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Bib Hanger Feedback

Posted by carl011


Hi BIB, thanks for your interest. To answer your questions in order: I’ve done 4 sessions with 15lb. Before that I was at 12.5lb. It’s the highest weight I’ve tried yet, but perhaps I should add a bit more - I think I could handle it. I don’t have to reduce the weight on the third or fourth set - if I do a fourth. The soreness I feel is when I slightly pull to

10-19-2001 02:13 PM

Posted by carl011

BIB, oops

…don’t know why that happened, but here goes…I test ligs soreness by pulling gently to feel the tenderness. It can still be felt somewhat the next day, but it doesn’t prevent me from hanging. I do still feel some skin stretch, but perhaps that is due to 6 days off recently for vacation. Skin has been more sensitive because of that than previously. It’s probably been more like 20-30 days off in addition to rest days, so I’m guessing 40-50 days of hanging out of 120 - I’ll start to keep a log. MMMostly I hang straight down and BTC, but a few sessions straight out and up. I manually stretch out and up while I’m in the shower and sqeeze and Uli then too. Also, I’ve just recently purchased a heating pad to apply heat during the first half of each session - hoping it’ll help. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. TIA

10-19-2001 02:43 PM

Re: BIB, oops


You know, there are really only about four things that determine how much you will gain and how quickly. Condition of the tissues (how tough), amount of time stressed, amount of stress (weight), and angle of stress (providing for attacking the most vulnerable tissues).

A question I failed to ask is whether or not you had any flaccid gains.

Forty to fifty days of hanging at three to four sets per day equals somewhere between forty and seventy hours of actual hang time (assuming 20 minute sets). None of the hours at your max weight. This is spread over 120 days. Therefore you have averaged between 20 and 35 minutes of actual hang time per day, none at max weight.

There are some individuals who would make gains at that rate. But not a whole lot. Look at it this way. If you only hung 10 lbs. for one twenty minute set per month, you could not very well expect any results.

You may not be able to invest any more time than what you have so far. If you continue on the same course and eventually reach your max weight, you will probably make good gains. It will simply take longer than it will for those who can invest more time.

After a while, you can do a cost/benefit analysis to see if the gains are worth the time invested. But right now, you don’t have enough information.

One really good point is the fact that you are sore the next day after the work. This means you have accomplished something. If you have flaccid gains, then you are probably about to see some erect gains.

You can probably help yourself out by doing some quick stretching every chance you get during the day, especially after hanging. This may help accentuate the hanging work, keeping your penis in the extended state.

Hope this helps and let me know what happens.


10-19-2001 03:35 PM

Posted by carl011


Thanks for the reply Bigger, but I was hoping for a magic pill. I understand and I guess my first priority is to add weight to find my max weight and continue from there. Given the way I feel now - I think I am close and guess it’ll be around the 20lb. mark. I will then continue to hang three to four sets per work day and attempt to hang the typical 4 days per week. If I come across days where my privacy and time allow, I’ll continue to hang at reduced weight if necessary for more sets. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? I was under the impression that most people gained on the 4 days per week/3 sets per session program - am I mistaken? Thanks for your advice. I will continue to work and try to increase my stress and time committment. I am determined to gain, so even if this takes me much longer than originally expected, I’ll keep at it and plan to achieve my goals in more time. Thanks for any additional suggestions you may think of. c

10-19-2001 04:43 PM



After reading the boards, you should know there are no magic pills.

I don’t know where the four days per week thing came from. I always hung five days per week, and snuck a couple sets on the weekend. Sometimes I needed the time off and sometimes I did not.

>I’ll continue to hang at reduced weight if necessary for more sets. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? <

Yes, the key is to get to tissue fatigue, and then continue the stretch with less weight.

I have always tried to get guys to understand, that at least with weights, the amount of time does matter. At least to the RATE of gain. Now, some guys will gain just breathing on it. But others have to put in the effort. It does not take the amount of time I put in.

