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PE and "Permanence"


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How did supersizeit get his gains? Back to the possiblity that some exercises may offer more permanent size gains than other exercises.

Interesting thread. It’s gotten me to think about the inevitability of size loss with age. I’ve often heard older guys say that in their late 50’s/60’s they have a smaller unit than they did when they were in their 20’s/30’s. It’s almost a truism of aging: Your unit gets smaller.

So here is the question: Do ligaments shrink or retract as a person ages? Is this the cause of this shrinkage? Is it less an actual shrinking of the penis and more the result of a natural shortening of the ligaments over time?
And if so, what does this say about the integrity of our supporting ligaments? Are they easier or harder to break down as we age?
I might be wrong, but I believe that a lot of big gainers are over 40. I have long wondered if supporting ligaments are more susceptible to breaking down the older a guy is, but not until this talk of permanence did the opposite thought occur: Do ligaments, when left to their own, shorten over time?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I don’t know…, may or may not be true…, I sure don’t know…, I suspect.., quite possible…, might not.

Therefore, PE is not permanent??


Well, Thunder, we seem to have only 2 members who’ve gone at least 18 months off, cold turkey - supersizeit & JAPP. And they’ve both reported significant size losses. So, the score card is 2-0, in favor of not permanent.

In the absence of any opposite testimony, I’d say the “PE is permanent” crowd be losin’ dis debate - since the only evidence is negative.

Still may depend on which exercises they primarily used.

Originally Posted by beenthere
Still may depend on which exercises they primarily used.

It may. And we’re also talking about only 18 months. Would it matter what exercises were used 3 or 5 years after the last PE session?

Unless you’ve hung weights for a very long time, I think all gains are susceptible to going bye-bye, especially girth gains. It’s probably a safe bet to be prepared to do this shit indefinitely, at least on the level of a maintenance routine - or expect to see your “gains” dwindle.

Bib mainly did hanging I know and reported no loss. I’m not aware of any other exercises he did nearly as much, if any? I’m real curious what JAPP and supersizeit attibute most of their gains to.

Originally Posted by Ramrod
2-1. Bib said no losses.

But does anybody know, for certain, how long Bib has been off PE? And is he still off, cold turkey? I know he focused primarily on hanging, but he used to also follow a massive uli routine as well.

I also think his eventual flight to MOS throws his credibility into some question at least. That he could fall in with that con man & that bizarre, free-for-all madhouse teeny chat room - and then reopen shop to sell his hangers - has really sullied his integrity, in my opinion.

And, to be blunt, anybody claiming 4” gains, or more, who refuses to provide any type of evidence whatsoever doesn’t deserve my belief. I think we know about DLD’s 4.5” “gains,” and I believe that Bib claimed at least as much. That really strains the bounds of credulity, since 2” are outstanding - and have yet to be photochronicled here. I also find it hard to believe that a guy who makes cock hangers - and with his sons, no less - finds it against his sensibilities to post even 1 dick pic on a PE site.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I haven’t done any kind of an active PE routine in quite awhile (well over a year) Wad and still have the 7/8” length and 3/4” of the 7/8” girth gain. I’m not saying that I haven’t touched my dick in that time, but nothing that would be considered active PE.

This also sounds like a veteran who held onto his gains without any active PE.


All valid points.
You are willing to believe the accounts of the gain losers, not the gain keepers.
Me thinks Wad has a case of the self-doubts.

If I had a nickel for everytime that I said, “Why am I doing this crazy shit?” I would have several nickels. For some reason or another, I have stuck with it now for
45 weeks consecutive weeks.

Get back into a routine and you’ll be loving PE again.

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I didnt mean to generalize all cells. I dont know exactly what happens to the cells of the cc/cs (ie if they replicate before they die or what), but new cells would follow the same blueprint, as they were once part of the older cells. If they didnt survive in one form or another, soon we would have no penises. :eek:

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I agree the game ain’t up yet. I’m just saying that I have my doubts about holding onto gains 3, 4, 5 years removed from PE, cold turkey.

Thunder said “well over a year” (though not 18 months). And while he did hold his length gains, he lost about 10% of his girth gains. And though he said he hasn’t “actively” PE’d, he also said he hasn’t abstained cold turkey.

Its obvious that I have my doubts - which I had tried to push out of my mind for so long. I think these doubts are valid. Like I said, I’m talking about “permanent” in the sense of long term. And no PE whatsoever. Bib may or may not fall into that category (whatever his actual gains might’ve been). But Thunder does not….yet. The 2 who clearly have, lost a helluva lot of size.

I’ve been mindlessly toying with my pickle for a while, edging it and decided to measure. I got a vein-busting, beet-red raging boner….and I didn’t hold onto that extra 2mm.

Size update, Nov. 22, 2004: 196mm (7.72”) x 156mm (6.14”) = 23.16 ci

I’ll use that as my “cemented” size (if such a thing exists), because I’ve steadily held that size for the past 1/2 year. And I’ve held 7.5” for the past year. If I dip below 7.5” by March or May of 2005, then this really sucks and is worse than I thought it might be.

No one can argue: Nothing is permanent. I always though my “original” size was permanent. How wrong was I?

I like what Avocet has had to say about the permanence of gains - maybe he’ll chime in here.


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