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Bib Hanger Feedback

Bib Hanger Feedback

BibHanger Feedback

Hanger Feedback

Except for the first couple paragraphs, this is a repost of the other Feedback thread, pretroll.

If you posted on the previous thread, please repost here with any updates or new thoughts on the hanger.

I am truly sorry to anyone who cannot afford the current $120 price on the BibHanger. I sent out a lot at $65 and quite a few so far this month at $120. It has become a little easier around the house. Still no easy way to make the hangers. I will still help anyone who wishes to make a homemade bib. The instructions etc have been reposted on the personal routines section. If the $120 is too much, try to make a homemade version and try out hanging to see if you like it.

I still need to evaluate the hanger?s effectiveness. How much value is being attained from the hanger?s use. Of course, at this early stage, there will be little or no realizations of gains. But I need some input nevertheless. I have only received a couple technical questions on the hanger?s use. Not enough to even begin a good FAQ section, or evaluate the hanger. I would appreciate your thoughts on the following questions and any additional thoughts you might have. I will not take offence from any comments, and appreciate your honesty.

I know that this is a lot of questions and a royal pain. I apologize for the inconvenience to those who reply and to the board for taking up the space. But I really need to make a decision with good input. Thank you for your time and consideration.

If you have not received your hanger yet, or you have not had the time to use it much, please keep this thread in mind, and answer it when you feel comfortable making honest evaluations.


1) If you have hung in the past, is the comfort level substantially greater than what you have experienced before? If you have not hung before, what is your opinion of the comfort level?
2) If you have hung before, what type of hanger did you use?
3) How long did it take you to learn to use the BibHanger?
4) What is your estimate of the useful life of the hanger? Durability.
5) How many pounds (max), and for what amount of time are you hanging?
6) Estimate the maximum you think you could hang if you were properly conditioned.
7) What gains have you had so far, and in what amount of time?
8) Do you think you will be able to reach your goals using the hanger?
9) About how many hours have you logged using it so far?
10) Describe any problems encountered.
11) What type of wrap have you found most comfortable?
12) Would the inclusion of wrap with the hanger make a substantial difference in value, ease of use, etc.?
13) Does the product guide on the website and not in the box with the hanger make any difference to you?
14) Do you feel the hanger is worth the $65 (or $120) plus shipping paid for it?
15) Would you have bought the hanger for $100 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?
16) Would you have bought the hanger for $125 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?
17) Would you have bought the hanger for $150 before actually seeing it? How about after using it?
18) Was the hanger shipped internationally or within the US?
19) Any additional comments not covered above?
20) Would you please give your current bone pressed length and girth measurements.

Thank you very much for your time,


Edited to add #20.

Posted by PullE747

1) I never hung before, but quickly went from 5, 8, 10, 13 to 16 lbs in a matter of days. Was sore but no real discomfort.

2) NA

3) Got if figure out right away. Other then still have not figured out the advantage to wrapping.

4) Like all engineering, design it for the useful expected life. I think it will last that long.

5) After 2 weeks hanging 16lbs for 3X20

6) Don’t intend to go nuts here, think I would not ever go past 20 to 23 lbs.

7) Just starting out. Have noticed nice gains in the F length already though.

8) Do not have actual goals, mostly F gains I guess, and that has already improved much.

9) Approx 12

10) None to really speak of. Only thing with it’s length and weights it is hard to keep it short enough to hang while sitting in a chair. Can be done but weight does want to turn a little and hit the floor. Been trying things here though.

11) Currently using cut up sweatshirt.

12) YES, if this therabond is the right stuff a single 1 1/2 by 18 length cut would be great to try it.

13) No online guide is fine. Besides if someone opens the box they couldn’t tell what it is.

14) Yes worth the $65!

15, 16, 17) I think once you cross the $95 mark you are in a much more expensive item. I do not think I would have tried it if it was more then $100 with shipping.

18) US

19) Just darn glad, I am able to start with something like this, then all the other weird looking things. No way I would have attached some of these clamps others have to there buddies down below.

08-28-2001 09:18 PM

Posted by Cmorsnatch

Wanna build a bib!

