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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Originally posted by PirateSteve
Wow Cap. Wow. Wow. Incredible pictures, incredible presentation (and not a word in “pirate”!). I love my BIB (now that I finally have wrapping down), but I WANT one of these. As soon as the rain lets up, I am off to Walmart. Wow. I've been trying to figure out how I can use a cable clamp in hanging (I use them in everything else…) Wow. Speechless, that's me.

Pirate and others,

You’re probably going to make one of these before I do. Can you give me/us feedback once you make this comparing my hanger with this one?
I’ll give feedback also but I wanted someone that has a more objective viewpoint. I know this one has manual stretching and ADS capabilities but I’m just looking at it as a hanger for now.

Feedback from others are also appreciated. I’m all for whatever gives me a bigger dick in the most convenient fashion.

Thanks guys!

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Wow, this is hands down one of the best invention in PE, Cap, you have taken PE to a whole new level.

love the presentation and pictures.

First, everyone who lives in a place where components are available should make a Captn’s Wench. It’s super easy. Cap’s instructions are as good as you can get without having someone do it for you. It really does only take scissors, a ruler and a few minutes. If you can cut a straight line for two inches and can lie two things on top of each other (you can do that, can’t ya?) you basically have all the skill you need.

I made a wench yesterday, and used it as a hanger and later as a stretcher. I used Ace bandage and Therawrap as wrap. It was pretty comfortable, even while hanging 10 pounds. I’m sure it could take more, because I tugged on it fairly hard it remain structurally very sound. I tried it with a cable clamp, but I was also able to keep it on without the cable clamp by wearing a thick wrap and aligning the pads so that they were in a wide V shape. Last night I clipped a dog leash onto the strap and kicked back to watch a movie as I stretched my dick with my foot. It’s nice because it’s so easy to take on and off. I just left the wrap on, and stretched for 15 or 20 minutes, then took off the wench, recuperated for 10 minutes or so, and then put it on again. Easy. Dick wrapping is what takes the longest; putting the wench on nice and tight takes about a minute or less. And, it will be easy to take off if I hear my wife coming downstairs.

As I had 4 feet of Velcro, I made one ten inches wide and one about 12 inches wide. The 12 inch version allows wrapping the Velcro all the way around both of the straps, but it does make the package too large to fit a mid sized cable clamp around, so I used a large size cable clamp instead. I have an extra multi-clamp so I might try that too.

The edge of the Velcro is pretty rough. It’s easy to avoid in normal use, but it can irritate. I’m thinking about putting a bead of silicone caulk on the edge to seek if it lessens the bite. For the grip pads, the underside of an old thick foam mouse pad might work in lieu of the Gripper pads, but the Grippers have that textured surface that grips dickwrap better.

The only potential structural weakness I see is where the Velcro pads attach to the pulling strap. The adhesive on mine separated a little when I pulled sideways on the strap. This can be remedied by grabbing the strap by the Velcro pad when making adjustments. I might glue the Velcro on to strengthen the bond. If I ever use the wench to hang with heavier weights, I might put Velcro on both sides of the strap, and then use a 12 inch piece of Velcro, so the Velcro can wrap all the way around both straps and the straps are attached on both sides.

I could make a wench if someone really doesn’t want to try themselves, but it will cost you $40 – that’s about $10 for materials and an additional $30 can’t-get-off-your-fat-ass tax, payable to Thunder’s.

Thanks alot Ike for the mouse pad idea! I did it with that material and it works great! YDM cap!!!

