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Bib Hanger Feedback

Posted by soyelmocano

I’m finally getting around to reposting. I hope I’m consistent with what I said before, but if not, it is my opinion for now.

1) Had not hung before.
2) Had not hung before.
3) Two minutes, if you count the minute that it took to open the box and get it out.
4) The plastic should last a long time (though the lip at the top may not last as long as the rest because of the washer rubbing it, but that’s hard to judge now). The gel seems to be the weakest part. It seems as though it could start to tear or peel. Mine had a “bubble” (hole, I guess would be better) when I got it. I can feel the plastic through it, but it is very small. If I don’t mess with the hole, I don’t think it should ever cause problems. The screws and strap should be durable. If they fail, they are easily replace.
5) Now up to ten with no trouble and sometimes add a little hand pull to that. No matter the weight, I usually hang between 3-5 minutes at a time, with the ocassional 7 minute hang. This is for a couple of reasons. First I think that it is safer. Second, it usually becomes uncomfortable around this time (wrap slowly slipping, ouch).
6) I’d still say 15. Maybe up to 20 one day, but 15 sounds reasonable.
7) I believ that I may have gained a little over 1/4” in around a month or so. Girth (overall and base) have improved slightly, but I have been doing other things as well. Maybe the base girth is from hanging.
8) Yes (coupled with other exercises).
9) I really don’t know. Use has been sporadic.
10) I’ve only used ACE bandage. However, this can be rough, especially if it starts to slide. I would reccomend trying different materials.
11) N/A
12) No.
13) No. Actually I think that it may be helpful to some, since it is more private. They are free to print things out.
14) Yes. (Paid $65)
15) Probably. Yes.
16) Maybe. Probably.
17) No. Maybe not.
18) USA
19) Iwas surprised by the size and weight of the device (heavier than I imagined). The smaller version may match my original mental image.
20) No. I think too many here get caught up in how big someone else is. I’ll just say that I’m a little bit bigger than before using the BibHanger.
Overall, good product. Most here should buy it just because of the help Bib has given out for free for a long time.

09-21-2001 01:08 AM

Posted by CallMeTripod

To Bib

Hey bib, I’ve had your hanger for a while now, been hanging on and off, still trying to get it to work just right…

I’ve been having problems with my penis twisting when tightening down the hanger… I’m about 4.5 inches or so flacid girth, smaller when I wrap tight naturally… but nomatter how tight/loose I wrap, my penis is still thicker side to side than top to bottom… When I tighten the hanger, it twists to one side or the other… Even when I contort my hands and try to hold it straight, I can get it tightened, looks good, but then the slightest amount of weight makes it start to rotate. I had put in a few comments on this matter before the boards went down, along with someone else… swm or dangle maybe… can’t remember who…

Anyway, I remember seeing in a post you asking if that person had figured out a way to prevent this and if not, then to message or email you… Have you discovered a way to prevent this?

I thought about lining something up in the upper ridges, to somewhat alter the shape of the grip, but that tends to pinch the lig, which I don’t want to do… I tried putting something under the wrap to alter the shape of the penis a bit, but it still twisted…

Sorry to post this and not answer any of your feedback questions, but I did’nt want to waste space on a brand new thread…

Thanks in advance for any input…

CallMeTripod /|\

09-22-2001 02:18 AM

Re: To Bib


Ok, try this. Wrap enough to where you have to let out the bottom adjustments at least a quarter inch. More would be better. Then, place your penis in the shaft well as low as you can. Then, tighten the top adjustment.

This should push down on the two top chambers equally and give a rounder shaft well.

You said it will turn to either side, so I assume the preturning the opposite way will not work for you.

Also, did you try holding the heead as you apply the weight, guiding it into place against the front thumbs?

I do not recommend placing anything else in the well with the penis. This will only hinder blood flow.

If any of these do not do the trick, get back to me. Let me know anyway.

Also, tell me how much it turns. A little is not bad. You just do not want it to turn so much that the top back of the head is against a thumb.