Hey Bib,
I thought long and hard about purchasing a bib when you had them at 65 bucks. I know i should have snagged one then, but you werent accepting credit cards, oh well, my loss.
Now there selling for 120 US, thats more than i can afford right now.(stupid canadian dollar!)
Anyways a guy on another forum told me all i need to build one is pipe insulation and a couple clamps. Just wondering if thats the same as your homemade version or if theres something missing, and do i just tie a weight to a rope and tie that to the screw?
Thanxs Cmorsnatch

p.s.You wouldnt happen to sell your bib unassembled eh!

08-28-2001 09:57 PM

Re: Wanna build a bib!


No, I never had any luck with the pipe insulation. Tried it a long time ago.

I reposted all the information on making a hanger in the personal routines section. Any questions, just ask.

It does not take long to assemble one. Making the fing parts is the time consuming thing. You want me to just pour all the plastics into a box with the hardware?


08-29-2001 02:52 AM

Posted by Penismith

Hanger feedback

1. I used the swim-cap a few times in the past and the BH is considerably more comfortable.
2. See 1.
3. I hung 15lbs with out pain the day (memory fading) I got it.
4. It is very useful; I can get a far greater stretch with the BH then I can manually. It has not broken yet and seems durable but only time will tell.
5. 20lbs for 5 min.
6. It is hard for me to estimate that.
7. I have been traveling a lot lately so I have not been hanging, but in a month of regular use I gained ¼ inch. I do a lot of other things so I can?t say for certain that the BH facilitated the gains, but I strongly believe it helped based on the stretch I feel when I use it and the fact that my gains were particularly good that during that month
8. I hope so, I feel certain that it will be a key component.
9. About 20 I think.
10. The beads on the ends of the screws are fragile and split, but this in no way affects hanger use.
11. Cyberskin, which I cut from a penis extender. It is very thick and springy. You can probably do a web search on it if you want more info.
12. Yea, I think wrap included would be a big plus.
13. No
14. Yes
15. Yes, because of your reputation.
16. ?
17. ?
18. US
19. It would be nice if there was a way to permanently set the diameter and then just snap it on and off instead of having to find the right diameter with each application. It would also be nice if the wrap was built into the hanger somehow.
Great product!
Thank you,

08-30-2001 09:26 PM

Re: Hanger feedback


Got a couple questions, please.

You say you hang for five minutes. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but could you tell me your rational for it?

Did the beads split completely? Or do they still function to protect from the bolt ends? BTW, you can get more at Walmart or any craft store. 9x6 mm barrel pony beads.

I don’t know what you mean when you write about permanently setting the diameter. The bottom adjustments should not change much. The only thing that would change from set to set is how tight you needed it. That requirement will change according to how much weight is hung and how fatigued you are. I think the adjustability is critical.