Ike—- This is excellent feedback.
I just want to be clear to everyone that the instructions I gave are a road map, a blue-print - the rest of this thing, from the color of the paint to the pattern on the sofa is up to the individual to wrangle with. But the basic structure is sound. I’m sure of it.
Ikes freedom to alter parts and dimensions is a great example of the Wenches versatility: Opting for a 12” band instead of a 10” band takes no more than measuring two extra inches during the first step. And now that he says it, that’s not a bad idea. Starting with extra that can later be trimmed is a hell of a lot easier than trying to add it later:)
But Ike- I do recommend two things with respect to this issue:
1. Once you are positive of the maximum amount of “cylinder” needed for an adequate grip, trim off whatever you don’t need. It is redundant and will only take up space that the clamp can use to close itself tighter as well as cause more resistance to the clamps closing. You want as many “clicks” as possible. Anything getting in the way of that should be eliminated.
2. The Wench is going to break in after a few days of use. It is going to develop a minor groove - or impression - where your clamp normally hugs the cylinder (you can even see this groove on my own Wench in the “wench_instr” photo). Also, it is going to conform to the shape in which it encounters the most stress. Note how “floppy” my broken-in Wench appears in the same photos. This phenomena too will render any extra Velcro band useless - even a hindrance to a better hug.
* Also, I have no doubt that the cylinder of your Wench is ending up much larger because of the Ace under wrap. Maybe less of it (the Ace) or a thinner material will bring down the cylinders diameter (circumference?) to a size that makes the medium CableCalmp more adequate. Remember, I personally wrap using just Thereband because the Wench is very gentle on the penis— this makes for a much smaller cylinder in my case. And I note this for anyone else trying the Wench - your wrap is now serving a stricter purpose with this device. It is not there to comfort the stress between a hanger and the sensitive tissue of your penis, it is there ONLY for the Wench to have something to grab onto instead of just skin.

As for the edges of the Velcro being rough… I’m assuming you mean the side of the cylinder — let’s call it the “top-side” that moves toward the glans when stretching out or down.
It’s interesting because I remember being put off by a little contact between this and the top edge of my glans when I initially began using the Wench. This is what motivated me to include the bit about carving the “top-side” of the wench to accommodate larger penis heads. The odd thing is that the irritation this created quickly dissipated and I don’t know if it was because I learned how to better position the wench on my shaft, learned to squeeze as much blood out of the glans before clamping, or if it was because the Wench itself lost this sharp rigid edge as it became broken in. I use the Wench in its unaltered form - meaning no scalloping of the “top-side”. Nonetheless, Ike’s idea about coating this rough edge with something (silicone?) is a nice solution for anyone encountering this.

On your point about the Velcro peeling off of the nylon strap. Yes, come to think of it as you pointed out, I too learned early on not to randomly grab the strap when I wanted to remove it. Instead, it is best to pinch the strap between finger and thumb at its Velcro end and then remove the strap from the cylinder. A good point. I haven’t had a problem with the Velcro backing separating from the strap since.

And Ike— no funny ideas about cashing in on this. If anyone is going to pocket the millions….no billons of dollars hidden in this idea it’s me…And PirateSteve, of course. We’re pirates but we’re getting up there in age and looting for our booty is provng to be more and more difficult. Plus it takes time away from Steves passion for telling 20 minute monkey jokes.

Great feedback Ike. Thanks for sharing that.

Inamo -

That’s great. I think you’re telling us that it works for you. So, any other thoughts you have good or bad will be of value.

Ike’s mouse pad idea is excellent. I’ll note here that when I was first putting this together I originally tried making the rectangles by placing two 1x 2” rectangles of the Velcro - “soft and “rough” - back to back (just like the 10” band) and using these as “grippers”. It worked okay, but in the same way that the cylinder “breaks-in” these Velcro rectangles quickly lost a lot of their rigidity and I felt that the lateral grab on my penis was compromised. I then tried doubling up on these rectangles - one on top of the other - to create an even thicker more rigid rectangle, but by then I had discovered the Waxman product and stopped pursuing other ideas.

inamo - you being unable to find the actual Waxman Grippers points out a need to find a more accessible/universal something for people to use in place of that product should they not be able to find it.

Please let us know how the mouse pad thing works more long-term. Ike may have found something very worthwhile here.

I think Ike might officially be “the Man” now.

Thanks -Cap

Thanks Cap. I see now that if I had re-read your initial posts I would have been more clear with my vernacular. The “cylinder” is what I’m talking about with regard to the rough edge.

I didn’t get to use it yesterday and probably won’t today, but it will probably see duty every day this coming week so I’ll have a chance to break it in better. I’ll see if I need to modify it any, and the cool thing is, if I fuck up, it will take 5 minutes to make another. I’ll try less wrap too.

And another cool thing about this: it will be hard for anyone to become the Bill Gates of PE with your invention because it’s so easy to replicate — kind of open source code for a bigger dick.