But it does take some. Even if you hung only three sets, but did them at your max weight (or started at your max), and did them for six days per week, that would approach an hour hang time per day. Also, you would benefit from the continuation factor of additional stress before total healing total healing occurs.

Keep us posted. You will get there


10-19-2001 07:30 PM

Posted by carl011


Hi Bigger. Thank you again for your words. Of course I know there is no magic pill, but I am a bit frustrated as you can imagine. I think my tone in my last post says it all though - I’m determined to gain no matter what the time frame. But I do wonder how one knows when they reach they’re max weight. Is that the weight where after one set of 20 minutes, one must reduce weight or perhaps after three sets of 20 minutes? I hang at least 20 minutes and at least three sets on hang days. I’ll also try to increase my number of days per week.

>But it does take some. Even if you hung only three sets, but did them at your
max weight (or started at your max), and did them for six days per week,
that would approach an hour hang time per day. Also, you would benefit from
the continuation factor of additional stress before total healing total healing

This statement confuses me. Why does this only approach one hour of hang time per day? Because maybe one isn’t at his max weight? And by additional stresses, do you mean going down in weight after ones work sets? After all sets have been completed, would it be worth just wearing the hanger for a while to keep the elongated state? Is this enough weight to achieve any continued “stretch”. Thanks again Bigger - I’m trying.

BTW, do you or does anybody have any recommendations on an application to easily log PE as well as other weight workouts? Tried Outlook, but found it very non-friendly - to me anyway. TIA

10-20-2001 02:31 AM



For myself, I always considered my max weight to be that poundage that I knew I could not hang another pound. Kind of like in weight lifting or any exercise. You know that you can not do it.

Sometimes, when you try a new max weight, go up a pound or two, and try to hang for twenty minutes, you can only go for ten. You know at that point that you have reached your max weight. It becomes too uncomfortable. So you have to take off a couple pounds or more during the set. That is ok.

Then, at that max weight, you find after a couple of sets, you have to go down. The max weight has done it’s job.

>This statement confuses me. Why does this only approach one hour of hang time per day? <

3x20=1 hour. 1 hour x6 days worked =6hours. 6hours/7days= a little less than 1 hour per day average.

>And by additional stresses, do you mean going down in weight after ones work sets?<

Yes and no. There are two concepts there. One is the breaking of lessor LFs during the same session, and the other is the continuation of hanging, not allowing total healing before the next stress by hanging on consecutive days.

While working at your max weight, you are going to break through the most LFs that are possible at that time. The toughest LFs that you can possibly handle at your max weight. However, after those are conquered, additional stress (having to go down in weight) will break through underlying LFs that may or may not have had time to fail, after the strongest LFs have failed. You want to do this before the other LFs have healed and the ‘bundle’ of fibers become stronger.

I was writing before about the continuation of day after day hanging. The previous days breaks not healing completely before the next stress is applied.

Try this:

Healing…and apology!

>would it be worth just wearing the hanger for a while to keep the elongated state? Is this enough weight to achieve any continued “stretch<

Probably not. The additional stresses I was writing about referred to them working healing LFs. Just keeping a little bit of weight on would probably not do this. It would however help with preventing adhesions.

Good questions. Keep it up



Posted by carl011


Bigger, thanks for the clarifications. Today I am hanging with 17.5 lb. (2 1/2) over my previous max to feel the additional tension. So far it feels pretty good, but will proceed with caution. After another couple of sessions, I’ll decide whether or not this will become my regular hanging weight and then add more as required. Thanks for the thunder link - I’ll copy it into my files for future reference. The bottom line I get from all of this discussion is to hang as much as possoble to avoid lig repair in a shorter than desired state, thus making it tougher to “break” the next time. I’ll sincerely try to increase my hang days and to keep under tension. Hopefully I’ll be able to have the time and privacy I need to accomplish this. If not, as you suggest, I’ll be pulling it in the bathroom and shower to keep from repairing. Thanks again for taking this time for me. I’ll keep you posted. carl

10-20-2001 02:14 PM

Posted by Viking



Time to give you some feedback.