09-22-2001 10:24 PM

Posted by groa

Re: To Bib

Sorry for delay, found you Emails, but have been busy, kinda sick, and other stuff I won’t go into. So….1)Comfort is very good 2) NA 3) A few sessions, lot of experimenting. Mostly with position and wraps. 4) Long enough to reach goals. Some parts (strap) may fray but easily replaceable or mendable. 5) Have hung 20lb for 20 minutes, standing or out on pulley. 6) Don’t like to go more than 15-20 minutes, but probably could with lighter (10lb) weight. 7) No noticable gains, but after starting out great for two weeks, life got all @#%$-up and I’m about to start again. Did notice larger, healthier flaccid compared to larger “strange” looking flaccid that I had when jelqing for long periods. 8) yes, but would be just fine with half of L goal and some G. 9) hard to say, only recently started documenting routine. 10) wrap/skin pull initially 11)Mueller underwrap, then piece of sweatshirt 12) It might, but folks really need to use (and replace) with what is readily availible in their local area. Theres more than one way to ski…awww, not going to use that analogy here! 13) Leave it on the website, pieces of paper get lost and sometimes found by those who shouldn’t find them. 14)Worth the price I paid. Likely worth more just for time saved. 15) Yes 16) Yes 17) yes, but it’s really biased due to the fact that I have it and like it. Can’t be impartial on this one, sorry. 18)US 19) Many folks ask a question on wraps/skin pull/comfort. You, Dance, and others answer. Still have problems? Wrap erect!!! Only way I do it now and perfect every time. Subsides easily and penis is in natually extended state and very warmed-up. Skin always right and comfort is great. 20) NBP 6.5X5 BP 7. 1ya, 5 3/4 X 5. New routine hat I hope to begin soon involves haging several times per day (20 min sessions) at different weights/times insead of long marathon sessions of several consecutive 20 min sessions. I’ll report if succesful (or not) over next 6 months-year. Thanx for good product. groaboa

09-23-2001 12:43 AM

Posted by CallMeTripod

Re: To Bib

Thanks for the suggestions Bib, will experiment some more and get back to you… and yes, it turns quite a bit, to where the thumbs start to put pressure directly on the ligs… It’s an awesome product, I know I can get it to work for me, just needed some input…

Thanks again,
CallMeTripod /|\

09-23-2001 01:14 AM

Posted by Leo


Hey Tripod,

if I am not mistaken, your “middle leg” seems to have grown longer than your other two legs! Congrats man!!!

09-23-2001 02:29 AM

Posted by CallMeTripod

Re: Tripod

@Leo… LOL… well, that’s more of a desired ‘after’ pic… started out more like this… /’\ but feel I’m making some progress heh.

Bib, thanks for the suggestions, I’ve been working on getting the hanger adjusted correctly, and it’s working much better. I had been turning pretty badly, to where the back of the head was hitting a thumb, and the lig had pressure on it’s side from the hanger. I’m wrapping more now (had a preconceived notion that more wrap would lessen effectiveness, even though I’d read otherwise) and did the following per your recommendation.

For anyone experiencing turning of your shaft in the well when applying weight or tightening, take Bibs advice. If pre-turning doesn’t work, and careful guiding of the shaft doesn’t work, then widen the bottom adjustments out quite a bit, mine’s at about 3/8ths of an inch or more, slightly toed out (think that’s right, slightly wider towards the head), and this has virtually eliminated my turning problem. I did have to beef up on the wrap, but it’s very comfortable, and circulation is great!!

Anyway, I think this did the trick for me, and now I can really get to some serious hangin…

CallMeTripod /|\

09-27-2001 01:44 PM

Re: Tripod


That’s great. I appreciate your getting back on the subject.

Let me be a little clearer about the wrap. A guy does not want to overwrap; use more than is needed. However, I have run the adjustments out all the way and used three or four ‘layers’ of wrap just to see how the hanger reacts. It is ok.

In general, the more wrap you use, the easier it will be for the hanger to slip, and the poorer the circulation. But four wraps have not affected me. The key is to get the girth to where you can utilize the adjustments completely.

One other point. Never use something like foam, or any bulky type padding. It just will not work because it gives too much. Think of it this way. The weight or stress has to be applied somewhere. Bulky padding does not spread out these stresses any better than the hanger alone. The wrap needs to be solid. It can be thick, but has to be solid with as little trapped air as possible within the wrap.