Awp, kids are awake. Time to go cook the pancakes.

(“You da Man.” “No, you da Man.” “No, I said you da Man…”)

Great looking device, very professional

Ingenious! I am going to build one of these. This thing looks so comfortable. Good job!

Thanks wanna-be, Walter. Feedback, fellas. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Originally posted by Ike

And another cool thing about this: it will be hard for anyone to become the Bill Gates of PE with your invention because it's so easy to replicate — kind of open source code for a bigger dick.

Exactly Ike. That is exactly the point of this whole thing. But don’t be surprised if one day something awfully similar ends up on an ‘overnite-site’ for $40 a pop. Not that the Wench is anywhere near as relevant as Windows but there will always be some yahoo looking to cash in on what should be free (and when they do I got a little surpise for them:rolling: )
PE belongs to the people, baby.
Up the PEOPLE!


Hey Cap,

How do the grippers compare in rigidity to mouse pad material? Are they less giving?

I’ll make a Wench someday, but am putting it off since I can’t hang or stretch now due to a pesky vein.

To tell the truth Hobby, I’m not sure I get the mouse pad thing. Ike can answer that because he is comparing the Grippers with a mouse pad (“thick” he wrote) that he has in his possesion.
But to clarify: The Grippers by Waxman are a very hard rubber - much harder than any mouse pad material I’ve ever seen. The most universally known object I can think of that shares its density would be one of those rubber wedge door stoppers -they’re usually brown and sit on the floor and can be moved about. Another would be the rubber you’d find on the bottom of a crutch or cane. The Grippers by Waxman ar hard but pliable.

In fact, now that I think of it…..those pink rectangular rubber erasers you’d find in school (but never bought) might be an adequate substitute.
Hmmm…shit. Wait a minute..that could be it! Hobby, you S.O.B. you might have done it! Rubber erasers!
and to round the edges you’d only need erase something using the four corners for a while. Rubber erasers!
I need to go check this out.

I could chime in a little with the mouse pad stuff. Its alot thinner than the gripper stuff and it seems that the mouse pad (at lease mine) is more tackier. I couldn’t find any rectangle grippers so I fabricated my own from the 1 inch discs. The mouse pad is ALOT more flexible than the grippers. And they seem to “hug” the member rather than just compress like the grippers. I guess its just preference, but I prefer the mouse pad stuff over the grippers because it feel more comfortable on my dong. Hope this helps.

Erasers might work, though the ones I remember are shaped like parallelograms when viewed sideways.

Inamo, that’s kind of what I figured. I have a half chopped up mousepad from other PE escapades. I’m sure many of us have old mousepads lying around. I think I’d be better off with something less flexible.

So here’s what I was able to gather about erasers.
Faber Castell is the company that markets the eraser in question. “Pink Pearl” is the name on the one I could dig up.
The rubber consistency is far more rigid than a mouse pad and only slightly less so than the Grippers.
The one I have has a “depth” of 3/8” which makes it a bit thick for the Wench as I’ve come to like it. But this might not be a bad thing considering its softer density.
An idea might be to slice the eraser or “split” it so that it has a more manageable depth: Going from 3/8” thick to 1/2” or 1/4” - though this would obviously make it even less rigid. I don’t know—- will have to experiment with it some.
Also, the one I have measures apprx 3/4 x 2 1/4” as a rectangle. The longer dimension is no problem to trim but the shorter measurement is something to contend with.
I have no doubt that Faber Castell sells a larger version which could then be trimmed to the instructions specification or to a persons liking. Maybe there are other brands that could be used….

The very good news is that the eraser has a very smooth surface face, making it a great surface to stick the Velcro rectangle to. And interestingly, Using a razor blade I “split” mine to reduce its depth and the resulting surface was nice and textured. This rougher texture literally locked itself to my Therawrap - absolutely no skid —maybe an even better grip than the Waxman Grippers. So, one smooth surface opposite a rough surface nicely meets the criteria for a gripper rectangle.

Hobby—Thanks! Your question led to a genuine ‘eureka’ moment. I’m going to explore it further. It could be a great substitute for those having a hard time finding the Waxman Grippers.
Oh yeah…parallelogram. I shouldn’t have slept through…what class was that?


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