1) If you have hung in the past, is the comfort level substantially greater than what you have experienced before? If you have not hung before, what is your opinion of the comfort level?

The comfort level is way better than I have ever experienced.

2) If you have hung before, what type of hanger did you use?

I used a home made version og the Grip, but when I tried to hang heavy, I got big blisters !!!

3) How long did it take you to learn to use the BibHanger?

About a couple of minutes, but I did not get it to work perfectly until I had tried it out for a couple of weeks.
For me it was esential to attach the hanger high up on the shaft.
That way I got no pressure on the head.

4) What is your estimate of the useful life of the hanger? Durability.

I think it will last for a looooong time, as long as I do not abuse it.
And I wont.

5) How many pounds (max), and for what amount of time are you hanging?
I am no up to 17#+, and I hang for 15 min. periodes.
Usually I hang 4 x 15 min., two days on, one day off.

6) Estimate the maximum you think you could hang if you were properly conditioned.

Hey, I think the sky is the limit on this one.
Ok, being serious, I’d say 22 to 26#, but that is just a guess.

7) What gains have you had so far, and in what amount of time?

I have done a lot of different things before.
I started out with the program I use now 4-5 weeks ago.
My stats were at that time 7 x 5.5.
I am still 7”+ I think, but I have gone up about 1/4” in girth mid shaft.
Besides hanging I do a little Uli after I have hung.

8) Do you think you will be able to reach your goals using the hanger?

Yes, definately.
As I sit here writing, I can feel the soreness from last evening, so it is working.
My goal is 8 x 6, and I think I will reach this goal with no trouble.
Of course it will take more than 4-5 weeks, but time is hopefully on my side.

9) About how many hours have you logged using it so far?

About 25 hours until now.

10) Describe any problems encountered.

My dick gets a little cold sometimes, and also a little blue, but I do not see how I can avoid that.
That is why I only hang for 15 min. at a time.

11) What type of wrap have you found most comfortable?

I use some form of theraband and a strip of wool cloth, works fine.

12) Would the inclusion of wrap with the hanger make a substantial difference in value, ease of use, etc.?

Probably, because you would have no need to look for something good to use.

13) Does the product guide on the website and not in the box with the hanger make any difference to you?

Very nice to be able to pop in from time to time to have a peek.

14) Do you feel the hanger is worth the $65 (or $120) plus shipping paid for it?

YES !!!

15) Would you have bought the hanger for $100 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?
Yes I think so.
After using it, defenately.

16) Would you have bought the hanger for $125 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?

Same answer as 15.

17) Would you have bought the hanger for $150 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?

After using it, probably.

18) Was the hanger shipped internationally or within the US?


19) Any additional comments not covered above?

Just, that I thank you for putting in the time and effort so that others like myself can get the results we want so much.

20) Would you please give your current bone pressed length and girth measurements.

7”+ x 5.75” but that is not bone pressed.

10-23-2001 07:02 AM

Posted by Dick Hertz

1) Pound for pound, the comfort level is better…that is, I’d like it to be more comfortable but I’m also hanging twice the weight I could using my old method.

2) Swimcap, loop, and a homemade contraption consisting of a penis sheath, wrapped with ace bandage, and tightend down with a hose clamp. Majority of hanging “success” was with the last method.

3) It took a couple weeks worth of tinkering with different wraps and adjustments, though I wouldn’t really say I’ve fully perfected it yet.

4) Probably longer than the useful life of my dick, it seems quite sturdy. I’ll pass it down to my sons.

5) I’m hanging 16 lbs for 15 minutes, usually four sets

6) Hard to say, the sticking point for me is more skin comfort than it is the internal stretch. I’d guess I could work up to 25 or so if that were eliminated, but who knows.

