interrupted.
10. None
11. Ace Bandage
12. No
13. No
14. Yes
15. Yes, Yes
16. Probably, Yes
17. Maybe, Yes
18. Within the U.S.
19. Excellent product!
20. 7x5

09-21-2001 12:32 AM


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