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PE and "Permanence"

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Tom, 0.5” is a helluva lot of girth! That must’ve put a serious dent in your volumetric size. And, yes, 3-4 months is negligible. If anything, I’m thinking along the lines of 3-4 years maybe.

wad, I agree with what you are saying, but at the time I suspect most of that .5” gain was not cemented yet. However, one question: which is if all these people did lose their size - wouldn’t they start coming back to warn the rest of us to give up? I understand we have 2 so far, and that is something, but it is not everything.

Am I trying to avoid the truth? Possibly. However, I would hate to jump to conclusions until we have more conclusive evidence. In relation to size/age loss - I seem to remember that people over 40 have less erections and start to lose their size. (Thunder’s members excluded.) Once these people starting kegeling, and actually using their penis then I believe these sizes did go back to their original size. I wonder if frequent erections can be the maintenance?

Too many variables to call it a doomsday yet Mr. Wadzilla.



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Well, even if PE gains do tend to go away over time, I suspect that even a 10-minute routine, a couple times a week, would maintain almost all gains.

I think it’s probably analogous to weightlifting: Building up the poundage and muscle is very challenging, but maintenance is (in comparison) a breeze, unless one has built up to ridiculous extremes (e.g., Wad’s new avatar). Now with weightlifting, of course, there is the inevitable drop in testosterone that one has to fight over the decades, but I doubt that any similarly countervailing force would be at play in the PE department. It’s true that guys in their 50s and 60s do often experience some shrinkage, especially if they aren’t using their cocks often, but this shrinkage is nothing compared to the muscle/fat body composition changes that tend to occur naturally.

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However I don’t dread PE and will do this for a very long time. Maybe you can only grow so much. Then it’s maintain time.

Instead of this deconditioning notion. I change up my routine with light and hard jelq methods, as a form of deconditioning. I’ll go a few weeks with dry jelqing low erection level. Then a few weeks with higher erection levels and harder wet jelqs.

I know when I worked out with weights the worse thing you could do is get into a routine that never changed. You body will adapt, we always tried to shock the muscles to grow.

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I think 30 min per week maintenance probably would enable a guy to hold onto at least 90% of his gains. As he aged, he might have to step up the maintenance somewhat - to compensate for the expected genital shrinkage that naturally occurs with age.

And when I mean “permanent,” I’m not speaking of 20 or 30 years, obviously. But even 3-5 years after the final PE session, because it’s a generally accepted medical fact that the yo-yo will contract with age.

I’m not bashing PE or trying to discourage anybody from doing it. Make no mistake, I much prefer my present unit to that of 27 months ago - without a doubt. I had just been crossing my fingers that once I hit my goal, that’s it. Done. Now, some guys have no problem with doing a maintenance routine for the rest of their lives, so it’s all good for them. Cool. I just want to let any newbies know that if you’re in this game, you better be in it for keeps. Because that’s the reality.

My contention: I believe it’s highly doubtful, if not impossible, to give up PE for 3-5 years and retain even 90% of your total volumetric gain - with complete abstinence from PE [so, as the much-maligned medical community would assert, this really isn't *penis enlargement* - along the lines of breast enlargement, it’s something different].

As a footnote, I think I’m going to begin doing kegels during my break, just to maintain my erectile strength. And kegels are also supposed to promote better genital health (but it doesn’t really qualify as PE, so my experiment shouldn’t be sullied).

PE was supposed to be permanent?? I though that most people believed you need at least some maintenance work. Ligaments retract to their normal length, and stretched tissues shrink back some, that’s pretty well known and nothing revolutionary…

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When I was 21 I measured 7 inches BP when I was 37 I measured 6.25 bp so what’s permanent and what’s not I didn’t do any PE until 37 but still lost size as I aged. Now through PE I reclaimed size and gained size and I hope to hang on to it and my penis health through PE

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I like what Dino just said. Very good point, your dick shrinks period. It has nothing to do with the absence of PE but with age. What we need are people out there that finally get the the point of maintenance and start coming up with effective maintenance that the the least amount of effort that holds gains.

I guess the problem is no one ever reaches a point where they think, thats enough I’ll just maintain. They get fixated on size or the measuring tap. Wad has measurements, and dates, maping progress and keeping detailed records down to a hundredth of an inch. I don’t measure I don’t care enough I guess. I can feel it getting bigger, and I have better erections, and thats all that matters to me. I really don’t think this obsession with being 8x6 is founded. Most women don’t know 8x6 from 7.5x5.5 from 7x5 from 6x6.

PE should be obtaining healthy hard erections. And getting guys with 5x4 and under up to a respectable size. Because even though women cant tell the sizes I listed. They sure as hell know when it’s too small. Anything over 6x5 NBP is vanity and you just giving yourself an ego boost. All the women I’ve been with are very happy with 6x5 NBP. Of course I’m going for 7x5.5 NBP. But I also know the size I currently have is more than sufficient.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Since I’m one the few that want to get as big as I can, I guess for me it may not matter as much how much PE is permanent. But even if I hoped to stop one day, I believe that it wouldn’t require much time per week to maintain 90% of the gains. That’s not so bad afterall, and who knows, as the years go by maintaining the gains they could start to truly become permanent, if they weren’t already to begin with. It I were to get bad arthritis in my hands, then even a maintenance program could become a problem. This is a good thread because it is important as PEers that we be informed as much as possible about what we are doing and where we are going with this. Unfortunately, we don’t have definitive answers yet. As the years roll by this thread may turn out to be one of the few classic threads that never die, as PEers hopefully will add more data for us to go by. I hope everyone will remember this thread, and return someday to post in it even if you have long since stopped PEing and posting.