7) I don’t have gains attributable to the BH, been using it about 3 months. To be fair, I’ve already cashed in on my ‘easy’ gains and got it to try to bust out of the ‘stuck’ phase.

8) Possibly. I do feel as if the increased work is doing something. (that tingly itchy healing feeling) I don’t really have hard and fast goals anyway, beyond gaining something.

9) Somewhere around 200-250 hours, guesstimate.

10) Skin discomfort, bunching under the wrap…more a wrap problem than a hanger problem though. My little beads on the ends of the bolts came off too but it has no effect on anything.

11) Swimcap material I guess…I haven’t quite hit on a combination I’d call comfortable yet.

12) Yes, I think it would. I hate to order things online (wife does the credit card bills and all) so I still haven’t gotten around to trying the theraband.

13) None at all, its better online anyway to allow for updates.

14) (paid 120) Can’t really say at this point…if I gain, even a quarter inch, I’d say its worth it. If not I’d be better off buying beer with the money. But I would say I wish I’d had it back when I first started hanging. If you add up all the hours of tinkering and frustration and pain you go through devising hanging methods it comes to a lot more than $120 even at minimum wage.

15) Probably not…I’m sort of cheap and I hate to buy things when I think I could do it for free…but I sort of impulsively ordered mine in a moment of frustration with my crappy homemade hanging methods that weren’t working well.

16) same as 15

17) same as 16, only even less likely

18) US

19) Not really, other than its a solid-seeming device and the support/help with questions, etc, is admirably thorough from what I’ve read.

20) I don’t do bone-pressed..metal rulers too sharp
7” nbp, 5.5” girth

11-13-2001 03:50 AM

Posted by seanjacobs99


1 - I have hung before. The comfort level of the bib hanger excellent. Better then anything I have ever used.

2 - I used: Swim cap, pipe insulation and the original bib hanger (flexible PCV)

3 - It took me 3-5 days to get use to hanging with it.

4 - Excellent. I believe that the overall hanger could easily last for years if it is taken care of. Only the “gel” rubber used as padding would seem to wear out earier.

5 - Right now I am hanging 8.75lbs for 3 X 20min sets. I plean to go up over 15lbs.

6 - I would guess that I could hang over 20lbs in time.

7- No gains yet (but I will keep you posted)

8 - I hope I will reach my goal. The hanger will allow me to use the weight I need to use.

9 - Less then 10 hours so far.

10 - Wrapping properly before hanging. I sometimes have to; wrap, put on the hanger, find it is uncomfortable, take off the hanger, re-adjust the wrap, and put the hanger back on.

11 - I use t-shirt material right now, but I have theraband on order.

12 - Yes, including some thera band would be very helpful, and it would increase the value.

13 - Yes, it helps to have a reference.

14 - Personally I feel the hanger is worth the $120 + shipping. I would pay a lot more for a big penis.

15 - Yes and Yes.

16 - yes and yes.

17 - yes and yes

18 - U.S.

19 - The only other thing I would recomend to include would be instructions on how to make something put the actually weight on the hanger. I use a peice of cable with “loop” ends. I just put standard plate weights on the cable and hook both ends to the hanger. Works great, and standard plate weights are available at many stores and are very cheap.

BP length 6 15/16” (don’t want to give myself that extra) X girth 5 5/8”


11-13-2001 04:36 AM


Every time I think I have satisfied the forum hanger needs, I get a bunch more orders. It seems to be some kind of a cycle.

I wanted to try and get everyone lined out on usage problems and eventually retire from the PE game. It has been a long time. I made my gains. Tried to help others. Produced the hangers like I said I would. Hell of a deal. Things have more than got out of hand with this. My only motivation now is to see others make gains. Not getting much motivation there.