08-31-2001 12:28 AM

Posted by carl011


As you may recall, I’m new to hanging. Have hanged (hung?) for about 6 weeks now and feel I have the knowledge to respond to your survey. As I think of more and have more experience, I’ll certainly add to it. OK, here goes.
1 I think the comfort level is good. Based on posts I’d seen about other hangers, I was afraid to make this part of my routine, but the hanger was comfortable from the start with light starting weight and on up through my increases.
2 N/A
3 After a few tries, I got the hang of how to wrap and tighten. I do believe however, that this could be an ongoing part of the process. Changing wraps, growth and other changes will be cause for readjustment. I’m hoping for the growth part! lol
4 The hanger seems very durable, but hard to say what life expectency would be. With careful use, I would think at least a year and beyond. As someone else mentioned though, I am a little concerned about the “ears” that the tightening wingnut goes behind. That looks like the weakest link and I’m afraid it could break prematurely.
5 I am currently hanging 7.5lb and am hanging for 3 to 4 sets. On average I’d say it is 3 to 4 times per week. Soon I’ll be increasing weight, but wondering if I should jump right to 10lb.
6 I can’t see me going over 15lb, but who knows what the future will bring. 7.5lb is comfortable for even longer than 20 minutes. We’ll see.
7 I have noticed no gain yet. I’ve been PEing for about 8 months. Hoping the hanging will make the difference for me. In betwee sets I uli/squeeze, shake and massage to warm up and get blood going. Jelqing just doesn’t seem to do it for me.
8 I hope to reach my goals because I feel a good stretch. Of course I want girth growth too, but the stressed ligs are hopefully a sign of growth to come. Currently 6x4 1/2. Goal was 6.6x5, but I’m raising that to 7x5+.
9 I believe I’ve logged between 25 and 30 hours. I should keep a closer track of my workouts.
10 Was tough to get the wrap just right and I still haven’t found Thera. Am using a self-sticking sports wrap which is ok, but would like to try the other. Skin was/is a bit of a problem, but I’m wrapping back a little and letting the skin bunch at the head a bit - seems ok.
11 See #10
12 YES, I’m all for that.
13 Website only is fine and if it keeps the cost down all the better.
14 Definately worth the $65 I paid for it.
15 $100? Probably. After seeing I’d be relieved that it was well spent.
16 At higher than $100, I’d really have to think about it. Maybe with testimonials on the site, it would help.
17 I don’t think so. Unless you could guarantee it somehow.
18 U.S.
19 Would you please comment on the strength of the ears? Is there a stronger base material that the plastic is molded on? What if the ears break? That is my only concern. Inclusion of Thera would be a big plus - obviously adding to the cost, but would be helpful and may reduce confusion and injury.

Hope this helps. Hanging as I write.

09-01-2001 02:16 PM

Posted by penismith

Hi Bib,
Over a period of a couple of years I did PE exercises in intervals lasting anywhere from a couple of days to around 9 months with no results. I gave PE another shot when 7-up introduced v-stretches. While performing these stretches I noticed my penis felt sore while doing the stretch and this was the first time I felt that sore feeling. I started getting gains within a couple of weeks. I now associate that sore feeling with gains. I hang for 5 minutes because that is about as long as I can hang if I use enough weight to get that same feeling while hanging. It is eisier for me to get that feeling with the BH, and I can maintain it for much longer than thourgh manual means
The beads have not split completely and their splitting has not affected the use of the hanger for me. I only mentioned it because I figure you probably want to know as much about our experiences with the hanger as possible.
I don?t change the bottom adjustments much, but it might be nice if you could set the top adjustment in the same way as you set the diameter of a monkey wrench (I think that is what it is called) if you plan on doing a series of sets with the same conditions. It takes me awhile to re-find the best diameter when doing consecutive sets with the same weight. This is by no means a big problem.
I hope this makes sense, and I love your product.

09-01-2001 03:24 PM


I am really sorry. I swear I replied to your post but it is not here now.

Anyway, the ears should be much stronger than what would ever be required. I have not had anyone say theirs broke off. If you had to tighten enough to ever break them, you are probably hanging way too much weight. lol. Notice, the majority of the stress is where the bolt comes through the slot. The plastic is very thick there. The ears are really to just contain the large washer.

I hope you reach all your goals. Let me know when you gain.


Thanks for your answer.


09-02-2001 09:32 PM


Forgot this also. The beads are just 9x6 mm barrel pony beads. You can buy them at Walmart or almost any craft store. Cheap.

They are only to keep the wing nuts from flying off when you loosen them and to protect your legs when standing or walking around.


09-02-2001 09:38 PM

Posted by carl011

Thanks for the reply. May I ask another few questions? First off, on the FAQ page I read your repost concerning PE in general and your opinions on various techniques and your particular observations. You commented on how you don’t think it is likely that we actually pull out internal length, but that it might be possible. Seems to me that it would be more likely to happen with an upward pull as opposed to a downward or sideward pull. This brings me to my question. Could you tell me in which directions you did most of your hanging and how you determined the time (as a percentage) for each direction? Seems if I try to pull upwards, the wrap tends to pull off very easily. I guess in this direction, the hanger needs to be tighter. I’ve been primarily hanging down (while sitting) so that is essentially at the same angle as if I was standing. I also tend to do a lot of swinging (front to back and side to side) and hope this is giving me extra work. Could you run down the positives to hanging in the different directions? Also, an open question to you and the board. Has anybody seen Theraband in any national drug store chain? Besides the internet, can anybody suggest where I might find it? I wanted to say too that that repost had great information which I had never read before. I’ve been on the board since January, but somehow I missed it. Thanks in advance and I’ll let you know when I gain. I’ll be moving up to 10 lbs soon.