When penis enlargement happens as a side effect of priapism, to the best of my knowledge, the size is not lost.

Here is a study on a guy who maintained his extra size for nine years:…t_uids=10962334

Urology. 2000 Sep 1;56(3):509. Related Articles, Links

Megalophallus as a sequela of priapism in sickle cell anemia: use of blood oxygen level-dependent magnetic resonance imaging.

Kassim AA, Umans H, Nagel RL, Fabry ME.

Department of Medicine (Division of Hematology), Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York 10461, USA.

“Priapism is a common complication of sickle cell anemia. We report a little known sequela of priapism: painless megalophallus, with significant penile enlargement. The patient had had an intense episode of priapism 9 years previously and his penis remained enlarged. Blood oxygen level-dependent magnetic resonance imaging revealed enlarged, hypoxic corpora cavernosa. Megalophallus probably resulted from permanent loss of elasticity of the tunica albuginea due to severe engorgement during the episode of priapism. This sequela needs to be recognized by physicians because no intervention is necessary and sexual function seems to remain intact.”

This suggests that there can be permanent gains, however, I am not sure we are changing our penises in the same way priapism changes the penises of a few of those who suffer from the condition.

Please don’t consider inducing your own priapism, loss of penile function is far more common than enlargement.

Dino’s PE intro was fairly similar to mine (- the ED): in my youth I was 6.5 x 5.25. By the time I was 37, I suffered from mild-moderate ED - and even on a “good” erection, my size had shrank to 6.12 x 5.2. I’m now 7.72 x 6.14 - so I’ve definitely made some decent gains (although I’ve been doing this shit since August 2002).

But I understand that size loss naturally occurs in men who don’t PE, and you don’t have to be 60 or 70 to experience this (obviously). That’s why I said I wasn’t referring to 20-30 years as “permanent,” but even just 3-5 years after last PE session.

I know that jelqs were always a failsafe gainer for me, but it was also a dilemma. I really wanted length, not so much girth. I also believe that a thicker cock is that much tougher to lengthen than a thinner cock. But look at my gains: 1.6 length x 0.94 girth, that’s a fairly tight ratio (1.7:1).

But the picture was far worse before, on a jelq-heavy routine. In August 2003 I was a ridiculous 7.36 x 6.34. I had gained 1.24” length x 1.14” girth (a 1.09:1). I calculated that, at that pace, my “window” of length gains would slam shut before I ever hit my goal of 8.5” - since my girth was on target for 7.32” midshaft (and how would you even jelq a cock like that?). I really didn’t/don’t want a 36 cubic inch cock. Hell, I wouldn’t been near 7” girth before I hit 8” length….no thanks.

I have managed another 0.36” EL during the past 14 months, and lost some girth, by virtually eliminating jelqs and focusing on crazy stretching - all angles & flavors. But look at the price I’ve paid:

First 12 months: 1.24” length x 1.14” girth
Next 14 months: 0.36” length and - 0.2” girth

If I don’t soon nail 8” BPEL after resuming PE following a 4-6 month break, I may just to return to jelqing like hell. Hopefully, by still doing lots of stretching, I can hit 8.5” BPEL before hitting 7” EG midshaft.

In the back of my mind I have always expected I would be doing PE forever, or at least until I didn’t care anymore or couldn’t get it up. I was hoping it wasn’t true, but I guess I realize that I will need a maintenance plan after I get what I want.

But really, it’s not all that bad. If I have to jelq 2-3 times per month to keep the new penis I have, then so be it. I would like to say when I reach my goals “I am done with that”, but realistically, I don’t think that will be the case.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

Who came up with the “cementing gains” theory? That seems like a shot in the dark at the moment!

Originally Posted by NiteFly69

Who came up with the “cementing gains” theory? That seems like a shot in the dark at the moment!

I agree with you in principle. I don’t think anybody ever “cements” their gains. But the context in which its used here means that you’ve held a gain for a while and aren’t likely to quickly lose it. (Like the 7.72 x 6.14 I’ve been at for the past 1/2 year….I’ve measured bigger recently, but retracted back to that measurement. So, in that context, I’ve “cemented” the 7.72 x 6.14 - at least for a while anyway).

Hmm, I have always felt that there is a window of time after rigorous PE where gains are “in limbo” so to speak, and you must keep PEing or you will lose a fraction of these gains. However, I am not so sure if the added size will continue to erode after a period of a few months. In a 6x5 inch dick is PE’d until its 8 or 9 inches long, I think the tissues will be permanently stretched out to some degree and it doesn’t seem plausible that it will return to the original size. That being said I am no expert in this field and could be wrong. Some men complain that their wives got “looser” after giving birth. The pussy never seems to retract back to its original tightness over time (without surgical intervention) and I think the same concept of stretching tissue applied to the penis.

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