Now, my goal is to get back to my regular business. I don’t think I want to turn the hanger thing into a business. Things like advertising on adult sites and all the other internet marketing stuff is not for me. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t want to go through the hassle. Also, the plastic manufacturing is a pain. I like the development stage fine, but the production is too slow. Also, a big amount of time is taken up answering the same email questions over and over. I don’t really mind, it just takes a lot of time.

Further, I am not so sure the hangers are a success. Too many guys have not said anything about them. I am afraid many are sitting on a shelf, or under a bed. That’s not why I made them.

Here is the breakdown on hangers: 279 sold total. 202 regular and 77 Starters.

By volume we have: South Africa 1, Brazil 1, Turkey 1, Taiwan 1, Malaysia 1, Kentucky 1, Vermont 1, Rhode Island 1, West Virginia 1, Alaska 1, Iowa 1, Italy 2, Switzerland 2, Denmark 2, Australia 2, Norway 2, Japan 2, Singapore 2, Israel 2, Spain 2, Alabama 2, Maine 2, Minnesota 2, South Carolina 2, Oklahoma 2, Oregon 2, Tennessee 2, Arkansas 2, The Netherlands 3, Sweden 3, Michigan 3, Pennsylvania 3, Kansas 3, Maryland 4, Ohio 4, Wisconsin 4, Nevada 4, New Jersey 4, Washington state 5, Connecticut 5, Canada 6, Arizona 6, Colorado 6, Georgia 6, Germany 7, Louisiana 7, Indiana 7, Virginia 8, Massachusetts 10, Northcarolina 10, Illinois 10, Great Britain 13, New York 14, Texas 14, Florida 15, and number one, California with 51.

I think that is one off, but I am not going back through to find the error. Anyway, I don’t know how many have commented on them, but less than 25% I am sure.

So, over the next couple months, I want to slowly let this thing die down. I may not answer emails or posts as fast as I have been, but I will try to answer any questions. I will also try to get out orders in a timely manner as always. Mainly my focus will be on shifting time back to my regular business.

To those that have hangers, I hope you get good service from them. I hope that everyone on the board gets all they wish for from PE, whether they have a hanger or not.


11-17-2001 10:19 PM

Posted by Penismith

Re: WTF?

Hi Bib,
You have done a great thing. The hangers are an incredible value for the money. No, I am not using mine for hanging at this point but it still gets attached to my cock for Uli Es. I hate to see you leave, but when you do, please leave your website up so those who do have a Bib collecting dust can go to the site and read what is there if they decide to use it in the future. This PE thing is not easy. Many probably get frustrated or simply don’t have the time. You have given others the oppurtunity to change their penis if they are not satisfied with it and for that you will be remembered.
Let me know if you want to look into the extract info I sent you. If you don’t want to work on it with me, I am going to send it off to a couple of Pharm and Nutrition companys I anonymously contacted awhile back to see if there is any PE research in progress (all said no, but several said they would be very receptive to any ideas!).

Hate to see you go, but if you do, pop your head in every-so-often and let us know how you are doing. I think many of us have grown to consider you a friend

11-18-2001 11:30 PM

Re: WTF?

Hey, I’m not dead yet. I appreciate PS and the emails but put the shovels away. Trying to run me off, huh?

I am simply getting back to my old business. I still have hanger parts inventory to work through. All the hangers on order are going out, and I still take orders. For some time. I don’t know when I’ll quit.

Just letting folks know the plan. I will not be on the board as much or answer emails as quickly. I will still try to get the hangers out as soon as possible.

The website will stay up and the homemade hanger stuff will stay up.


11-19-2001 03:13 AM

Two new tips that others have found effective.

One is bicycle innertube to replace theraband for the outer wrap (or alone). It should be thin or as thin as you can find. It will probably still be thicker than the silver theraband, but it works for some.

Second is the use of paper tape to secure the wrap. I tried this and it is good. It does not become ‘gummy’ like duct tape will. It is easy to put on and take off, and it is strong. You can get it at any drug store.


11-20-2001 02:31 PM


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