I am new to PE, and I find the manuals rather tedious, jelqing hurts from the first movement, I have discovered that my penis has definite sensitivities to being milked and stretched. So for my sake I want all gains to be permanent and cemented in super concrete. I have tried pumping also, it made my penis covered in broken veins, and bruised looking from following the instructions. It seems that PE for me and my penis is not going to be easy but a slightly painful and tedious workout.

In the short time I started my penis looks the same, bar the purple glow. I started in late December 2017, so early days. As far as discomfort, unwanted changes to my penis and occasional pain (jelqs, yes I am doing the exercises correctly) PE has had effects, but nothing in length or girth increase. I don’t have any EQ issues, I am 65 and erection during sleep and the morning wood are normal for me, and it takes me at least 30 minutes of penetration to orgasm. So, I am just looking for a little length gain, and a bit less, girth gain, and permanent.