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So when EQ goes down you may or may not have overdone it? Confusing.

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This is something I posted in another thread recently, and it applies EXACTLY to post #195;

“The concept that has really come to my attention lately is EQ can drop from TOO LITTLE PE when you are doing a routine. Its a weird little phenom where you can be right in the zone with your PE, and you are getting great EQ and all of a sudden, EQ drops without changing the routine.

The way to tell if its too much or too little is either increase slightly or take a day off. By the way this only works that quick with a routine that has already been keeping your EQ high. If you slightly increase your routine the next day, and that night you find improved nite wood and other EQ signals also improve, this means your dick has adapted and needs a bit more.

IF you slightly increase and it drops further, then you are drifting into over training and need to take occasional days off when EQ drops.

CONVERSELY , if you are going along fine and EQ drops, you can take a day off. IF you are under training, EQ will continue to drop or stay down for a while until you revert back to baseline. IF you are over training, one day is enough to pop EQ right back up.

So, I think the growth zone really for many guys is when you have a routine where you will slightly overtrain after a few days and EQ will start to drop, then either cut back or take a day off and let EQ return to high levels again, then return to the routine that will slowly put you into over training.

So, basically if your peak EQ is 10, when you drift into 7 or so, cut back until its back to 10, then resume until it drops to about 7 again, then cut back again. I think if you cycle back and forth across 10 EQ (for you) it just might create the perfect routine for you. You may have to adjust the EQ level, maybe you don’t see growth at 7, but you do at 6 or 8. Anyway, think about that, and maybe give it a try.

Then you just have to figure out if cutting back or day off is best. Then the last consideration is programmed decon breaks.”

That should help you understand what you are experiencing.

I have had this one problem with this girl I have been dating for a month now? It’s really weird I get so nervous around her that I have never been able to get hard for her and she is smoking hot!. I had to go to a doctor who prescribed me viagra. But I doubt I have ED, I get my morning wood and can masturbate looking at porn and without .
I have stopped PE temporarily to see what is going on ? I can get it up with my ex girl whom I am not nervous with at all it really weird. Do I have ED do I not ??

My back ground
32 years old, indian origin , been doing PE for about 3 years now . Mostly stretching and Jelquing that’s all nothing major started with Size 5x 4 , now I am 6.5 x 4.7. I mostly used my X4 extender wore it for around 4 hours a day at work for a couple of years and that did it!! . Jelqing was not as regular, but I think my problem is I am addicted to porn , I used to watch porn for PE and I think I am hooked now

Can you please help ,I really like this girl and I want to live wiht her but I don’t want to use Viagra to get it up for her ? What should I do

Thanks for clarifying this point sparkyx. I’ve been having some decrese in my EQ recently so I guess I should take some time off from PE.

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Nothing wrong with using Viagra, my EQ isn’t good but at almost 59 my only goal for PE is to please my wife during sex, which is very active. I need to use Viagra and a cock ring durning sex now bur my wife loves the extra size (she loves the extra size to the point of tears when I first enter her). PE has made all the difference.

I’m glad to know this cause it really happens to me. I get my hard wood every night and morning at the moment, it harder than before.. Wow.. Glad to know that I’m not overtraining..

Glad to know, as a newbie, I train in proper manner.. :)

Originally Posted by scottydont518
This is absolutely true. As a Pe’er for three years now, I completelty agree, but what does it mean when your’re morning wood is smaller than your actual wood. That’s my circumstance…

Usually means you have to go pee, the muscles clamping down to keep your bladder closed retracts your dick just a bit.

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Fascinating thread, to read it carefully and keep

I started PE one month ago. EQ has decreased on jelq days. I suppose I am overdoing it. But what’s the alternative? Do less? How is my penis supposed to grow if I only do 50 or 30 jelqs, every few days? Makes no sense. The whole logic behind PE is progressive force overload - either via stretch, pull, or expansion. If cocks like mine can’t handle progressive force without losing EQ or injury, then exactly how is PE supposed to occur?

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Right! If you are getting decreased EQ, then you are overdoing it.period! That is, if it is decreased from your not doing PE baseline. In other words, if after you start PE, and now your EQ is decreased, you are doing too much.

It might be too much time, or too much force or both. You really can’t go by what other guys are doing, you have to judge by your own responses.

So, if you do it in the morning, you have all day to begin to recover and a better chance of improved nite wood. I really believe nite wood MAY play a critical role in cementing gains.

The other factor is many newbies really pull the hell out of their dicks. I’ve watched the jelquing video and the guy really has a choke hold on that baby! I guess for many, that is fine, but I know for sure that for many guys just starting, that is WAY too much force!

So lighten up, PE in the morning.and add additional rest days if needed. Once your EQ starts to come up, then hold at that level for a week or two and see where EQ goes for you. You can always come back here with questions.

I think it is an absolute fact that proper PE WILL improve’s just finding the right amount for you.

Hmm. Okay. The guy in the jelq video had a death grip. That’s where I went wrong. It actually pumped my girth crazy, the first couple weeks - 1 - 1.5 inch girth expansion after 100 jelqs.

Anyhow, lesson learned. I will take a week or two off until EQ improves, then jelq within the pleasurable to slightly pleasurable zone for awhile until EQ maxes out. Up until now, my jelq sessions were death grip that were uncomfortable to very uncomfortable.

Thanks. One last question - can ‘sensitive dicks’, like mine, grow from PE? Or can all we hope for is increased EQ?

Worth consideration

Great thread. :)

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Hi sparky. Just to say your a legend with the advice you give. Thanks. I have so many varying things I do, that effects my EQ how do I know that am not overtraining.

For instance I dnt lift weights, but every 4-5 days I do a good session of squatting. It always seem to make my cock bigger, probably due to the growth hormone and testosterone thats released. Even tho I get a slight decline in EQ that day its always better the next day.

I also do a good session of sit ups twice a week for staying power.

I don’t drink tea and coffee because of the caffiene, but I do drink hot chocolate. I basically use raw cocoa powder so got no crap in it. And this is an amazing libido enhancer.

Get dead horny on the stuff. If you haven’t tried it, you ought to. I take zinc to help me sleep and a few other supplements.

And I also use a bit of emu oil on my dick because I think the vitamine e in it speeds up the healing and this also seems to help with EQ.

So somedays my EQ is okay, and then other days its brillant, but with all the varying things how do I know am nt over doing it. I dnt wana stop doing any of it cus thats my routine n my life. But I’ve read other posts where you’ve said to completely come off everything like arginine, etc. Whats your views? Thanks

Hey Sparky,

Have you ever gotten negative PIs from an ADS, like an AutoXleeve? I’ve been PEing off and on for years, but after a long break I reset myself to the beginner routine, with the exception I was able to wear an ADS from 4-12 hours per day, at my discretion. Sometimes I see positive indicators the next day, sometimes not. I can’t pin point if it’s the ADS, if I forgot how to jelq, or not enough hot wrapping. Curious if you or anyone has ever gotten negative PIs from something as low impact as a soft ADS.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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