09-03-2001 11:35 AM


You wrote,”You commented on how you don’t think it is likely that we actually pull out internal length, but that it might be possible.”

I actually said the opposite in the ‘growth post’.

>I know that I had good early gains from this ligament stretch; from everything being pulled down and out of my body. If I had to estimate, I would say around two inches.


However I also know that my head used to be well below my navel when laying down and erect. Possibly 2-3 inches below. Now it is a couple inches above my navel. If all gains were from lig stretch, I don’t think this would be possible. Unless penis inside the body was pulled “out” which allowed it to go “up” further when laying down. There may be some truth to that but I don’t think very much.

I know that the tunica does grow/stretch. I have never said this before, but after a couple months of the uli#3, there is no doubt. I am now well attuned to my tunica. I can “feel it” when it is under great pressure from the exercise. I can actually feel the stretch just like any other stretch. I know that it is stretching/growing laterally. I feel it does the same lengthwise. I have since realized that I feel the same thing when hanging. It is just not as pronounced.<

My point was, the pulling out of internal penis was not the only source of gains. Maybe half or a little more.

What I think about the hanging angles was covered in am email to Tomcat, which was lost to the troll. But I happen to have a copy. Remembe, these are only my theories. Any other questions, please ask.


There are several ways to look at these questions. One is the practical, day-to-day, occurrences. Another is the physical changes. Then there are the straight engineering factors. All have to be considered.

Think of the pubic area from a strictly engineering point of view. The tunica, which surrounds the blood cavities, is very tough (hard rubber) and long. It is anchored in the body, close to the prostate. There are different amounts of penis, and therefore tunica held within the body. This is held in by the ligaments attached to the pubic bone (fan shaped) and the tunica on the shaft. Almost like a boom on a crane when erect. The ligaments are like rope bundles. Some of the strands are long, and some shorter. The shorter the fiber, the more stress that fiber takes in an erection. The penis is anchored firmly within the body.

Also in the system are blood vessels (plumbing) and nerves (communications). The goal is to pull out as much tunica as is possible (easy, fast gains) by stretching the ligaments, and also to stretch the tunica and associated structures (harder gains). These other structures, CC, CS, blood vessels, nerves, skin, etc, all are easily stretched. The limiting factors are the tunica and ligaments.

Another goal is to stretch the tough infrastructure without damaging the plumbing or communications. The blood vessels are tough (tear resistant), but easily stretched. The only problem associated with them is the fact that they become narrower as they are stretched, thereby limiting blood flow. The nerves are easily stretched and also easily broken, but also easily regenerated over time. One good reason for taking things slow is to give the nerves time to regenerate. As long as there are small gaps or tears in the nerves, they have no problem rebuilding. When the gaps become large is when one experiences a loss of feeling.

The tunica is fairly consistent, tough, and slow to stretch. It takes time and perseverance.

The ligs vary in toughness. You may have several short, but thin fibers, which are easily broken and/or stretched. This will give fast gains. Or you may have short thick fibers, which are hard to break or stretch immediately (tough gainers). Once these short thick fibers are broken, gains may be easy. Then later, the longer fibers come into play. Or I should say, as the shorter ones are broken or stretched, the longer ones increasingly come into play. As time goes on, more and more fibers are involved at the same time during the stretch. Short ones break or stretch, and the next shortest take more of the load. This is why gains eventually slow down for everyone.

This is also one reason why it takes increasingly higher weights to achieve gains. It is also why some people talk about the ligs becoming tougher. They are somewhat tougher, because they become thicker as they heal. But more than that, each fiber becomes more equal with the other fibers as time goes on, they increasingly resist the stretch in harmony. Then, one must become more refined in his attack. Vary the angles even more. For example: After hanging for several months, a good stress is to hang under each leg, over the side edge of the chair, while seated in an almost BTC position. This greatly stresses each SIDE of the ligament bundle, dividing and conquering. Then, a normal BTC hang will stress the middle of the bundle. The sides are already longer from the side stretch. So the middle then has to take the load. This is just one example.

