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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!

Yeah, she’s just fucking with you because of the breasts comment. Women know how sensitive men are about this, though I think that most probably underestimate it.

I would have to agree with the “dump her” comment although don’t listen to us, we don’t even know her. She sounds like a snide, and arrogant person. I mean, would you ever even think of telling her, “my old girl friend had perfect big titties and I used to tittie fuck her for hours”.

I’m slightly under average and my girl friend actually said I was big haha.. I corrected her and said “no just average” and she agreed but said it’s a really nice dick, she’s a good girl I love her so much hehe. Hoping I’ll be slightly “over” average by the time she gets back from Japan.

Dump her and you will own her. She will tell her next boyfriend how her ex was HUGE!

Just out of interest what’s your NBP size?

What she said is unacceptable and cruel. You shouldn’t put up with it!

For the people struggling with this from your women.
“do I look fat in these pants”

I have found the best come back is “when your in those pants the only thing getting fat is in my pants.” Unless she really does look fat and then you say you look fine. :)

Originally posted by Metal Ed
Wow! This guy was twice your size! 15.5” inches! Someone call Guinness, we have a new world record!

She's clearly full of it, and she's clearly trying to make you feel bad by playing on your insecurities. Don't fall for it. Fuck her. Literally and figuratively.

Yeah, I used to hear similar bullshit from drunks in a bar when I was a bouncer, “Yeah, I’ve kicked guys asses twice your size.”
Really? They were 12’ 7” 524 lbs?
I’d usually say, “Well, I’ve never hit a punk as little you, but maybe I’ll make an exception.”
Guy, she’s so full of shit. If you’re legit at 7.75” BPEL, chances are astronomically small that she’s even been with a guy 3” longer than you (that would be almost 11”!). You might well have been the longest guy she was ever with - or at least within 1-1.5” (that’s if she’s been with some real bigguns). If she’s that fucked up to want to hurt you emotionally, I’d say she wasn’t worth shit.

Dump her in the f-ing dumpster than roll the dumpster down the hill into traffic

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I would keep screwing her and at the same time keep your options OPEN. She sounds like an insensitive bitch and not really worth having. You will never ever feel right about being with her and BEING with her. Have the attitude to use her for your own needs and at the same time keep your options OPEN. Seriously, what she said is not love or considerate. There is better out there.

"The past may hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it." "Life moves pretty fast. One should stop and look around from time to time, before it passes you by." BigCatLion Hear My Roar

I agree with BigCat, keep your options open. I would have dumped her myself, but I don’t know your situation. Good Luck!

go get a 15” dildo and ask if you can fuck her with it, obviously she won’t be able to so then you get to laugh in her face. she’s obviously lieing.

I’ve come close to dumping her many times before believe me. She winds me up like crazy. Most of the time I love her but the rest of the time I feel like I hate her - like now.

I’m definitely going to keep on fucking her because I don’t want to go without pussy and I want to prove to her that I can last long and fuck her good.

I’m going to try and find out some more stuff from her though. I really want to ask her ”If you were with your ex (Lets call him John) would you prefer him to have sex with you or lick you out?”

You see, she says she prefers oral sex, but then again she says whenever she thinks of good sex she thinks of John! With me, she loves me licking her out but I almost have to beg her for sex! When I do get it, she is tight when I first try and enter her so I have to take it slow at first - I don’t know if this is normal because I’ve only had sex with two other girls. The thing is - she says I cum too quick. I agree but she is rude when she says that i’m no good at sex. She makes noises when I fuck her and I know she likes it, while im doing it, however long it lasts. Unless shes faking!! Fuck - another thing to worry about.

Last week she was in pain because she said she ”felt burning because shes allergic to those type of condoms”. Shes on the injection so we hardly ever use condoms but I can last longer with them so I was fucking her real hard and she told me to take my dick out half way through. Things like this make me re-think. She even said the next day, moaning: ”You fucked me like you were trying to kill me”..A compliment to me because I associated this to dick size like I always do with everything.

I know I’m not small, but SHE MADE ME FEEL ABOUT 000.1inches today. I’m insecure so to make myself feel better sometimes I try and ‘fish for compliments’. But theres no doing it with this girl. I would love her to tell me ”You know what babes, your dick is big, you are good at sex, I am happy with you” But its already come to the stage where if she did say that, I don’t know if I would trust that she wasnt just lying to shut me up. Better than telling me I’m small and can’t fuck good though!

I wonder how she would like it if, when next talking on the phone to her, I mentioned how big and beautiful that woman on TV’s breasts are. Is this too immature? Hmm.

I love her but she doesn’t really know how much her comments affect me. And if do discover that she really is intentionally trying to hurt me I think I will have to dump her because I want a girl whos going to make me feel good about myself - not hate myself.

Frankly, there are other women to love. Ones that will make you happy about yourself. Any women that is that into her old boyfriends dick will most likely cheat and often. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

Save yourself the time and energy. Life is to short too waste it on bitches with a control complex.

Seriously man, listen to everyone here - move on!

J, go back and read your own posts—this woman has gotten inside your head with very little difficulty. The more you fret or try to prove anything to her, the more she wins. Whether you dump her or not, act like it is no big deal or you’ll just keep being her windup toy.

As Dino said but light the dumpster on fire too. Pull out the teeth though, even on a super incinerated corpse they crack the teeth to get the pulp for DNA. Just casual knowledge I am passing by, that is all.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

“I’m going to try and find out some more stuff from her though. I really want to ask her ”If you were with your ex (Lets call him John) would you prefer him to have sex with you or lick you out?””

There is no point to that. What, ultimately do you think you will learn from such questions? So you trip her up in her lies! So, what? You know she is not honest. Don’t waste you life proving that a liar is a liar! You need to leave her and work on your self esteem. I know I am not wrong on this one.

If you listen to nothing else I say, listen to this. Never, never again go down on her!



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