09-27-2001 02:54 PM

Posted by CallMeTripod

Re: Tripod

Yea, I got ya… I’m actually using an off-brand of theraband, and some material from an old work shirt, it’s sort of like an oxford material, but a little rougher. I alternate, theraband on the bottom, then the oxford mat, then theraband, then oxford. The shirt material is rather course and thin, so it grips onto itself and the theraband fairly well, slippage is minimal. Also, because it’s so thin, it doesn’t create a lot of useless padding, I get good direct pressure on my buddy for gripping.

Thanks again for the help… If only all products had such interactive support!

CallMeTripod /|\

09-27-2001 03:33 PM

Posted by Merlin

Dear Bib,

You should feel good; you have come up with a rather amazing instrument (my impression so far after using it for 6 weeks, so far so good).

I wanted to respond with a progress report for your records. The stages of progress are awareness, knowledge acquisition, internalizing knowledge into progressively practiced optimal manual skills (like learning to play a piano), then observe the results. Part of my background involved scientific research, the same skills were used here to formulate an effective progressively dynamic model for PE. Additionally, Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker, said if you want to succeed at something, find someone who already has succeeded so you don?t have to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

Awareness started when I was in my twenties, where I tried vacuum pumping for some time with minimal success. Moving to the present one day not long ago I checked out the most credible PE sites starting with a MD sponsored site called On the sight there is a video demonstration (of you jelqing) that amazed me (I did not think such gains were possible). The three pay sites that I have studied/learned subsequently have been penisimprovement, forsize, and penilefitness, additionally I devoured information on PRForums and currently Thunder?s Place.

For the hanging aspect of PE I purchased your Bib Hanger arriving first of September, I have since purchased and received the Bib Starter a week ago. I will answer the 20 questions you posed in Hanger Feedback.

1. Have not hung in the past before Bib H. I have found the Bib Starter more comfortable and focused in its effects than the larger model at this time.
2. NA
3. Took a week or two to nuance the hanger application, had some trouble with twisting 45 degrees and moderate pressure on the penis head. With practice, the hanger worked well still with some of the above problems. Bib starter works just about perfect, the feel/sensation per tissue (tunica, lig) stretch is more focused than with the larger model. Also it positions on the shaft such that the penis head does no come into play, and could add relatively more weigh with comfort. At a size of 6 X 5 the smaller model appears to be a better fit, thought the larger model was very satisfactory and would have worked. I suspect one can grow into the larger model.
4. Useful life, unknown.
5. Pounds/time. Started at 3 pounds and added 1.5 lbs./week, currently hang with a max of 9.5 lbs. I try to hang 3 hours min per day and ad labium when I have time e.g. 6-8 hours. The protocol is to engage the optimal procedure suggested by you, which I call the BTC max weight induced tissue fatigue scenario. The two variables that come to bear are ?current max weight? and ?time? the more time the better. I probably have not reached the threshold of max weight as I am still adding for safety purposes 1.5 lbs./week.
6. Max hanging. Open ended and limited only by your imagination and prudence. You stated on a thread that you had best gains between 17 and 22 lbs. In my case I will continue to methodically add 1.5 lbs./week and I will know when the BTC fatigue scenario has been triggered.
7. Gains so far. ¼ inch over a month.
8. Reaching Goal. YES, and Bib hanger is an ingenious device allowing the use of sufficient weight to obligatorily induce permanent gains. I have incremental goals 7 x 5.5, 8 x 6, 9x 6.5 and then we will see.
9. Hours logged so far. In the last month certainly greater than 100 hours, the goal is to do 3-6 hours daily with appropriate wrest days when indicated.
10. Problems encountered. Some twisting in the large hanger and moderate pressure on penis head with modest swelling. No problems with starter, except perhaps the pull causes the penis to slightly angle up (visualize a banana) where as the larger model kept the shaft straight therefore worked better in this way. The banana effect perhaps could be an area to be looked into per the optimal fit per Bib starter, otherwise no problems so far.
11. Wrap. Theraband is perfect.
12. Inclusion of Wrap. Not important, unless you want to.
13. Product guide on website. Sufficient
14. Hanger worth. Pragmatically and strictly from a business point of view it is worth whatever the market will pay. However, in contrast to many of the not so ethical people who over charge, it is a good reflection on you as a fair minded individual who desires to give good value to the customer.
15. See #14
16. See # 14
17. See # 14, To give an honest answer, being convinced that this is the best way to realistically achieve PE, and having the money I would have paid $150 or more.
18. Shipped in US.
19. Additional comments. Knowledge is a source of strength; there is an amazing amount of information on this subject to digest. Divide, conquer, implement, find someone who has succeeded and have him be you model to facilitate optimal system development. PE complements perfectly my avid body building regimen. Parameters implemented so far are:
1) BTC maximum current weight tissue fatigue scenario.
2) Heat/cool down procedures to warm up tissues and cool down tissues in expanded state.
3) PC for the PE, variable time/intensity PC contractions during the hanging phase.
4) Optimum nutrition/vitamin+mineral+herbal supplementation and exercise.
5) Visualization.
6) Manual stretches through out day to optimize lig /tissue healing in elongated state.
7) Jelqing at end of session and possibly Uli?s sparingly until length work completed.
8) Rest for tissue recovery allowing for the BTC fatigue scenario to be completed to ½ max weight but also factoring in sensitive to body signals, or just take two days off each week.
9) and other concepts.
10) While I have been enthusiastic in these comments, I must honestly admit to healthy skepticism until major gains are fourth coming.
20. BPL approx. 6.7? X 5?. Have not been keen on pulling out the ruler that often, it is kind of like the farmer digging up his seed every day to check the progress. Good knowledge, good technique good results in time.