Each micron of gain is dependent upon breaking the next limiting factor. That next limiting factor may be large or small. This is an argument for going up in weight quickly. Break or stretch each limiting factor before the preceding limiting factor has time to heal and become tougher. But it is a balancing act between gaining and being safe. The relative soreness or fatigue in an area is an indication of what has transpired. If you are very sore in an area, you have pushed it far enough. You need to work on another area for a while (a day or two).

Changes in the limiting factors are also a reason you have to go down in weight from time to time. Your current limiting factor may be one or more tough thick ligament fibers for example. Then, as your maximum weight goes up, one day these fibers fail. When they do, you achieve gains, but also incur the next limiting factors. These next limiting factors may be thinner, or fewer, and require somewhat less weight to break or stretch. That is why from time to time, you just cannot hang the maximum, at a certain angle, that you could previously.

Look at a broad example: You have the tunica hanging straight down. Then on top of that, the ligs are attached, also hanging straight down. Now apply a stress to them. Which structures take the stress first? It depends on their individual lengths. For most (if not all), it is the bundle of ligaments. The shorter ones first. So when hanging straight down or BTC, the tunica may not be affected at all, taking none of the stress. Only the ligaments. Now, as the angle rises, say to hanging straight out, the ligaments take less and less stress and the tunica takes more and more stress. So then when hanging straight up (over the shoulder), most (if not all) will have all the stress on the tunica and the anchor points within the body, and none on the ligaments. Further, hanging over the legs will stress the sides of the tunica, and the anchor points within the body on each side.

The tunica and each individual fiber of the ligaments all have different load capacities. All are subject to a maximum load factor, above which they fail. When they fail, they either stretch or are broken. In either case, the body subsequently repairs them. This repair time varies between fibers and individuals. The key is to control the damage done to the structures and allow time for repair. In order to do this most efficiently, the best way would be one at a time. This is not possible, but the varying angles of stress will allow the most efficient method of stressing individual fibers and therefore achieving the goals.

So now, we know the problems, and what needs to be done. How is the best way to go about it? It depends on the individual and what has transpired before. If you are very sore in the pubic bone area (the ligaments), it is time to work on the tunica and anchor points. This means over the shoulder and legs or straight out, 90 degrees from the body. If the tunica (shaft) and area above the testicles is sore, it is time for straight down or BTC.

The above is very generalized. There are subcategories of stresses that can be applied to give the most efficient types of work.


09-03-2001 01:48 PM


Forgot. I probably hung 80% either straight out or BTC. Straight out affected my tunica only, and BTC worked on my ligs almost exclusively. The rest was over the shoulder and legs.

The Theraband can be purchased over the web from several different sites. Run a search for theraband. Someone found a really cheap site, but I can’t remember the url.

Hopefully, within the next millenium, I will work out a way to cut it quickly and easily, and sell it with the hangers.


09-03-2001 01:58 PM

Posted by YGuy

Great Post……

Bib… I remember reading that post awhile back, but that was before I started hanging and I didn’t quite understand everything you said in the mechanics of hanging then. Now reading it again, I can relate to everything you said and its really helpful. Thats a great post man…..

***8”{ I’ll get there }***

09-03-2001 05:39 PM

Posted by carl011


BIB, thanks for the information and clarification. The letter to Tomcat is very informative and I will copy it into my files. If I may ask, what is the easiest way to hang straight out, without using a pully type system? Sometimes I will sort of lean forward and support myself. I then feel a shaft stretch vs. lig stretch, but it is uncomfortable to stay in this position for long. Also, regarding your comment of lack of lig stretch feeling. I am getting to that point with my current weight of 7 1/2 lb - just don’t feel the good soreness the next day. As a result I’ll be going up to 10lb soon. I do think that when hanging straight out, I’ll lower the weight. Thanks again for the information.

09-04-2001 02:59 AM

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