In conclusion, the Bib Hanger I believe is an amazing tool for imminent PE. There is a lot of mechanical things on the market, many I have tried. The Bib Hanger offers the best possibility for PE success because of the methodology, if done prudently, of using weights which can not fail to succeed.
God bless.

Best regards,


10-15-2001 12:20 AM

Posted by groa

In the above post by Merlin addressed to Bib is…(of you jelqing)…in reference I assume to Bib. If that is not a typo and is an accurate statement, might I make suggestion? Bib, if you did the video, would it be possible to link it in the FAQ for Newbies area? I believe I’ve seen that video and several others like it on the web and although I have no interest in jelqing anymore, some might find it helpful in clearing up some confusion. BTW, 3/20’s spaced-out are seemingly worthless. Restructuring to longer sessions beginning tomorrow. groa

10-18-2001 04:34 AM


Dude, I have never done a video. Further, would never do a video or picture.

You say 3/20’s are worthless. Have you gone up in weight? Have you reached your max hang weight yet?


10-18-2001 02:28 PM

Posted by carl011


Hi BIB, like groa, I haven’t seen any gains yet, but I must admit I’m still working on my perfect hanging schedule. It is always at least 4 days per week (with perhaps 10-12 days off in this 4 months time, due to vacation and lack of privacy) and I’m now up to 15 lb. and hanging at least three sets of 20 - 25 minutes - sometimes four sets. I’ve been hanging now for almost 4 months total. Does the sometimes “break in the action” really mess up what one is gaining? I suppose I should continue to increase weight gently, but I do feel a nice soreness after. Any thoughts? TIA

10-18-2001 03:49 PM

Posted by Merlin


For some reason I thought you were the one in the demonstration videos in, usually I am fairy astute on these things. Sorry for the mistake. Any idea who the person was in the videos?



10-18-2001 03:51 PM



BA can tell you who it is. He has said before, but I don’t remember.


We need to evaluate your routine completely. Four months is a long time without any gains when you have first started. I need as much information as you can supply.

How long have you been hanging 15 lbs?

Is this your max weight, where you know you simply cannot hang another pound?

Do you have to reduce the weight on the 3rd or 4th set?

You say you feel sore in the ligs afterward. Can you describe the feeling in more detail? How long does this last?

Do you ever feel any skin stretch?

Need clarification on your rest time. You said you have taken off 10-12 days over 4 months. This is ‘extra’ time in addition to the three days per week? If so, that means you have worked about 60 days out of a possible 120 days. Is this correct?

At what angle (s) do you hang and how many sets of each?

Any other thoughts you have, put them in.

Glad you mentioned this. Never continue for a great length of time without gains and without asking.


10-18-2001 06:03 PM


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